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Top Facts about Sead Kolasinac, The Tank

In Top Facts about Sead Kolasinac, we’ll cover the footballer’s personal and professional life for those interested to know him on and off the field.

“When you see the quality of his performance again, you see there are still some good deals to make out there. He has been a success because he has the natural qualities that suit firstly his position as a wing-back and, secondly, because he has the absolute body power that is needed in the Premier League,” Arsene Wenger said.

After a 2-1 win over Swansea City, Arsenal's renowned manager said those exact words nearly four years ago. Who was the one who received the compliments? Sead Kolasinac had equalized and set up Aaron Ramsey's game-winning goal seven minutes later.

Arsenal beat Everton, Milan, Juventus, and Chelsea to sign the Bosnian on a free transfer, which was seen as a big success at the time. He was widely regarded as the long-term option at left-back after joining the club on a five-year contract in 2017. He received a substantial salary of £100,000-a-week.

Kolasinac is regarded as a flexible defender who can play in a variety of defensive positions depending on the situation. He was usually used as a center-back or defensive midfielder at Schalke 04 II.

Jens Keller, the head coach of Schalke 04, employed Kolasinac primarily as a left-back. During his tenure in England, the defender's tactical mistakes became a major source of criticism.

Top Facts about Sead Kolasinac Regarding his Private and Professional Life

Here, have a look at these little pieces of info to start getting to know him.

Quick Facts

  • Full Name:

     Sead Kolasinac

  • Nicknames:

     The Tank

  • Date of Birth:

     20 June 1993

  • Place of Birth:

     Karlsruhe, Germany

  • Age:


  • Nationality:


  • Height:

     1.83 m (6 ft 0 in)

  • Weight:

     82 kg

  • Marital Status:


  • Wife: 

    Susubelle Kolasinac

  • Net Worth:

     19 Million Euro (16.9 Million Pound)

  • Position:


  • Current Team:

     Arsenal FC

  • Jersey Number:


Sead Kolasinac Upbringing Years and Family Roots

Sead Kolasinac was born in Karlsruhe, Germany, on June 20, 1993.

His father, Faik Kolasinac, and his mother (name unknown) gave birth to him. Both of the parents are Bosniak Muslims.

Sead is from a well-to-do family in the lower middle class.

His father worked as a factory worker for a German Mercedes Benz factory at the time, while his mother cared for the family with her tasty burek and cabbage rolls.

Faik, Sead's father, was born in the Montenegrin town of Niksic. His family relocated to Capljina, a Bosnia and Herzegovina town and municipality, in 1969.

Faik met Sead's mother at Capljina, and the two fell in love and married.

Both of his parents were forced to flee Bosnia during the cruel Bosnian War in order to spare their lives from oppressors, one of the Top Facts about Sead Kolasinac.

Sead Kolasinac, their football star son, was born into a middle-class environment they had created for themselves in Germany.

In football, we frequently hear about rags to riches stories.

These accounts detail how players from humble beginnings rose to prominence. Sead Kolasinac's tale is no exception.

Sead Kolasinac grew up with his sister Sabrina. Sead, who was much closer to his mother as a child, had a striking resemblance to his father, with whom he shares a similar muscular frame. His father once said, "It's all about genetics."

In his childhood, religion had always played a significant role. Faik recalls his son skipping school to attend Islamic classes at the mosque when he was a struggling industry factory worker.

The kid would also go hungry rather than eat pork meat on occasion, another one of the Top Facts about Sead Kolasinac.

He used to spend all of his leisure time in the Karlsruhe outskirts with a ball.

It was his participation in competitive football at his high school that kept him from making wrong decisions as a kid.

“Looking back, as soon as school finished, we’d go to the local pitch and play until our mothers would drag us away late at night.

We had a clay pitch and then next to that a new astroturf cage was built, so we’d play there too,” Sead Kolasinac once reflected on his early football days.

Those afternoons on the clay pitch and in the astroturf cage had finally paid off.

Sead Kolasinac Career Buildout

Sead Kolasinac's love for the game led him to join Karlsruher SC's team at the age of eight.

This local club established the foundation for the football passionate's career, and he progressed through their age divisions until he was 16.

He left Karlsruher SC in 2009 to join Hoffenheim, where he only stayed for a season.

Despite a successful season, Sead was dissatisfied with the club's youth system.

He had to look for the best club to assist him in realizing his ambitions of becoming a professional since he was so good and anxious to excel. He once stated:

"After Hoffenheim, I went to Stuttgart, and again things didn’t go that well, but these things happen to young players.”

Sead Kolasinac Path to Prominence

Despite the fact that things did not work out, Sead had the good fortune of passing his trials!

He got a chance at


after passing a certain trial, where he met a God-sent man named Norbert Elgert.

Norbert goes under the nickname "Youth Talent Factory Expert." He aided several talented footballers, notably Sead Kolasinac, in becoming who they are today, one of the

Top Facts about Sead Kolasinac.

Talking to Arsenal Media, Kolasinac once said:

“It was only when I met Norbert, that I thought I had a chance to make it in football. He took me to one side and told me that, if I pulled in the right direction, listened to him, and did as instructed, I’ll have the opportunity to break into the senior team.”

As soon as the young footballer began to pay attention to Norbert's words and teachings, which many young people had taken seriously, he began to notice progress.

Finally, he was molded into a man of character, gaining a spot in FC Schalke 04's senior team, all thanks to his God-sent.

Kolasinac was promoted to the second club,

Schalke 04 II

, in one of Germany's lower leagues, the Regionalliga West, after one season with the youth squad. He was promoted to the first team after netting two goals in seven games. 

In a 2–0 win over Greuther Furth on September 15, 2012, he made his


debut. He made his initial appearance in European competitions in December 2012, drawing 1–1 with Montpellier in the UEFA Champions League.

In June 2013, the German extended his contract with Schalke until June 2017, however he tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee before the start of the following season, missing almost six months, another one of the Top Facts about Sead Kolasinac.

Norbert Elgert was instrumental in the development of several of Schalke's young players, including Mesut Ozil, Julian Draxler, Leroy Sane, Manuel Neuer, and others, who have gone on to represent their club and country.

Kolasinac's initial point of contact after joining FC Schalke's senior team was

Mesut Ozil

, who assisted him in settling in. Their connection was effortless because they shared a similar migrant and Muslim background.

The soccer player established himself as one of the best defenders in the Bundesliga during his six years at Schalke. In May 2017, Kolasinac decided not to renew his contract with Schalke 04, bringing an end to his six-year stay in Germany. He was named to the Bundesliga Team of the Season at the completion of the 2016–17 season.

Sead Kolasinac Ascend to Prominence



was looking for a flexible defender at the moment. Sead Kolasinac reconnected with his old friend Mesut Ozil after joining Arsenal.

Arsenal announced the signing of Kolasinac on a free transfer on June 6, 2017, pending the "completion of all regulatory processes." After arriving in London, Kolasinac quickly established himself as the type of player that Arsenal has been criticized for lacking in recent years.

He rapidly positioned himself as an early fan favorite at the Emirates, earning the nickname "The Tank" in the process, one of the Top Facts about Sead Kolasinac.

In the 2017 FA Community Shield, which Arsenal won on penalties, the footballer scored on his debut against Chelsea. On the opening day of the season, he made his Premier League debut, assisting in a 4–3 win over Leicester City.

He was named Arsenal's Player of the Month in August after receiving more than half of the votes received.

On September 14, Sead netted in Arsenal's 3–1 win over 1. FC Koln in the UEFA Europa League.

On October 28, he scored his first Premier League goal against Swansea City, as well as providing an assist for his team's other goal in a 2–1 victory.

In October, the left-back was elected Arsenal's Player of the Month for the second time, getting half of the votes.

Arsenal won their 14th FA Cup on August 1, 2020, when Kolasinac came on as a late substitute in the FA Cup Final against



Kolasinac would return to Schalke 04 on loan for the remainder of the season, it was confirmed on December 31, 2020.

He made his first Bundesliga start in 1337 days against Hoffenheim on January 9, 2021, and Schalke won 4–0.

Then, under head coach Christian Gross, he was named captain of the squad. In a 5–1 loss against Stuttgart in the Bundesliga on February 27, 2021, he scored his first goal for the club since his comeback.

Kolasinac is a German citizen. After playing for Germany at various youth levels, he switched allegiance to his parents’ homeland of

Bosnia and Herzegovina

in 2013 and was called up to the senior national team.

In an interview, The defender's father revealed that his son had always desired to play for the Bosnian national team.

In a 2–0 friendly loss to Argentina on November 18, 2013, Kolasinac made his Bosnian debut. He has been named to Bosnia's World Cup roster for 2014.

Argentina won 2–1 in the Maracan Stadium after the 28-year-old scored an unlucky own goal in the third minute of the team's opening group encounter, the fastest in World Cup history, another one of the

Top Facts about Sead Kolasinac.

Sead Kolasinac Personal & Love Life

Kolasinac is one of those footballers whose love relationships aren't scrutinized by the media because they aren't filled with drama. Jana was the defender's girlfriend for a long time before they decided to go their separate ways.

During his early days with Schalke 04, they met in Gelsenkirchen. Jana is a character about whom little is known. She apparently used to have an interesting hobby called "Bird Watching."

The player ended his relationship with Jana and married Susubelle in 2020.

His Lover’s Arrest

Sead Kolasniac's wife was detained by authorities at an airport after attempting to enter the UK with a stun gun.

Bella Kolasinac, 27, bought the firearm for safety after her husband and Arsenal teammate Mesut Ozil were stabbed in the street last summer.

Fearing for her safety, she went to Germany, where she received a legal license to carry an "electro shocker."

However, she was unaware that the powerful device was prohibited in the United Kingdom until it was reported that she was detained by Border Force officers at London Biggin Hill Airport when it was discovered in her luggage.

Bella cried as she said that she had purchased the device for self-defense and had applied for permission to import it. 

She could have faced a six-month prison sentence for bringing a prohibited weapon into the country, but she was let off with a warning after the flight from Frankfurt on Sunday.

A spokesman for Kolasinac, 26, said: “It was all a misunderstanding. The electro shocker was still in its packaging and didn’t have any batteries. Bella was able to prove she sent emails to the flight operators to make sure she could import it.

Unfortunately, she was in the air with her phone off when she received an email saying the device was illegal. The airline had informed customs officers that she had the shocker before the plane landed.

She didn’t declare it because she didn’t think she had done anything wrong. These devices can be carried legally in a bag in ­Germany if the owner has a permit. She’s obviously very ­security conscious after what happened to Sead and Mesut.”

One of the Top Facts about Sead Kolasinac is that last July, the German-born defender, boldly battled two ­helmeted burglars who pounced on Ozil's Mercedes 4x4 in Golders Green, North London.

As he stood up to one of the attackers, who was armed with a foot-long spike, the defenseless player received minor cuts. Both attackers acknowledged robbery, and one was sentenced to ten years in prison.

“This is a private matter and we will not be commenting,” an Arsenal official said of the stun gun. A representative for Kolasinac disputed that a cosh was included in Bella's luggage.

Sead Kolasinac Networth & LifeStyle

The 6 ft left-back signed a contract with Arsenal on June 6th, 2017 that paid him a hefty 8.7 million Euro (7.8 million Pound) each year.

According to calculations, he earns €23,770 (£21,184) per day and €990 (£883) every hour! This indicates that the average man would have to work for at least 22 years to earn what The Bosnian does in just one month, one of the

Top Facts about Sead Kolasinac.

The Bosnian-German has been playing professional football for a long time, and his net worth is likewise significant. It is estimated to be around roughly 19 million euros (16.9 Million Pound).

His Market Value, on the other hand, continues to climb. His physicality and strength make him an ideal fit for the Premier League.

We analyzed his market value and estimate it to be around 40 million euros (37 Million Pound).

Sead Kolasinac Less-Known Details

To wrap this up, we decided to include some interesting information in Top Facts about Sead Kolasinac which is mostly unknown to the public.

Bucket Challenge

When a player takes part in the Ice Bucket Challenge, fans get curious as regards knowing the names of personal interests called. Surprisingly, Sead Kolasinac named Miralem Pjanic, another Bosnian professional footballer.

His Workout

The great defender's personal training routine isn't complete without a mattress when he's not playing football. The basis for his nickname "tank" is due to the way he works out. This is difficult not to notice unless you're not paying attention to the defender.

If you've ever watched Kolasinac run with the ball, you'll realize he looks a lot like a tank. “In Bosnia, they call me that The Tank too! I’m happy to have such a cool nickname.”

Bosnian Roots

Despite growing up in Germany, Kolasinac is someone who respects and honors his heritage. Sead loves his Islamic faith and listens to Bosnian music even though he grew up in Germany.

Sead also enjoys seeing his mother Karlsruhe once a week during his vacations to eat her burek and cabbage rolls.

Dog Fan

Dogs are traditionally considered impure by Muslims, who are advised to avoid all contact with them. Sead adores his Wolfpack puppy without question.

Likes Rihanna

Rihanna, a Barbadian singer, businesswoman, diplomat, actress, dancer, and composer, is a personal favorite of Sead, one of the Top Facts about Sead Kolasinac.

Childhood Memories

Sead used to have a great time playing football with a large group of people when he was a kid. “In fact sometimes, 7 or 8 pm, we would have to wait outside because there were too many on the pitch,” According to Kolasinac.

Those evenings are still fresh in Sead's mind as he thinks back to his boyhood.

“Nowadays you drive past a football pitch and you barely see any kids playing thanks to online games via smartphones and computers,” said the German player on his discontent with today’s poor youth football conditions.

He’ll Never Forget This One

Kolainac, like his former Schalke teammate Kevin-Prince Boateng, has represented two countries on the international level (Germany and Bosnia & Herzegovina).

From a worldwide perspective, the big boy is likely most remembered for his early own goal against Argentina in the 2014 World Cup. That memory still haunts him to this day and most probably will kind of bug him for life.

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