Barnes thinks that Klopp has to make everyone happy at the club

Wed 11 November 2020 | 18:02

Barnes thinks that all the Liverpool forwards will get playing time with Klopp using front four plan



has been facing problems choosing which player to use in his front line


expects Klopp to find the best way to make all his attackers happy 


manager have managed to use all his attacking power in the same time by choosing front four and that is what made Barnes believe that all the players can get playing time and they shouldn’t be worried about their position in the squad as he said:

“Normally, it takes a while for players to fit into their new club, their new surrounding, their new system, but not Jota.

“Every time he's come on he's done really well, and it shows from the recruitment point of view that Jurgen Klopp is spot on in terms of looking at players who he knows can fit into what he wants - but I don’t think Firmino has anything to worry about.

“Firmino and Jota are very different players and just because Firmino hasn’t scored a lot of goals lately, it’s important to remember that he plays a different role within the front three.

“Furthermore, Mane and Salah wouldn’t score as many goals if it wasn’t for the way Bobby plays. It all comes down to incredible team work.”

“I think Klopp will chop and change this season, and I don’t think it’s a reflection on who he feels is better, it’s more about who they are playing against.

“The good thing about it is Jota and Thiago [Alcantara] can now come into the team and take over from any of the players in midfield or up front and do a great job, and that’s what you want.”

source: SportMob