Luis Figo reacted to Messi's departure

Sat 14 November 2020 | 19:35

Luis Figo stated that "He'll have his motives and reasons for making that decision

Lionel Messi

requested the departure of the


club last summer, but due to some legal issues with his contract, he couldn't separate the club. He is unhappy this season, and he has just scored a goal so far, and the rest of his goals have been penalties.

Luis Figo, the former player of Real Madrid, reacted to Messi's probable departure from Barcelona and stated that 'If Messi doesn't want to stay, nothing can change his mind.'

He also added that I saw Messi's situation and attempt to depart the last summer. He mentioned that "I watched the thing with Messi and his attempt to leave Barcelona this summer like all football fans: expectantly and surprised.

Figo also mentioned that "He'll have his motives and reasons for making that decision. I don't know what happened beforehand. "Every club wants to have a player like Messi, but then it depends on factors like the current financial situation at the club, the money he'll cost the club in wages, the will of the player...

In the end, he stated that "But generally, in life, if you don't want to be somewhere, in the end, there's nothing that can change your mind."

Messi and Barca didn't extend their contract, and it seems that Lionel Messi will be ready to negotiate with interested clubs from January.

source: SportMob