Facts about Daniela Jehle, ter Stegen’s wife

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Daniela Jehle is the wife of German professional footballer, Marc-André ter Stegen. Keep on reading to find more facts about ter Stegen and his wife, Daniela Jehle.

Marc-André ter Stegen

is presently playing as the goalkeeper for the La Liga, Spanish league system, Barcelona. He is also a member of the German national team squad.

The German has played for the Bundesliga team,

Borussia Mönchengladbach

from a very young age in 1996 when he was only 4 years old. After almost 18 years in the German club, he left for Barcelona, after 108 appearances.

The 28-year-old has been playing for Barcelona since 2014 and has made 174 appearances so far. He also has been representing Germany since 2007 at international matches.

In this article, we will focus not on ter Stegen himself, but on his better half, Daniela Jehle. So, make sure to continue reading to find out more

facts about Daniela Jehle

, ter Stegen’s wife.

Barcelona’s shot-stopper started dating Daniela when he was still playing for Borussia Mönchengladbach in November 2011.

After 5 incredible years together,

Marc-Andre ter Stegen

decided to take the big step and propose to his girlfriend in 2016 and she said yes! After 10 years of being in love, they now have a child together.

Facts about Daniela Jehle, ter Stegen’s wife:

Before digging into their love life any further, let’s first find out who Daniela Jehle is.

Daniela Jehle’s Early Life

Daniela Jehle, now known as Daniela ter Stegen, was born on December 18, 1989, which makes

Daniela Jehle's age

31 as of 2020. According to her birth month, her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. The stunning’s name is actually the female version of Daniel, meaning “God is my judge.”

She was born in Mönchengladbach, Germany, just like her husband but she is actually of Dutch descent. A fun fact about Marc-Andre ter Stegen is that he is also of Dutch descent from his father’s side.

An interesting fact about Daniela Jehle is that she was born into a very crowded family. She and her two sisters, Katherine and Stephanie, and also her brother Timo were born.

Daniela Jehle’s parents

are Dagmar and Lucas.


Daniela Jehle’s childhood

, it should be mentioned that her parents separated when she was a kid and her mother got married again. From her mother’s second marriage she has a half-sister named Lynn. She is known as Dani amongst family and friends.

Daniela Jehle love life

Daniela Jehle changed her last name to ter Stegen after marrying the professional goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen in 2017.

There is not much information about Daniela’s ex-boyfriends or ex-lovers before she met ter Stegen. In November 2011, they started dating when Marc was still playing for the German team, Borussia Mönchengladbach, but it didn’t seem they were living together yet.

However, in 2014 when they were only dating for almost 3 years, Dani packed her bags and moved to Spain with her boyfriend after he got transferred to the

La Liga



. The duo has been living in their beautifully decorated house in Catalonia ever since.

Dani’s move to Spain from Germany was a huge change for her but she wouldn’t mind it since she’s used to moving all over the world.

A noticeable

fact about Daniela Jehle

 is that she finished a year of her high school studies in San Diego, California, USA when she was a teenager. The time she came to Catalonia, she decided to pursue her dream in university.

With her husband away all the time for different matches, Dani took advantage of the opportunity and started studying architecture at the University of Barcelona and graduated as an architect.

The Dutch beauty had the opportunity to continue her university education in California but she decided to be there for her husband, Marc-Andre ter Stegen, and left her dream university and continued her education in Barcelona where she could always be with her love.

Daniela Jehle personal life

The young couple, are animal lovers and have a cute and big dog together named Bali. Bali went missing on Christmas 2012 and made them really worried and sad but later was found and brought back to them, safe and sound.

The German goalkeeper proved that he is the proper keeper after 5 years of dating his incredible girlfriend, he proposed to her in a one-of-a-kind way, on a Facebook live in 2016 and the proposal video went viral for a while. On July 8, 2017, they held a small ceremony in Sitges, near Barcelona, Spain.

A fan once asked ter Stegen what his short-term plans are in life and he answered, “In terms of football, to grow as an individual and as a team to fight for all the titles; we can take big strides forward in La Liga.”

In my private life, my girlfriend (Daniela Jehle) and I are going to get married in the summer. It's something really special and private, and I would like to say it because I love here a lot and it's something very important for us.”

Ter Stegen announced the wedding date on his Facebook page in February, stating, “The biggest dream I have at the moment is fulfilled in the summer: I will marry my fiancé.”

On May 15, 2017, Dani Jehle followed this up with a photo of herself and her boyfriend of the time on her social media account, captioned with a simple heart emoji. She was wearing a white short guipure dress representing a wedding dress and ter Stegen was wearing a black suit and white sneakers.

Rumor has it they tied the knot that day but waited for their official ceremony in July, in Sitges, near Barcelona; because ter Stegen posted the same picture with the caption Mr. & Mrs. and a heart emoji.

The ceremony was really special and quite pleasing. Although it was small and the huge and fancy decorations that many celebrities are after was not present there, it was still glamorous and beautiful to witness.

Dani wore a gorgeous naked back guipure lace gown designed by Lihi Hod who is an award-winning couture bridal fashion designer. Gowns and dresses made by her are priced between $5,900 and $10,400. Marc ter Stegen was caught wearing a sharp black suit at his wedding.

Just like her life, Dani kept her wedding simple decorated with minimal features and a warm color palette. Her bouquet was one pink peony flower wrapped in a green cloth. Their table decorations were inspired by the same features alongside the letterings Mr. & Mrs. near their plates.

Unfortunately, the married couple couldn’t go on an immediate honeymoon and had to wait until after the end of the season.

Days after the wedding ceremony Dani posted a picture of her wedding with a caption thanking whoever attended it, “I’m speechless about the most magical wedding I could have ever dreamed of. Thank you to our families, friends, and every single person who made those days special. This must be a dream.

To the love of my love: This is only the beginning of our love story, now let’s write the next chapters! I love you.”

Ter Stegen posted the same photo with another wholesome caption, “Moments I’ll keep deep in my heart and which I’ll never forget. You looked so beautiful in your wedding dress and I’m the happiest man having you always by my side. You’re the love of my life and I promise to always be there for you.”

A year after their ceremony, ter Stegen and Jehle spent their honeymoon at a peaceful location on Caribbean beaches. It is quite obvious how they both love traveling and spending time together. Dani and Marc ter Stegen spent the first years of their marriage visiting different locations around the world such as Austria, Italy, and the USA.

When Dani visited the USA, she decided to visit San Diego where she used to study. She also visited the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, California. December 2018 was spent in skiing spot Kitzbuhel, Tirol, Austria.

The stunning Dutch spends most of her time at wonderful beaches in Spain. She also loves decorating her house from time to time and she shares pictures of different parts of her house on her Instagram.

Daniela Jehle’s children

On 20 July 2019, Dani announced her pregnancy with a picture of herself and ter Stegen both wearing white with the caption, “Our best is yet to come” and a heart and a baby emoji. Ter Stegen also posted the same picture with the caption, “Still speechless… soon we will be three!”

Marc ter Stegen and Dani both attended the green carpet before the FIFA Best Football Awards 2019 while she was still pregnant and they both looked stunningly gorgeous.

Marc looking sharp in his black suit and tie, and Dani beautiful as always with her full-body rhinestone rose gold fabric dress. Dani’s dress might have been inspired by the American model, Kylie Jenner’s birthday crystal fabric dress.

On 28 December 2019, the time came and their adorable baby boy was born. Marc posted with a big smile on his face, “An unforgettable day in our lives. Welcome to the world and to our family, Ben ter Stegen. We love you.”

On 20 January 2020, Dani ter Stegen posted a picture of her son’s room and it looked so good and well fit to the rest of their house. A dark wooden crib, a comfortable beige rocking chair, and a wooden toy box added a very warm and cozy feature to the room.

With Ben around and the pandemic, ter Stegen family now spends more time together than ever. From weekend strolls in the park to family vacations in their beach house in Ibiza.

Daniela Jehle’s Social Media


Daniela Jehle’s social media

accounts, it is worth mentioning that she is now considered an internet-famous person therefore her social media accounts are just like her office. She can be found


on Instagram.

Before becoming an Instagram influencer, she was active on her private Instagram account


which is still private. She now has 476k followers on her main page.

Dani is an art enthusiast and you can clearly see this through her Instagram page. Her account has a specific color theme and palette which represents her warm personality very well. The color palette has summer vibes to it, with the photos of beaches and sunsets the summer vibe is more tangible.

She also loves coffee and has multiple pictures with a coffee mug in her hands. An interesting

fact about Daniela Jehle

 and her husband is that they own expensive and professional coffee machines and they use them regularly.

Marc ter Stegen could actually be a qualified and talented barista if he wasn’t a goalkeeper. Dani has a highlight on her Instagram page named coffee, in which she has posted many videos of her husband making coffee or beautiful latte art.

According to Dani ter Stegen’s Instagram page, she loves interior designs and loves to spend time in shops to buy new decorations for the house. Every single photo of their house that has been posted, represents the minimal lifestyle that they have.

She has posted a picture of their bookcase in the house which has several books and many ornamental objects, all in cream or white. Almost all the books in that bookcase are related to interior design.

After Dani’s pregnancy announcement, she has posted multiple pictures posing with her baby bump. Even her older sister Kathrine (


) did the same and they caught the moment in many polaroid pictures.

After Ben was born, many of the posts have been dedicated to him and his adorable looks. Her most recent post as of April 9, 2021, is a photo of Dani and Ben cuddling.

Daniela Jehle life in quarantine

In quarantine and during the pandemic due to COVID-19, famous people and influencers like Dani and Marc ter Stegen have to be more careful of what they do and what they show to the public. Marc ter Stegen said in an interview conducted from home:

“We're all in the same situation and have to keep motivating people to stay home. We can influence others and we have to remember the importance of not going out. My wife, our son, and I are all at home. It is about encouraging each other. There are new challenges and games that appear online every day.”

He also explained about his duties in the house now that he is around family more: “I spend most of my time between the living room and the kitchen, but I also spend a lot of time in the gym.

There are many exercises of physical preparation that I repeat every day, some days I train before breakfast. Cleaning the house is also an exercise. We divide the house chores and we are doing it well,”

The ter Stegen family tries to stay in shape and also eat as healthy as possible: “Normally I cook, we try to consume fresh products and always cook for two days, so it is more practical. For breakfast, I make homemade granola. Cooking is taking up a lot of my time.

My wife and I are making fresh food and looking for new recipes every day. We have made some really nice meals, like a lentil dal we cooked the other day. Whoa! That was amazing. Maybe a bit heavy, but it was really good.

We have fresh fruit and vegetables delivered every Thursday, so that's a day we look forward to -- although washing all the food and putting it away is a lot of work! The quality is amazing, and I like the closeness we have with the suppliers, who recommend what's new and what's in season.

We are not eating much meat and fish at the moment. I wouldn't say we're vegan or vegetarian, but I could count on one hand the times we've eaten meat or fish in the last six months.”

Ter Stegen is quite the family man and a good father; he spends time with little Ben all the time. Before the pandemic he was always away for games or pieces of training and Dani would keep Ben’s company and she could get exhausted but now, Marc can help too.

On 9 May 2020, Marc told about fatherhood in lockdown and how it has been for him, “Spain has been hit particularly hard. We weren't allowed to leave the house for almost eight weeks, with restrictions now finally beginning to be lifted, but you can't look at things from a negative point of view. These circumstances make us value the really important things.

For me, that's meant being able to throw myself into fatherhood. My son Ben is 4 months old. My wife, Dani, would wake up with him in the night most of the time when I had training or a game the next day. She was definitely lacking more sleep than me! But in lockdown, it's been different. We can alternate.

Ben is super easy. It's great. He's growing so fast, and it's so nice to be with him. You can see so many things when you are with him every day. He's very active with his hands, feet, and eyes, following and reacting to everything. It's funny because just as we're keeping an eye on him, it's like he's keeping an eye on us.

When he is sleeping during the day, it becomes a game of quickly checking the emails and messages you need to reply to. I must admit, I can be disorganized when it comes to sending replies. And if Ben's asking for attention, I try to be with him as much as possible.”

Daniela Jehle’s Body Measurements


Daniela Jehle’s Body Measurements

, there is not enough information available at the moment of writing.

Daniela Jehle’s Net Worth


Daniela Jehle’s net worth

, it should be mentioned that she is now considered as one of the richest Instagram stars with a net worth of $1.5 Million.

There’s not much information about her own assets and houses but together with her husband, they have two houses in Barcelona and one beach house in Ibiza.

Marc also is very rich and has three cars from limited collections. One Audi R8 which is worth $150,000, one Audi Q6 worth $40,000, and one Audi RS7 worth $130,000.

In May 2017, the goalkeeper signed a contract with Barcelona that nets him a whopping salary of 4.1 Million Euro (3.6 Million Pound) per year, meaning that he earns €20,325 (£18,395) per day and €847 (£766) per hour.

His market value is estimated to be $90 Million as of 2021 and he has a $4.3 million salary per year.

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