Di Francesco said that Cagliari needs to improve the defense

Sun 01 November 2020 | 10:40

Eusebio Di Francesco was mad at the squad because they lost 3-2 against Bologna due to their twice clumsily handling a lead.

Lack of defense in


, which caused this team to suffer defeat 3-2 against


, made head coach

Eusebio Di Francesco

angry. 'We can't score four goals every game to get points.' as he said.

The Sardinians,

Joao Pedro


Giovanni Simeone

put the ball in the back of the net, but Bologna was able to get two scores by

Roberto Soriano

and a

Musa Barrow


"I wish I knew what happened…" the coach said.

"We played with too much superficiality, I am very angry, as we allowed them to get their shots away far too easily. This team has started to show some good work going forward, but you have to defend too and I do not like the defensive movement at all.

"If we keep giving leads away, that is unacceptable and we have to do better. I want the team to realise that if we want to achieve certain results, we have got to defend in a different way.”

Nahitan Nandez

played impressively in various roles, including the supporting trio behind Cholito Simeone.

"He is improving a great deal on a tactical level. We created superiority on the right flank, but didn't make the most of that. We also had too many misplaced passes when going on the counter, we were too hasty and that cost us.

"After their third goal, we were constantly in their half, but didn't finish our scoring opportunities. Simeone had a knock, while Joao Pedro was moving well between the lines, so I opted to introduce Leonardo Pavoletti as a more physical presence.

"We need to find a balance, and we are only doing it in fits and starts. I don't mind putting four forwards on, but we cannot allow Bologna to have shots from the edge of the box four or five times that easily. It's unacceptable, we must realise that we can't score four goals every game to get points and that means defending differently."

source: SportMob