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Most expensive Ligue 1 signings of winter 2022

Who is on the list of 2022 Ligue 1 winter transfer window most expensive signings? How much have French teams spent to bring in these costly players? Follow us below as we take a look at the careers of these new arrivals, while also analyzing the performance of their respective teams so far.

The January transfer window has closed shut and teams have already made their moves by signing deals with whomever they were planning to sign initially. Several talented youngsters have joined French teams during the winter transfer window and a decent amount of money has been spent on bringing them in.

Perhaps you already know that you are not going to see any sign of Paris Saint-Germain on this list as the Parisians have already had a pretty historic transfer window in the summer of 2021, during which they managed to sign the likes of Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos on a free transfer deal. But then who are the

most expensive Ligue 1 signings of winter 2022

? How much has it cost their respective teams to sign them in the first place?

Surely you too are eager to find out who these players are and how their new clubs have fared so far in the league and other competitions. So read on as we provide detailed information about these new arrivals and get to see how they can make an impact in the coming weeks.

Most expensive Ligue 1 transfers of winter 2022

From Strasbourg signing defenders to further solidify their struggling defense, to Moroccan talents joining French clubs as tradition dictates, there is a lot to talk about regarding the most expensive Ligue 1 signings of winter 2022 as they are all young and aspiring footballers who are yet to blossom into world-class players. So without further ado, here is everything you need to know about these new arrivals and their careers so far.

Ismael Doukoure

  • Transfer: Valenciennes FC – Strasbourg

  • Transfer fee: €1.5M

While attracting attention in the summer transfer window is difficult for most youngsters as many top-class footballers tend to switch clubs in the summer, winter is exactly when young and aspiring newcomers can gain attention by either moving to a top club or with their transfer fee. Surely €1.5 million is not much considering all the eye-watering hefty fees that the top clubs in Europe spend in order to sign world-class talents. But it was certainly enough to put the 18-year-old Ismael Doukoure on the list of

most expensive Ligue 1 signings of winter 2022


The youngster has shown glimpses of his true potential and that is why Strasbourg have opted to acquire his services. Of course Doukoure must quickly adapt to his new environment and get to work as soon as possible since Strasbourg are trying their best to earn a spot in next season’s Champions League. While it is without a doubt a long shot for the French side, they might at least qualify for the Europa League or even the Conference League at the end of the season.


are currently fourth behind Nice and Marseille with 41 points from their 24 league games so far.

They have been in great shape recently with four wins and only a single defeat in their last five league games. Being one of the most expensive Ligue 1 signings of winter 2022 is not enough to earn Doukoure a spot on Julien Stephan’s starting-XI, since everything has been going great lately and no one in their right mind would want to make changes to their well-working squad.

Ismael Doukoure is still too inexperienced and untested to be a regular starter for a club in the French top-flight and might have to spend some time on loan before earning his place at his club. Of course nothing is set in stone and he might be able to impress his new boss in the coming weeks and get his chance for proving himself to the fans and the club’s manager.

Fali Cande

  • Transfer: Portimonense – FC Metz

  • Transfer fee: €2.5M

It seems that FC


desperately needed a good left-back and that is why they have invested in Fali Cande, who has joined the French side from Portimonense for €2.5 million, which has made him one of the

most expensive Ligue 1 signings of winter 2022

. The Guinea-Bissau international spent his youth career mostly in Portugal before joining Portimonense’s senior side after graduating from their U23 academy in 2020.

While it is not his first time playing football on a senior level, Cande has still got a long way ahead of himself if he wants to improve his game further by gaining more experience. The versatile left-back had made a total of 79 appearances across all competitions throughout his short career before joining FC Metz in January. Since his arrival, Cande has already made an impact with an assist, which unfortunately for the youngster came in their 2-1 defeat against Marseille.

Nevertheless, the 24-year-old seems to have already become a regular started for his new side, who are currently struggling to find their best form and are roaming the relegation zone with 20 points in 24 games. While there is still time for Les Grenats to lift themselves up and finish the season in a better position out of the relegation zone, a lot of effort must be put into it by every player in the squad.

A lot of pressure will be on Cande’s shoulders in the coming weeks as the club’s supporters expect him to deliver nothing shorter than perfect performances every time he graces the pitch at the Stade Saint-Symphorien. Being on the list of most expensive Ligue 1 transfers of winter 2022, we will have to wait and see if the young left-back can live up to the billing by delivering the best performances of his career in the coming weeks to help his side escape relegation at the end of the season.

Abdu Conte

  • Transfer: Moreirense –Troyes

  • Transfer fee: €2.7M

Next on the list of

2022 Ligue 1 winter transfer window most expensive signings

is Abdu Conte, who has joined


from Moreirense for €2.7 million. The Portuguese youngster has proven to be an effective left-back throughout his short career and that is why Troyes are counting on seeing him blossom into a fine left-back in the coming years. Of course with how things have been going so far for Troyes in the league, Conte will have to adapt to his new environment a lot quicker than others.

The Portugal U21 international has appeared in more than 100 games throughout his career and has already managed to make 4 appearances for his new side in the league. The ironic thing is that the only time that Troyes actually managed to win a game since Conte’s arrival, was when the young left-back was not in the squad for the match. The French club lost the other four games as Conte was part of the squad. They were utterly humiliated by Stade Brest as they lost 5-1 in their last league game.

While the 23-year-old’s arrival has not been particularly lucky for Troyes, it is still too soon to judge the new arrival by claiming that he was not worth being amongst the most expensive Ligue 1 signings of winter 2022.

Ibrahima Kone

  • Transfer: Sarpsborg 08 – FC Lorient

  • Transfer fee: €4M

Many of those amongst the Ligue 1 winter 2022 most expensive signings have joined those clubs that are struggling to find their feet and are fighting for their survival in the French top-flight at the bottom of the league table. Ibrahima Kone is one of those new arrivals, who has joined FC


in order to further improve their goal-scoring chances in the coming weeks. Kone is only 22 years old and has already managed to make an impact in the little chance that he has gotten at his new club.

Kone was brought in as a substitute in the last 15 minutes of the match against Lens and he managed to score on his debut to earn his club a 2-0 victory over their league rivals. While he is yet to earn his place in the starting-XI as he is still trying to find his feet in the French top-flight, Kone seems to be a promising addition to Lorient’s squad and their respective fans can hope to see a lot more from the youngster in the coming months.

Prior to joining the Ligue 1 side, Kone made a total of 30 appearances for Sarpsborg and managed to score 11 goals while providing 5 assists in the process. The early signs that we have seen from the striker point to the fact that he can prove his worth being on the list of 2022 Ligue 1 winter transfer window most expensive signings. But only time will tell how and if the center-forward will fit in at his new club.

Patrick Berg

  • Transfer: Bodo/Glimt – Lens

  • Transfer fee: €4.5M

We have players from all sorts of positions on the list of

most expensive Ligue 1 transfers of winter 2022

. One fine example is Patrick Berg, who has joined RC Lens from Bodo/Glimt for a little over €4 million in the January transfer window. The youngster joined his new club on the first day of the month that passed and is still yet to earn his place amongst the starting-XI.

Berg started his career at Bodo/Glimt by earning a promotion to the club’s senior side after rising up the ranks at their youth academy. The Norwegian is an adept defensive midfielder with quite a lot of potential. He already has more than 170 appearances under his belt, during which he has managed to score 17 goals while providing 17 assists.

Lens are currently roaming the middle of the table as they sit eighth behind


and Monaco with 36 points in 24 games. The French top-flight is too intense as the likes of Montpellier, LOSC


and Nantes can easily catch up to Les Sang et if they slip up at any time throughout the league.

With three wins and two defeats in their last five league games, the defensive midfielder has already made a total of 5 appearances for the French side. Of course it will take a bit of time before Berg can earn a place in the club’s starting-XI. The Norway international’s actual market value is estimated to be around €4.5 million and he has signed a four year contract with his new club until the summer of 2026.

Billal Brahimi

  • Transfer: SCO Angers – OGC Nice

  • Transfer fee: €7M

Next on the list of most expensive Ligue 1 signings of winter 2022 is Billal Brahimi, who has joined OGC Nice from SCO


for €7 million. Brahimi has been playing football in France since making his professional debut at Stade Reims’ B side way back in 2019. He rose to prominence at Middlesbrough’s youth academy and then went on to gain experience in England’s neighboring country. He finally earned a promotion to Stade Reims’ senior side in 2021 and managed to attract quite a lot of attention during the rather short spell that he spent at his former club.

The Frenchman moved to SCO Angers for €1.3 million in 2021 and has now joined OGC Nice on a four-year contract. Nice are one of the better sides in the French top-flight as they are chasing Marseille and Paris Saint-Germain with 42 points in 24 league games. While reaching the Parisians is a bit more difficult than normal, it is possible for Nice to catch up to Marseille and earn their place in next season’s Champions League. That is why they have been investing on their roster of youth players and could make good use of their new signing.

Being amongst the

Ligue 1 winter 2022 most expensive signings

, Billal Brahimi is yet to make an impact at his new club as he has made a total of four appearances across all competitions since his arrival. The immensely versatile forward is able to play on a multitude of positions on the pitch and Christophe Galtier can certainly count on the young and aspiring Frenchman if he wants to bolster his attacking strength.

Edon Zhegrova

  • Transfer: FC Basel – Lille

  • Transfer fee: €7M

All of those who are on the list of most expensive Ligue 1 signings of winter 2022 are young talents with a lot of potential. It seems that French teams know where to spend their resources as helping even a single prodigy to blossom into their full potential could earn them a massive amount of money in the following years. That is why Lille have signed Edon Zhegrova from

FC Basel

for €7 million.

Lille currently sit tenth in the French top-flight with 35 points in 24 games and have the chance to finish the season in a better position if they play their cards right in the coming weeks. Christophe Galtier managed to help Lille become the champions of France in the 2020-21 season, finishing above the star-studded Paris Saint-Germain. But with Jocelyn Gourvennec’s arrival in 2021, the French club have experienced quite a dip in form in the current campaign.

With several departures over the summer and the January transfer windows, Lille are not the same team anymore and it shows on the league table. That is why Edon Zhegrova’s arrival could be a sight for sore eyes if he manages to impress his new supporters. The Kosovar made his professional debut for KRC Genk back in 2017 and went on to spend a loan spell at FC Basel before joining the Swiss club on a permanent deal for €3 million in 2020.

It took him two years to convince Lille to pay €7 million in order to acquire his services in the January transfer window, which put Zhegrova amongst the most expensive Ligue 1 signings of winter 2022. The 22-year-old is incredible versatile and can play on either side of the pitch with relative ease.

He has only made a single appearance for Lille, which actually barely counts as a proper appearance since he came onto the pitch as a late substitute and player for only four minutes. We will have to wait and see if the new arrival can earn himself more time on the pitch in the coming weeks, or if he is going to be an unused substitute in the end.

Jens Cajuste

  • Transfer: FC Midtjylland – Stade Reims

  • Transfer fee: €10M

The list of Ligue 1 winter 2022 most expensive signings who are below the age of 25 and could prove to be a great addition to their respective sides in the near future just doesn’t end. Jens Cajuste is yet another one of those new arrivals in the French top-flight, who have cost their clubs quite a transfer fee in the January transfer window. With several clubs other than PSG being amongst the top spenders in the league, Stade


have also decided to have their own special place on the list by spending €10 million to sign Jens Cajuste.

Cajuste is a 22-year-old Swedish defensive midfielder, who first gained prominence as a talented youngster during his early days at FC Midtjylland, whom he joined from the Swedish side Orgryte for less than €200k. Reims are roaming the bottom half of the league table with 27 points from 24 league games and have not been on their best shape in the past couple of weeks. That is why Cajuste’s addition to the club could solidify their tight defense even further.

They have one of the best defensive lines in the French top-flight as they have conceded 28 goals in those 24 league games. While the Sweden international’s arrival can certainly add more to Reims’ squad depth in the back, it seems that Les Rouges et Blancs need a couple of more prolific strikers in the frontlines instead since they have only scored 27 goals throughout the league so far.

The Sweden international is yet to make an impact at his new club, but is slowly gaining Oscar Garcia’s trust and can earn himself more time with the starting-XI in the coming weeks.


  • Transfer: Gremio – Monaco

  • Transfer fee: €11M

While many of the most expensive arrivals in the French top-flight are struggling to make a quick impact at their new clubs, Brazilian right-back Vanderson has managed to do the opposite by scoring a goal in his first couple of games for Monaco. He joined the French side from Gremio for €11 million in the January transfer window and has since lived up to the billing as a young addition to the club’s squad. Vanderson de Oliveira, shortly known as Vanderson, started his professional career at Gremio after graduating from the club’s youth academy in 2021.

It took the Brazilian talent only a year to make his first big-money move as he switched clubs in the month that passed. He has already made seven appearances for Monaco in the past couple weeks, yet he has failed to play the full 90 minutes in all of his games at his new club so far and the goal that he scored came in a 3-2 defeat against Montpellier. The former Gremio right-back’s current market value is estimated to be around €8 million and it seems to be on the rise as he continues to impress in Ligue 1.

Monaco could have easily become a title contender in the French top-flight had they kept all their world-class talents to themselves in recent years. Being known to be a French version of Ajax, Monaco are currently sixth in the league with 37 points in 24 games, which means that they are on par with Rennes regarding their league points.

They will certainly be aiming to finish in position to earn a spot in the next season’s European tournaments. That is why Vanderson’s arrival as a set of fresh lungs on the right flank can prove to be vital in the following weeks.

Romain Faivre

  • Transfer: Stade Brest – Lyon

  • Transfer fee: €15M

Romain Faivre is the most expensive signing of the 2021-22 Ligue 1 January transfer window. He joined Lyon from Stade Brest for €15 million on deadline day and left his former side hanging in the middle of the season. The 23-year-old midfielder is one of the more promising youngsters in the French top-flight. He already has 7 goals and 5 assists under his belt in 23 league appearances this season.

Of course it is worth mentioning that these stats date back to the time when he used to play for Stade Brest as he is yet to score a goal or provide an assist at Lyon. With Lyon currently chasing the likes of Monaco and Rennes in the league with the aim of earning a place in next season’s European tournaments, Faivre will have to prove his worth sooner than others as he carries the burden of being the most expensive signing of the January transfer window.

We will have to wait and see the Frenchman can live up to the billing, or if Lyon will eventually fail to qualify for any of the next season’s European competitions, with Faivre’s poor performances playing a vital role in the club’s failure.




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