PSG wanted Thiago but brought his brother in instead

Tue 03 November 2020 | 11:17

The French champions were watching the Spain international when he left Bayern Munich.


has been asked to engage with

Paris Saint-Germain

before moving to 


, as his father declared. However, the Ligue 1 side signed his brother



PSG signed Rafinha as he was leaving 


 at the end of the summer transfer window and when Thiago left 

Bayern Munich

 for Liverpool.

Thiago's move lasted throughout the summer, but as PSG stepped in to make a contract, another contract was already signed to bring him to Anfield.

"I had spoken with [PSG director] Leonardo some time ago, but it was for Thiago," Mazinho, father of Thiago and Rafinha said.

"Leonardo wanted to sign him for PSG, but Thiago had already made a deal with Liverpool.

"We then talked about Rafa, but he was not part of Leonardo's plans at that time. I think he must have thought about it, that he saw the nature of the opportunity and it would be a blow to sign him.

"When he started talking again, Leonardo had changed his mind. And it all sped up on the last day. It was Monday that we had to work hard to convince both clubs.

"We were scared, but thank God, five or six hours before the deadline, we made a deal. Leonardo wanted Thiago, he got Rafinha. And for Rafa, it was a dream to join such a club."

"PSG often play in a 4-3-3 that looks like Barca's. Rafa knows a lot of players like Neymar, but also [Mauro] Icardi, [Pablo] Sarabia. It's not going to be hard to fit in." his father added.

"He will have to understand the dynamics that the coach wants, but I'm not worried. He is tactically well prepared and is always trying to figure out what the manager wants. He can play three places in the middle, and three places in front. He did it at Barca, he was trained like this."

source: SportMob