Facts about Nif Brascia, Moise Kean's Stunning Girlfriend

Tue 03 November 2020 | 14:30

Nif Brascia met the Everton striker Moise at a midnight club in Milan. Read this article to know more Facts about Nif Brascia, Moise Kean's stunning girlfriend

She is a natural female, Nif Brascia; the Thai boxer is Moise Kean's partner. She is known for her athletic and Wags lifestyle, including some of the most amazing Facts about Nif Brascia, Moise Kean's stunning girlfriend.

The following text indicates Facts about Nif Brascia, Moise Kean's stunning girlfriend:

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Besides her lifestyle content, she is also recognized for modeling a variety of swimwear brands. Before fame, she first began posting photos on Instagram in 2012. After that, she continued to keep posted, showing pictures of her progress and her relationships. 

Nif Brascia Biography

Read on to find out the 

Nif Brascia biography

, we should say that the stunning Wag of Everton star Moise Kean, Nif Brascia, is within reach by her fists. Nif Brascia's age is only 21 years old. Brascia was born in Thailand, but she moved to Italy when she was just eleven. She has previously won two junior world titles in Muay Thai and dues to be unbeaten in over 50 fights. 

So far, so good has 2-junior world titles, Moise Keane is dating the kickboxer Nif Brascia. Nif Brascia is trained to be a kickboxer; however, she stated that ‘I didn't like it at first very much, but my father, who is also my coach, convinced me not to give up and now the results are coming.’

Her figure is so much so of a model that her kickboxing challengers often misapprehend as a real-life artist. Challenging in a World Championships, Nif Brascia was disorganized for being a model. Brascia says she is unbeaten in over 50 kickboxing fights.

Nif Brascia Lifestyle

The fact about Nif Brascia lifestyle are notable. It is better not to be fooled by her delightfulness because she's as harsh as they come having been brought up on fighting arts from a young age by her father. She told Sportal back in 2016 that in her country, she used to practice Taekwondo.

Taekwondo, Tae Kwon Do, or Taekwon-Do is a Korean fighting art, categorized by its importance on head-height kicks, jumping spinning kicks, and wild thrusting techniques.  She stated that Taekwondo is one of the most systematic and scientific Korean traditional martial arts that teaches more than physical fighting skills. 

But when she came to Italy, Nif Brascia decided to change her sport fighting discipline due to the absence of no gyms around her. Her father starts if Brascia lifestyle in fighting sport as she told previously that ‘I didn't like it at first a lot, but my father, who is also my coach, convinced me not to give up, and now the results are coming.’

She is very successful in kickboxing fights, Nif Brascia had 50-60 matches, and she was unbeaten. It seems that she doesn’t like losing. Nevertheless, being born attractive has had its shortcomings for Brascia contending in fighting arts.

They thought Nif Brascia was a model at the World Championship, but then they saw her fight, and they understood. Many underestimate Nif Brascia, and this makes her want to win even more.

Nif Brascia Boyfriend

Wag Brascia has dated Kean since they met at a Milan. She began dating Kean after meeting him at a nightclub in Milan. At that time, many years were passed since her moving to Italy since she was 11.

Nif Brascia Boyfriend

, Moise Kean, was only 19 when he joined the Italian champions for around £36million. According to Nif Brascia Instagram, he was proud and honored to wear the Toffees jersey to prepare for the new Premier League season next week.

After that, his move has gone ahead,


fans expected to see Thai model Nif Brascia in the stands. The explosive striker, Nif Brascia Boyfriend, set up himself a comparable lady figure who is more of his gender reconsideration. Nif Brascia is a complete knockout and is a champion in kickboxing.

After meeting the hotheaded striker in a Milan nightclub, she began dating Kean, but the pair keeps their romance under a conspiracy of silence. It seems that they start very private; however, this relationship may last for a long time.

Nif Brascia believes that her boyfriend is strong, fast, and has many good qualities as a striker. Nif Brascia Boyfriend has the talent, and he is ready to work, ready to progress the team and gives them different solutions.

Nif Brascia Social Media

Nif Brascia Social Media

is very active with thousands of views, likes, reposts, and her jaw-dropping expressions that have drawn over 12,000 followers on Instagram. On her page, you'll find various images of Brascia in exercise or wearing sexy lingerie and bikinis.

Following a range of selfies and bikini snaps, she boasts on an avid page for Nif Brascia Instagram; these days, she goes from strength to strength. Although they'll know she's not to be messed with, Everton is sure to welcome her with open arms.

Nif Brascia Social media for her is a great way to connect with her fans, get noticed by recent news of her. For Nif Brasci, Instagram has the best platform for kickboxing and modeling pleased. Online Nif Brascia social media is unlimited to give credit to photographers and clients that she works with.

Nif Brascia Instagram

Nif Brascia Instagram

is known with this account @nifbrascia. However, it seems that she may have a previous page that is not active right now. She wrote on her Instagram page a bio of her private page:

  • 73 posts


  • 318 following

  • Fighter

  • Milan

  • Sponsored by Leone1947

  • Fashion addicted

  • Snapchat: nifbrasciam.facebook.com/nifofficialpage/?locale2=it_IT

If no access is made for Nif Brascia Instagram, you can find her on Instagram using the following hashtags of hot.wags's profile picture such as #nifbrascia #moisekean #footballerswife #footballerswives #hotwags #hotsinger #footballersgirlfriend #footballersgirlfriends #footballersgirls #everton #juventus #supermodel #hotmodel #kickboxing #toffees #premierleague and so on.

She is the model of some sport brans on Instagram. As seen from her posts, Nif Brascia is wearing regularly GN052 Fight boxing gloves, ABX60 sports bra, and ABX98 compression tight PRO-CW. One of her sponsored is LEONE 1947, which is an OFFICIAL STORE.

Nif Brascia Twitter

The latest Tweets from 

Nif Brascia Twitter

are available on her account (@NifBrascia). The bio of Nif Brascia Twitter is stated as below:

  • Thai girl.

  • Based in Milan.

  • Fighter Fashion & Juve addicted!

Nif Brascia is a far-reaching bombshell who often entertains her Twitter subscribers and followers with pictures in slutty bikinis and eye-fetching underclothing. Nif Brascia Twitter is not as active as her Instagram page.

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Nif Brascia Facebook

Nif Brascia is on Facebook

. To connect with her, there is an email available on Nif Brascia Facebook that includes management.nif@gmail.com. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are essential tools for Nif Brascia to build a fan base and exposure to the sport and commercial insiders.

Nif Brascia Professional Career

Nif Brascia Professional Career

 is kickboxing. Muay Thai is a very physical style of kickboxing that she trains. Whether she learns how to kickboxing on her own and through teaches offered by her father, she tried to study this sport as a useful tool as Nif Brascia Professional Career for improving her skills.

While Nif Brascia can, of course, benefit from material touch by her father, it is even more useful to have information with her in mind. Men do not face some of the challenges that Nef Brascia suffered as a woman in sports. The inherent skills that many women have - speed, agility, and flexibility - are often overlooked in traditional educational style.

Kickboxing for Nif Brascia corrects her body like a model. It covers all the essentials of learning kickboxing, and it includes tips, especially for her. Nif Brascia Professional Career contains information helpful advanced kickboxers and covers principles, techniques, and drills for the fitness kickboxer as well as the professional kickboxer

Nif Brascia Kids

Nif Brascia's relationship is improved with Kean. However, they have a healthy relationship; we could not find any report of them for having a kid. It may be concluded that Nif Brascia Kids are zero yet in the relationship with Kean. It also should be noted that this couple has no word about any previous relationship of ex-husband (-wife) or ex-boyfriend or girlfriend.

Nif Brascia Brand

As it is evident, 

Nif Brascia Brand

 is not yet established by her. However, she had great potential to create a sport or fashion brand because she is famous as an athlete, a Wag, and a sports model.

Nif Brascia Net Worth

Dating currently with Kean's, whose market value is €40 million, has an estimated net worth of €0.7 million. As of 2019, it may significantly influence Nif Brascia's net worth, sponsored by sport shops.

Many fighters have success crossing over from muay Thai and vice versa. It's a myth about Nif Brascia. She is very famous, then

Nif Brascia's net worth

should have enormous content; however, like her Instagram page, it remains secret!

Nif Brascia Football Fan Activity

Nif Brascia moved from Taekwondo to train Muay-Thai and moved to Italy at the age of 11. After that, Brascia became a football fan in Italy, and Nif Brascia Football Fan activity was started. Brascia is a Juventus fan. Nif Brascia's favorite player is Alessandro Del Piero. After moving to Italy, Brascia soon caught the footballing bug. She revealed that she is a fan of Juventus, like all her family and her idol is Del Piero.

Nif Brascia Education

Nif Brascia Education

as a Kickboxer, started with a high school diploma or with a degree in a fitness training field, and she may require CPR and specialized certification. Nif Brascia works in various settings, counting health clubs, martial arts cores, and workrooms.

With kickboxing, Nif Brascia education was further improved and she studied fashion at university and has ambitions to be a fashion designer. However, Muay Thai takes priority for now - which gets her up at 5 am and training hard in the gym.

Apart from anything else in Muay Thai, the very punitive training regimes she is under would have made Nif Brascia education achievement virtually impossible to accomplish. She is usually trained for at least 6 or 7 hours a day.

Nif Brascia Leisure Activities and Favorites

Kickboxing is Brascia's, first love. This Wag beauty has already won two junior world titles in Muay Thai and says statements to be undefeated in over 50 fights. Fans that follow her every move on Instagram are continuously wowed by Brassicas bikini

But not only is she a natural in front of the camera, but she's also a star kickboxer. She spends most of her time in the club to fight and knows about the club's size. It has a big ambition, and she will work very hard to help fulfill what she wants to achieve.

Marco Silva, her boss in the club, said: "A striker was one of our priority signings this summer.” And she answered that "I am used to winning, and I want to bring this winning attitude to the team."

Nif Brascia Modeling Carrier

Nif Brascia Modeling Carrier is not positively stated; however, she essentially needs an employee of the brand, and therefore she has to be as knowledgeable as possible. It also takes a special kind of person to keep a smile on their face for 8–12 hours at a time, not to mention possibly standing in stilettos for half a day. It is not easy.  

While working as a fashion model, which is Nif Brascia’s aim in studying fashion, she will have endless opportunities to network with agencies, brands, and other essential industry insiders. She is interested in furthering herself for special

Nif Brascia Modeling Carrier

; these essential connections can be an entry to fashion modeling, sport modeling, or even acting.

Nif Brascia Sport Life

When you say

Nif Brascia Sport life

, you should think of an accepted top-notch A+ boxer, and training-wise! Nif Brascia Sport life never turns to eliminate the scenario of preparing for a fight but merely keeping fit.

We are talking about the Nif Brascia as an elite fighter who would have an exercise room in her own home. So, of course, jump rope and take to the speedbag. Maybe some heavy bag work, but this would be for a heavier weight.

The reflex bag is essential in keeping timing and coordination sharp and the proper diet. In Nif Brascia Sport life, she has seen great talent ignore any training and let her lifestyle go berserk. But she does a 180-degree turn and is in great shape when the bell rings.

Nif Brascia Sport life is also a high-level kickboxing performance call for well-developed muscle power in both the upper and lower limbs. She contributes to success that requires high self-confidence, motivation, dispositional hope and optimism, mental toughness/resiliency, and adaptive perfectionism.

Then, different folks have different strokes. Some might find a medium to that. Which would be like a workout every other day? Nif Brascia would expect her lifestyle as a boxer to spend this time keeping her cardio and stamina at a healthy level, which maintains a clean and healthy body and mind.

She would keep herself trim with necessary runs and go to the essential boxing gym equipment. No serious sparring, if any.

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