LaLiaga Manager Earnings

Sat 07 November 2020 | 10:14

Tebas witnesses an increase in his earnings following the pandemic.

According to

El Confidencial

LaLiga president

Javier Tebas

earned a sum of €3.44m during last season which was interrupted by the pandemic. The Spanish league which suffered from great financial losses throughout this pandemic being forced to halt the season for three months reduced the wages of the players and other clubs members by 30 percent to deal with the losses.  

Still the Spanish manager witnessed a 36% increase in his earnings thanks to his recent contract signed with

Telefonica and Mediapro

which also allowed him to repay his €1.8m loan to LFP.

LaLiga senior management

also benefited from this increase earning €6.21m which is 30% more than last year’s earnings.

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source: SportMob