Barcelona presidential candidates debate on the major voting issue

There is a significant split in opinion within the Barcelona presidential candidates on whether or not to allow electronic voting during the future election process.
Barcelona presidential candidates debate on the major voting issue

The issue has turned into a central talking point in the campaign and is especially concerning due to the Covid-19 pandemic, meaning that the club must comply with health guidance and regulations from local authorities.

There are six confirmed candidates for the election, of which Victor Font is said to be the early favorite for the position and he is said by the report to be in favor of the voting to the point where he has written to the club to suggest it, while this has supporter from another candidate – Jordi Farré.

However, Toni Freixa and Agustí Benedito have already signaled they are both opposed, with Freixa even Tweeting that it would not be happening due to the rules and demands of the club.

On September 20, the Generalitat of Catalonia confirmed a decree-law that in this situation, enables sports clubs to use electronic means to meet and reach agreements. However, the decree specified that new members of the board are the exception to this.

Ex-Barcelona president Joan Laporta has previously proved he will also be running but is not yet included in the final list.

Laporta served as MP in the Parliament of Catalonia between 2010 and 2012 and is also a fit lawyer.

Former vice president Emili Rousaud and former prominent member Xavi Vilajoana are also considering putting their names in the hat.

Each candidate will need the signature approval of at least 2,257 members and to present a guaranteed payment of at least €124.2m to be considered.