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Best quotes about Lionel Messi

In the following article, we will review the best football figures quotes about Lionel Messi.

The world-class professional footballer

Lionel Messi

is regarded as one of the best football players in the 21st century. An Argentinian magician holds many records since he began his career, including most goals in La Liga (457), most hat-tricks in La Liga (36), and most assists in La Liga (200). The 33-year-old legend, Leo has spent his entire professional career at the Blaugrana. Born in


, Lionel Messi came to


when he was 13, and in October 2004, made his debut for the Catalans. 

Six Ballon d'Or winner is his country's all-time leading goal scorer. From 2009 to 2014, the legend became the world's highest-paid footballer. In 2011 and 2012, the superstar footballer was among Time's 100 most influential people in the world. 

His performances with Barcelona and Argentina have established Messi's place among the best football players in football history. For more than a decade, an Argentinian footballer has been at the pinnacle of the football world. 

So without wasting any time in describing Messi's technical ability in our words, let's take a look at the

best quotes about Lionel Messi

from football figures.

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A complete collection of quotes on Lionel Messi

Ready to review some of best quotes about Lionel Messi? Let's check them out.

Greatest ever quotes about Lionel Messi

From Roger Federer's compliment to Zlatan Ibrahimovic's high praise, here are the

greatest ever quotes about Lionel Messi


Oliver Holt

Undoubtedly, the journalists are among those who have been following Messi since the beginning of his football career. Chief Sports Writer at Daily Mail, Oliver Holt, compared Messi and Ronaldo and believed that Messi is better than Ronaldo in all respects.

"Messi established himself as the nonpareil long ago. Messi versus Ronaldo is beauty versus power. It is modesty versus arrogance. It is selflessness versus selfishness. It is curves versus straight lines. It is the joy of the assist versus the obsession with the finish."

He added:

"The truth is that if you prefer Ronaldo over Messi, you're missing something in your life."

Roger Federer

In the sports world, athletes have enormous respect for each other, and when it comes to Lionel Messi's name, most athletes around the world praise the Argentine magician abilities. Roger Federer, a Swiss professional tennis player, thinks Messi is one of the best footballers of all time. 

One of the best quotes about Lionel Messi that Federer said is:

"I love watching him play. What I love probably most is when he gets the ball and is able to turn his body towards goal. Then he’s going to pass, dribble or shoot. There’s always three options for him – he’s one of the few who’s got that. I think Messi is the best player in the history of football."

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

, one of the greatest footballers of all time, is known for his ridiculous comments. Of course, there is no footballer other than himself that the Swedish striker loves to talk about, but even Ibra praised Leo's skill.

One of the best quotes about Lionel Messi that Ibrahimovic said is:

"Messi does not need his right foot. He only uses the left, and he is still the best in the world. Imagine if he also used his right foot, then we would have serious problems. I think Messi is one of a kind. What he is doing, I don't know if we will see another player do the things that he does. I had the luck to see him every day, and I saw what he was doing every day. Like I said before, it's like playing PlayStation: You give the ball to the guy, and you start to go through every player and that's who Messi is."

Xavi Hernandez

Barcelona legend Xavi Hernandez, who shared the dressing room with an Argentinian superstar footballer for over 10 years, knows a lot about Messi and his skills. Xavi, one of the best midfielders in the Catalans' history, believes that Leo is the best footballer of all time.

"Messi’s unstoppable. He has a natural talent that’s only given to the chosen ones. Maybe in 20 or 30 years there will be another one. He’s better than you with his right foot, left foot and his head. He’s better at defending and attacking. He’s faster. Better at dribbling, better at passing. We haven’t put him in goal yet, but watch out if he tries that too."

Once in 2019, he said about Messi:

"Every day he is a better player. He is unbelievable. In my opinion he is the best player in history, not just in this moment, in history. What he is doing is incredible. Every game he makes the difference, every game, since 12 years ago. I was playing with him and his skill he is incredible. The best player in the history in my opinion for sure."

Best Quotes on Lionel Messi by Legends

A prolific goalscorer, Lionel Messi is known for quick reactions, positioning, and finishing ability. The creative striker's skills are highly praised by football legends. Here are some of the

best quotes on Lionel Messi by legends


Johan Cruyff

Among all football legends, Johan Cruyff has a special place due to his game reading ability. The intelligent player was very successful as a manager, leading Barca to European glory. Back in 2012, Cruyff said that Messi will be the player with the most Ballon d'Ors. 

One of the best quotes about Lionel Messi that Cruyff said is:

"For the world of football, Messi is a treasure, because he is a role model for children around the world… Messi will be the player to win the most Ballons d’Or in history. He will win five, six, seven. He is incomparable. He is in a different league."

Back in 2015, Johan Cruyff believed that in Barcelona's future the Argentinian magician will play a big role.

"[Messi] is a player that is important at the club, not just in a footballing sense. He needs to work with someone that he likes. I don’t know. I am not saying that Messi does not like Luis Enrique. The question is if Messi has influence in the purchases, the sales, in everything. His quality is measured by the result. He cannot accept someone coming [to Barça] if they are not going to perform. He has learned a lot in recent years from decisions taken by the directors."

Gary Lineker 

Gary Winston Lineker, the English former footballer, is considered one of the best English strikers of all time. The current pundit, Barcelona's former footballer, never shies away from showering praise on Lionel Messi.

One of the best quotes about Lionel Messi that Lineker said is:

“I think he is the best player who’s ever donned a pair of football boots. I am still bewildered by so many of the things he does. It is almost like he watches the game of football from above while playing it at the same time, and that is staggering."

"People look at goal scoring records and, yes, he scores about a goal per game. But he is also the best dribbler I’ve ever seen, the most imaginative footballer I’ve ever seen, one of the best passers the game’s ever seen. If you put all those things together you have someone who, frankly, is not a human being.”

Pep Guardiola

One of the Barcelona legends that guided the Catalans to the treble of La Liga, Copa del Rey, and UEFA Champions League is Pep Guardiola. The Spanish manager is one of Barcelona's best managers ever.

Back in 2011, following Barcelona’s Champions League final victory over Manchester United Pep, said:

"He is the best player I have ever seen. The best thing about him is not what he does, but how simple he makes everything look. He is not just the best player because he can dribble past three or four players, it is because he does it better than anyone in the world."

One of the

greatest quotes about Messi

that Pep said is:

"Messi wins the ball playing as the false No.9. If you put him at left-back, he would be just as good. He is the best defender in the world. Before arriving at Barcelona I had never seen Messi play. But Tito Vilanova had great things to say about him."

One of the

Best quotes on Messi

has been said by Pep Guardiola:

"Don't write about him [Messi], don't try to describe him. Just watch him."

Also back in 2012, Pep said:

"I feel sorry for those who want to compete for Messi's throne – it's impossible, this kid is unique."

Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger, the former Arsenal manager, has faced Barcelona and Messi quite a few times in recent years. Six Ballon d'Or winner's style of play was praised by the French coach.

"The best player I have ever seen. You always expect something special, and I must say he never disappoints you!"

One of the Best quotes on Messi has been said by Arsene Wenger:

"He's not an athlete, he's an artist!"

Also, in 2010 one of the greatest quotes about Messi that Wenger said is:

"Messi is the best player in the world by some distance. He is like a PlayStation. He can take advantage of every mistake we make."

Stay tuned to review more Best quotes on Messi.

Cristiano Ronaldo quotes about Messi

We have been lucky to witness the rivalry between, two greatest footballers ever,

Cristiano Ronaldo

and Lionel Messi.  The rivalry between these two world-class professional football players has led two football players have achieved uncountable milestones for the last decade.

Receiving praise from Ronaldo must be sweet for Messi. CR7 has appreciated Leo's skills on many occasions. Let's review some of the

Ronaldo quotes about Messi.

One of the best quotes about Lionel Messi that Ronaldo said is:

"I have no doubt that Messi has made me a better player and vice-versa. I have an excellent professional relationship [with him] because we have been sharing the same moments for 15 years. We've never had dinner together but I don't see why we can't in the future. I don't see a problem with that."

Back in 2012, he said:

"Some people say I’m better, other people say it’s him, but at the end of the day, they’re going to decide who is the best player. At the moment … I think it is me. Sometimes (the comparisons with Messi) make me tired … for him too because they compare us together all the time. He does the best things for


Barcelona, I do the best things for Madrid. I think we push each other sometimes in the competition, this is why the competition is so high."

Memorable quote about Lionel Messi

Here are some of the

best quotes about Lionel Messi

from his teammates, coaches and football figures.


"In my entire life I have never seen a player of such quality and personality at such a young age, particularly wearing the 'heavy' shirt of one of the world's great clubs."

– Fabio Capello

"In Leo we are talking about the best player in the world and when things are not going well you have to use him. Even if he is half lame, his presence on the pitch is enough to lift us and our play in general."

– Gerard Pique

“Messi is the greatest in history, without doubt. Nobody has done what Messi has done. When he retires, nobody will be worthy of using the No10 shirt.”

– Ronaldinho

"When Messi has the ball one on one, you are dead. That’s why I never I like the individual man to man against Messi."

“Messi is a god; you have to create a cage"

– Jose Mourinho

"[Messi] is indispensable, but the rest of us are dispensable. – No, the club is bigger than any manager, than any player... except Leo. That's the reality, and you have to accept it."

–Javier Mascherano

"Did it annoy me that Messi took the record? A little, yes. You go around the world and people say, 'he's the top scorer for the Argentina national team.' But the advantage I have is that I'm second to an extraterrestrial."

– Gabriel Batistuta


"The squad is the worst in their history. Even having the best player in the world was not capable of creating a competitive team. All the decline of recent times was hidden by this unrivalled genius [Messi]"

Osvaldo Ardiles, Former Argentine player

"I have seen the player who will inherit my place in Argentinian football and his name is Messi."

– Diego Maradona

“Leo is different, unattainable. Everyone has their preferences and we like to make comparisons, but for me they are not comparable. Even if they score almost the same number of goals. For me Messi is number 1, because he has everything. Passing, assists, dribbling, goals, team spirit. He knows how to be decisive in almost every, and he has been for years. I never saw a player as decisive and strong as Messi.”

– Andres Iniesta

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