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Facts You Need to Know about Mohamed Salah’s Wife, Magi Sadeq

Unlike typical footballers’ wives, Mohamed Salah's teenage love, Magi Sadeq stays away from any form of social media and doesn't sit for any interviews. Read on to find out more facts about Magi Sadeq.

Mohamed Salah

, popularly known as the

Egyptian Messi

, is a famous football player. His wife is named Magi Sadeq.

Unlike the wives and girlfriends of other sportsmen, 27-year-old Magi Sadeq is renowned for maintaining a low profile in the media.

Magi Salah, who was given the name Maji Mohammed Sadiq when he was born in Basyoun, Egypt, has drawn a lot of attention from the public, particularly from football lovers everywhere.

Salah's wife Magi is very supportive since she has supported him during the highs and lows of his professional football career.

With all the attention she and her husband have received, Magi has chosen to avoid the spotlight. Here are some fascinating details about her.

Salah shared a classroom with Magi Sadeq during his elementary and middle school years. Their romances started throughout their time in school. Salah and Magi began dating at an early age. Before deciding it was time to move past their relationship and get married, the couple dated for a long time.

In the Egyptian town of Nagrig, the couple wed in 2013.

Over time, their bond became stronger. Magi is a very private person. As a result of her limited public appearances, little is known about her personal life.

Here are some lesser-known facts about Magi Sadeq:

The first notable

fact about Magi Salah

is that she is a true Muslim and like her husband, she never hides her beliefs. Magi has never been spotted without her hijab. Even with the criticism of people about the way she dresses, Magi seems not to care about it and lives the way she likes as a proud Muslim.

Magi Sadeq biography

Magi Sadeq was born in 1994 and raised in Nagrig, a village in Gharbia, Egypt, the same place Salah was born in and attempts to return to for holidays unless he is bombarded with paparazzi.

Magi Sadeq's age

is 27.

An interesting fact about Magi Sadeq is that she has a twin sister, Mohab, and two other sisters, Mahy and Miram.

Mage Sadeq's parents

were both teachers at Mohammed Eyad Al Tantawi School, where the star couple met.

The twin sisters earned a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Commerce in Alexandria, unlike the common belief that Magi has a degree in Biotechnology.

The confusion might be due to a fake Instagram account that has her name, yet that obviously doesn't belong to her.

With international media reporting her profession as being a biotechnologist, confusion will keep on spreading.

As another fact about Magi Sadeq, it should be mentioned that she and her husband have been close friends since elementary school. There is not enough information available about

Magi Sadeq's childhood

. They got married in December 2013, and a little less than a year later, lovely Makka Salah was born.

It is worth mentioning that Magi has been a supportive wife throughout Salah’s career. Although she rarely makes public appearances, she can often be spotted in the stands, cheering for her husband during matches. She wears the “hijab” (veil) and is a true believer of Islam.

Magi Salah Love Story

Behind every great man, there stands a great woman! Magi Salah is the most discreet wife in the football world. Without her, Mo Salah could never stand where he is at now! But, how did Magi conquer the heart of one of the best players in the world?

Their love has lasted the test of time as Sadeq and Salah attended the same school and were classmates throughout elementary and junior years. That's when and where their love story began, according to Sadeq's mother.

They got married in 2013 and now have two children, their little angel Makka, named after the holy city in Saudi Arabia, since the Muslim couple have their strong faith in common, and Kayan, the second child who was born in 2020.

Magi Salah’s appearances in public

An interesting

fact about Magi Sadeq

is that she has appeared in public only a few times. Unfortunately, she was heavily criticized following her first public appearance when Salah received the

Premier League

2017/18 Golden Boot.

Sadeq appeared with her husband at celebrations held by the Confederation of African Football when Salah won the African Player of the Year award.

She appeared with their daughter Makka during celebrations marking Salah’s winning of the Premier League Golden Boot award, and after


won the 2019 UEFA Champions League.

Her simple and conservative attire drew mixed reactions. She was compared to many footballers' wives who flaunt their presence on social media and dress fashionably.

Unlike them (e.g.,


’s wife,

Georgina Rodriguez

) she stays loyal to her roots and insists on visiting her hometown whenever she can. She maintains a simple lifestyle, even after all the fame and changes she was exposed to throughout the years.

Sometimes tabloids criticize Magi Salah for her conservative clothing style but she remains humble and loyal to her roots and Islam values. She prefers to live a simple life and stay out of the public focus.

Another amazing fact about Magi Sadeq is that she is a philanthropist who helps girls from her village with marriage expenses as well as lends a hand to unprivileged families, all while remaining humble and away from the spotlight.

Magi supports Salah with his charity projects


Magi Sadeq's personal life

has not been revealed to the public, she supports her husband’s career wholeheartedly and attends almost all his matches.

She accompanied Salah at the event held by the ‘Confederation of African Football’ to honor Salah when he won the ‘African Player of the Year’ award.

Magi and their daughter appeared during the celebrations in honor of Salah’s win of the ‘Premier League Golden Boot’ award in the 2018-2019 season. They also celebrated ‘Liverpool’s win in the 2018-2019 ‘UEFA Champions League.’

In the 2017-2018 season of the ‘Premier League,’ too, Magi and Makka were present when Salah won the ‘Golden Boot’ for scoring a record 32 goals. Makka won the hearts of fans as she pranced around wearing a ‘Liverpool’ jersey with her father’s name and number on it.

Magi accompanies Salah when he goes back to his hometown every Ramadan. Magi and Salah also donate a lot to the villagers. They buy home appliances and other essential supplies for newly married couples in the village. She also attends charity events arranged by the villagers.

While thanking Magi for her support, Salah once said “I am unfair to Magi as I give her the least of my time due to the nature of my work.”


Magi Sadeq's social media

, it should be mentioned that she is not active on any social platform. However, her husband often shares moments from his life on his social-media profiles.

In mid-2019, Salah shared a photo on ‘Instagram’ that showed him and his family enjoying a lavish vacation abroad. Both Magi and Makka were dressed in pink with a pretty pose against the palm trees in the background.

She tries not to draw attention to herself or intentionally stole the spotlight in spite of Arab beauty charming, but prefer to stay in the shade and motivate her husband to succeed.

Magi and Mo’s Wedding

Sadeq, who maintains a simple lifestyle, fell in love with Salah 10 years before they married. Their love story was the talk of their hometown.

Salah and Magi got married on December 17, 2013, in Nagrig, Egypt. Back then, Salah was beginning to taste fame with European football, as part of the Swiss football club ‘Basel’ and had just returned to his village on his first break.

The noticeable

fact about Magi Sadeq

is that her wedding was a gala event that brought the whole village together. Of the thousands of guests present at the wedding, there were a few popular Egyptian faces such as singers Hamada Hilal, Sa’ad Al Sughayar, and Abdel Basset Hamouda.

Egyptian singers performed at the wedding. Magi looked adorable in her white wedding dress. The people of Nagrig blessed the couple, and according to Nagrig traditional customs, they gifted them practical gifts that would help them set up their life after marriage.

Magi and Salah moved to Merseyside, a metropolitan county in North West England, after marriage.

Magi Sadeq’s children

The couple had a daughter in October 2014, at the ‘Westminster Hospital,’ London. She was named “Makka,” after the Islamic holy city Mecca.

The Muslim couple deliberately chose a different spelling for their daughter’s name, as they did not want people to confuse her or the significance of her name with the bingo club company ‘Mecca Bingo.’ It should be mentioned that gambling is not allowed in Islam.

Mohamed Salah was playing for ‘Chelsea’ when Makka was born. Though Magi tries to keep Makka away from the media glare, Salah often posts her photos on ‘Instagram.’

Salah usually posts pictures on his Instagram account, which now has 13.7 million followers, of him playing with Makka on the beach, at home, or in the park.

Another fact about Magi Salah is that she welcomed her second daughter in a British hospital in 2020. Mohamed and Maggie named the newborn "Kayan", which is an Arabic feminine name, meaning nature and creation.

Salah's second daughter was born in Liverpool, his first daughter Mecca was born in London in 2014 when her father was a player at 


 at the time.

The newborn has got British citizenship and according to British laws, obtaining British citizenship does not mean revoking the nationality of the country of origin, as it will be available for Kayan Salah to possess the two nationalities, Egyptian And British.

Jordan Henderson

's wife gave birth to a baby boy on the same day as Salah's wife. He is Mohamed’s teammate at Liverpool.

Football fans speculated at the timing of the births, both of which came exactly nine months after Liverpool beat 


 4-0 in a spectacular victory!

Devout Muslim Couple

Both Magi and Mo are religious. Magi is a staunch believer of Islam and wears a “hijab” every time she steps out in public.

Fans of the English soccer team Liverpool F.C. unveiled a new chant in honor of their star winger, Mohamed Salah.

The fans, who had travelled to Portugal for a Champions League match against

F.C. Porto

, pumped their fists and hopped up and down, with pint glasses in hand, as they belted out a cheer to the tune of “Good Enough,” a 1996 hit by the English pop band Dodgy ended in, “if he scores another few (goals), then I’ll be Muslim, too.”

In the thirtieth minute of the game, a shot came caroming off the goalpost. Salah settled the ball with his right foot, flicked it over Porto’s goalkeeper with his left, took a touch with his head, and then volleyed the ball into the net.

After the game, the “I’ll be Muslim, too” video exploded across social media, garnering millions of views among triumphant Liverpool fans, but also legions of viewers who had no interest in soccer at all.

On the pitch, Salah often celebrates goals by dropping to his knees and touching his forehead to the grass in the sujood (an Islamic prayer position), while Liverpool fans have the above-mentioned chant of “If he scores another few, then I’ll be Muslim, too”.

But the Salah effect is having an impact beyond the stadium walls, say researchers from Stanford University, who found a drop in hate crimes around Liverpool since Salah signed with the club in June 2017.

Double Standards

Away from all the fame, Magi has been there through all Mo’s ups and downs and , in return, Salah made sure to stand up for his wife, daughter, and all women around the world. He believes that supporting women is not optional.

“I think women’s rights, that’s the most important thing,” Mo told reporters. “I think something we need to change in the Middle East more. I am not saying we are treating women in a bad way. What I am saying is we have the flexibility to do much better. It is something in our hands and our minds,” Salah said.

However, Salah’s GQ shoot started a debate on modesty. He came under fire for posing shirtless on the cover of men's magazine GQ after winning the publication’s Man of the Year award, sparking a debate about double standards of 'modesty' norms relating to gender.

The Egyptian footballer was with Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio, who won the magazine's Fashion Icon award.

"Each time he steps on a pitch, Mohamed Salah balances the expectations of a nation – and one of the world’s most famous football clubs," GQ commented.

But once the photos reached social media, it was a different sort of expectations which came up for debate. 

"Any Arab woman in the public spotlight wouldn’t be able to get away with 1/1000 of what Mo Salah is celebrated for and its for that reason I stopped stanning this man and won’t celebrate any Arab man until Arab women are afforded the same unconditional support," wrote one Twitter user, referring to how a similar shoot by an Arab woman would be judged very differently.

"Imagine an Arab woman athlete posing like this, with male white models draped across her shoulders. … She’d be lucky to survive," said another user.

Salah, who has achieved international renown through his football career, has been lionized by fans as a paragon of humility, as well as an ambassador to the West for Arabs and Muslims.

But the debate that arose on social media has brought to the fore a more serious issue which many Arab women have tried to highlight.

Taboos around gender-specific modesty in the Arab world have, even in recent times, had deadly consequences, with women often on the receiving end of so-called 'honor' violence.

As an example, 21-year-old Palestinian Israa Ghrayeb died after being hospitalized in Bethlehem with severe injuries. Ghrayeb was allegedly beaten by furious male relatives for posting a video on social media with her soon-to-be fiancé.


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