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Top facts about Dion Dublin

How much do you remember from Dion Dublin’s playing days? How did he rise to fame and what is he doing now? Follow us below as we take a look at some of the lesser known facts about Dion Dublin.

The pride of

Coventry City

, the main star of

Aston Villa

, Manchester United’s surprise signing, you might remember the former Leicester City and Norwich City player Dion Dublin from the late 2000s, or you might be old enough to have seen him play his best football in the late 90s and early 2000s. Of course many might be too young to have had even seen Dublin on the pitch rather than on the set of Homes Under the Hammer TV show.

Few footballers get to continue onwards in the journey towards fame after retiring, as not all can take to the stage and entertain people as they used to on the football field. That is why Dublin is one of those rare gems who many, especially those in the UK have gotten used to and are entertained week-in week-out by the English professional. There are many

facts about Dion Dublin

that can give those who don’t know the former Manchester United man an overview of who he is, what he has achieved and what he does with his life right now.

Dublin has saved himself a special place in the hearts of English fans of football, having played at many English sides over the years, even playing for the Scottish side


in 2006. That’s why his fan base mostly covers the UK rather than any other place in the world, but that doesn’t mean the English-born footballer of Nigerian descent does not have his admirers outside of the UK.

If you too are a fan of the former professional footballer or are just curious to know who he is and how he became a beloved celebrity, then follow us below as we take a look at some of the more interesting facts about Dion Dublin that will certainly help you get to know the Englishman better.

Top facts about Dion Dublin you might not know about

The former Cambridge United breakout star has had quite an interesting journey both on and off the pitch throughout his career. That is why we have provided a set of intriguing facts about Dion Dublin that range from information about his childhood to his social media activity and net worth.

Of course before moving further ahead and starting off with

Dion Dublin birthday

, we have provided below a number of details about the former

Leicester City

and Norwich City center-forward that will give you an overview of his general status.

  • Full name: Dion Dublin

  • Date of birth: 22 April 1969

  • Place of birth: Leicester, England

  • Height: 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)

  • Marital status: Married

  • Nickname: the Shower Clearer

  • Zodiac sign: Taurus

Now that we have taken a look at the little details about the former center forward, let’s move on and go through the awesome and sometimes funny

facts about Dion Dublin

that will surely pique your interest.

Dion Dublin birthday and zodiac sign

Let’s start with a simple one to warm up before receiving some of the more rather private details about the former Manchester United footballer. Dion Dublin birthday is on the 22nd day of April and he will turn 52 years old in April 2021, being born in 1969.

You might be interested to know that one of the simpler

facts about Dion Dublin

is that he shares his birthday with the likes of former


and current Stoke City midfielder John Obi Mikel and former West Bromwich Albion defender and current Sheffield Wednesday manager Darren Moore, who were both born on 22 April as well.

Being born on the 22nd day of April means that the former England international’s zodiac sign is Taurus, which means that the Englishman possesses positive Taurus traits such as consistency and stability, which also helped throughout his career as much as possible. Of course injuries did play a big part in stopping the center-forward from reaching his true full potential.

Dion Dublin childhood story

Dion Dublin childhood was filled with difficulties and hardships along the way, as the young Dion had to suffer through intense working schedules to earn money for himself. These difficulties did in turn have a maturing effect on the footballer, which is why he put it as follows in an interview, “I’m very aware of how lucky I was to be paid to kick a football around. But I’ll never change. You can change your lifestyle, but if money changes you, you’ve got a problem."

The Englishman played for a number of youth teams in Leicestershire, including the likes of Wigston Fields and Thurmaston Magpies. But

Dion Dublin childhood

took a turn when he was first spotted by scouts at the age of nine when he was picked to start a game for Leicester’s Under-10 team. Despite having the opportunity to attract lots of attention at his school, he failed to impress the viewers and had to move on without any contracts coming his way.

Come age sixteen he spent his time switching jobs and working part-time shifts in a leisure center and an ice cream factory, admitting that he sampled the ice cream produce whenever he desired. Working as a teenager to earn money and living in humbling conditions led Dublin to have a more mature personality than others, which only meant that he was thoroughly delighted when he got his first professional contract with

Norwich City

after leaving school ath the age of 17 in 1985.

However, Dublin’s difficulties in life did not end with his first professional contract and kept piling on as he never got to make an official appearance and get his professional debut at the club. He used to earn less than £30 a week when he first started playing, which led to him offering to clean the senior players’ cars and sweep the stands in the off-season or even paint the dressing rooms.

All of these jobs which can be quite humbling for a footballer aiming to rise to fame and glory are a part of Dion Dublin’s life, and he claims that he would never change anything about the jobs he did as a teenager, believing that one would appreciate things in life a lot more if they’d know what it has taken them to reach those things, rather than having it all served on a silver platter. It took Dublin three years to finally get his big break after moving to Cambridge United in 1988 and receiving the accolades he deserved.

To attack or to defend? That is the question

We see many footballers play in a whole array of positions on the pitch thanks to their immense versatility and adaptability. We see full-backs switch to winger mode all the time in modern football. But we rarely see someone find their best position after playing professional football for years. That is exactly what happened to Dublin, who suddenly changed the position he was deployed in on the pitch and saw miraculous results.

One of the more interesting facts about Dion Dublin is that he used to be a defender back in his days at Norwich City and before making his professional debut. But after joining Cambridge United on a free transfer, he made a sudden switch from a center-back to a center-forward after the club recognized his potential as a striker rather than a defender.

Dublin’s career changed forever when he switched roles and became a striker, turning into a prolific goal scorer for the English team. This sudden change of position helped Dublin rise to fame by helping his club to successive league promotions.

Generously gifted

While some footballers such as

Lionel Messi


Cristiano Ronaldo

are without a doubt generously gifted when it comes to talent of playing beautiful football, Dublin’s gifts are hidden elsewhere and are not as noticeable as other footballers’ potential.

This is surely one of the funniest and naughtiest facts about Dion Dublin which even includes former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson, who even played a pivotal role in revealing this secret gift. Ferguson signed Dublin for £1 million back in 1992 after being impressed by his display in a cup tie, despite interests from Chelsea and Everton. The Englishman then went on to impress his peers even more at his new club by becoming something of a surprise purchase.

Of course while his move to

Manchester United

and his performance as one of the Red Devils was in fact a surprise, it is not the revelation we are talking about. Sportsmen and all athletes usually share a dressing room and a shower or two in the same room throughout their careers, which is why sometimes an athlete or a coach might see something they are not supposed to see.

Have you ever wondered why Dion Dublin was nicknamed “The Shower Clearer” by Ferguson during his days at United? Well, the story dates back to the time Dublin caught Ferguson’s eyes off the pitch in a rather embarrassing situation. United’s legendary manager called Dublin the Shower Clearer in reference to his rather generously gifted, erm, manhood, as he was impressed by the sheer size of it.

According to former Coventry City chairman Bryan Richradson, Ferguson had the following statement regarding Dion’s generously gifted privacy, “Big? It isn’t big. It’s magnificent! I’ve seen some whoppers in my time, but Dion’s is something else.” It is best we move on to other facts about Dion Dublin as enough is said about his manhood already.

Semi-professional percussionist and inventor

While most footballers tend to move on from their lives as professional footballing stars after retirement and continue as either pundits, football managers of even club owners, Dublin’s life path has always been different from most other football players, as he has always been fond of percussions.  He actually invented his own model of Cajon, a percussion instrument called “The Dube” and later went on to accompany Ocean Colour Scene in a gig at the University of East Anglia in Norwich.

Presenter, pundit and commentator

One of the more interesting facts about Dion Dublin is that playing musical instruments is not the only passion he has followed after hanging up his boots, as he has made his mark as a TV pundit for Sky Sports and as a commentator alongside the likes of Martin Tyler. Of course while the former Cambridge United center-forward has appeared on many other shows such as BBC’s Fighting Talk and BBC One’s Late Kick Off, he is mostly known by his role as a presenter in the show Homes Under the Hammer, which he joined in 2015.

He has actually received quite a lot of attention and has been the butt of many jokes from his fans, friends and former teammates, who usually joke that they get the unfortunate chance of seeing his face every time they turn on the TV.

Dion Dublin wife and children

While many of the stars of today tend to bring their families to the forefront of the stage and share their fame with their wives, girlfriends and children along the way, there are many just like Dublin who don’t follow the trend and keep private matters the way they should be, which is obviously private. One of the matters that not much information is available about relates to

Dion Dublin wife

Louise Dublin and their children Rose and Eddie.

Not even the date of his marriage is known. But we can all say that Dion Dublin wife and their two children are quite happy with how life is going as the couple have been seen on various stages and red carpets throughout the years.

Dion Dublin Instagram and net worth

Just like almost all celebrities and basically everyone with access to internet, Dion Dublin has his very own social media accounts, through which he keeps in touch with his friends and fans and shares his journey as a TV host and pundit.

Dion Dublin Instagram

has a follower base of a little higher than 55k and his bio reads: “Just a lad from Leicester that’s done half decent for himself!” he follows 690 people and has over a thousand posts on Facebook’s global social media platform.

For those of you wondering, Dublin does not have any tattoos and his body is clean of any inks and marks. Being successful TV host and former professional footballer, Dion Dublin net worth is believed to be around £11 million, which might not sound very impressive comparing him with the superstars of today. But when you compare

Dion Dublin net worth

with his peers, the 51-year-old’s success at amassing such a wealth would seem impressive enough to anyone.

Of course it is worth mentioning that

Dion Dublin Instagram

is not the only social media platform that exists of the former football star, as he is also on Twitter, where he has even more followers which has reached more than 222k since he first joined in November 2009. The former Man United striker shares almost the same posts on both pages and not much of a difference can be seen between the two platforms.

These were only some of the more interesting facts about Dion Dublin and a lot more is left to be said about the former Norwich City player. The ones mentioned here, however, were the ones that we felt would be more suitable to mention. The 51-year-old TV host continues his happy life with his family and works part-time as a pundit as well as a commentator, and we will surely see a lot more from him in the future.




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