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Top Facts About Lori Harvey, Memphis Depay's Gorgeous Ex-Girlfriend

Lori Harvey is a new face in the fashion industry who has a successful modeling career. She also is an hot topic for a top facts about Lori Harvey article. The African American beauty is the stepdaughter of the famous TV host, radio personality, and writer Steve Harvey.

Her natural attractiveness helped her gain a position in the modeling profession. Lori Harvey body measurements are accurate, and she has walked the runway for Dolce & Gabbana as well as other companies. Her connection with star player Memphis Depay drew a lot of attention. If you're curious in Lori Harvey's connection with Memphis Depay or want to learn more about

Lori Harvey personal life

, I recommend you keep reading.

Interesting Facts About Lori Harvey You Might Not Know

Lori had a dream of becoming a rising equestrian. She wanted to represent the United States of America at the Olympics as a competitive horseback rider. But unfortunately, she had an accident and fell from the horse. After the accident, she never went horseback riding again and focused on her modeling career. Learn more details about her personal life and

Lori Harvey net worth

in the following.

Lori Harvey Childhood and Early Life

Now let’s get into the details of Lori Harvey childhood. The American beauty was born on June 13th, 1997 in Memphis, Tennessee. She was raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Until the 7th grade, Lori went to regular school but her mother pulled her out and insisted that she be homeschooled. Her mother Marjorie met Steve Harvey back in 1990 during one of his shows. Steve Harvey had 4 children from two failed marriages and Marjorie had 3 children.

Lori Harvey parents

got married and decided to blend in their families.

At the time the couple’s children disagreed with this idea. But Marjorie persuades them to do so. In an interview with People magazine, Marjorie stated, “When you’re dealing with a blended family, everyone is coming from a place of broken. We knew this was right. But I just told them, ‘Everyone is included. Everyone has access to their parents. Whatever you didn’t have before, don’t let that interfere with what you can have now.’” Now Lori Harvey parents are her mother Marjorie and her stepfather Steve Harvey.

The True Identity of Lori Harvey's Father

At the time, she was born her mother Marjorie was completing her divorce from convicted drug felon Jim Townsend so you can imagine

Lori Harvey Childhood

then. He was convicted of drug possession and intent of distributing cocaine. But he was arrested by the DEA. Lori’s mother Marjorie was also under investigation, but the police didn’t accuse her of being an accomplice with her ex-husband.

Townsend threatened Marjorie a few times that he was going to expose her and when in an interview with Radar online he was talking about writing a memoir he stated, “I wrote two-thirds of the book in prison. I’m going… [to] tell my story. It doesn’t matter [if she knows about it].” When Marjorie welcomed her daughter into the world, Townsend was in jail so he couldn’t be Lorie’s biological father. Later Marjorie had a relationship with Donnell Woods who also was involved with drugs. Some publications believe that Donnell Woods is her real father but this is not yet proven. More top facts about Lori Harvey coming up!

How Is Lori Harvey’s Relationship with Her Stepdad Steve Harvey?

Facts about Lori Harvey personal life Steve Harvey is a loving father, and he raised Lori since she was a child. The two bonded very well, and they have a close relationship. They also had so many fights especially when it comes to who she dates.

On 18th January 2019, she posted a photo hugging Harvey and congratulating him on his birthday. She wrote in the caption: “Happyyyyy Birthdayyyyy to the coolest, most hardworking, caring, and loving dad in the world! Thank you for being everything that you are. You’re one of a kind. I love you to the moon and back.” 

Lori Harvey Career as a Horseback Rider

Top facts about Lori Harvey indicate that she dreamed of being an equestrian and trained professionally for it too. She applied for an athletic scholarship, and all the colleges accepted her. After being homeschooled by the decision of her mother until the 7th grade she decided to move to Florida as a normal undergrad. But her unfortunate accident in Florida prevented her from pursuing her dream. The accident was pretty serious, breaking her back and tearing her medial cruciate ligament. After that Lori put horseback riding aside for good.

Lori Harvey Changed Her Path to Fashion

Based on the top facts about Lori Harvey, she started modeling in 2007. She walked in the Dolce and Gabbana catwalk.

Lori Harvey body measurements

are well fitted, and she works out a lot. She also keeps her skin fresh and deeply cares for it. Even though her stepdad is a famous television character and very successful, her debut in fashion wasn’t an easy one. Based on the beauty standards in fashion, her height and skin color aren’t ideal. Also, her curvaceous body made her different from other models. But despite the fact she is not the traditional model but she managed to make a name for herself in fashion.

At the time Lori Harvey age was 20 and she was a new face in the fashion industry. She stated, “It literally just happened to me. To this day, I’m like you, I need to take a modeling class, like all these different classes." It is very impressive that with her height and skin color she managed to compete with other supermodels like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. She is proud of being a role model for other girls who think their height or skin color can stay in the way of their dreams.

Lori expressed how honored she was for being a role model and stated, “I feel like you don’t see a lot of color in the fashion industry in general. You just don’t. I think I was one of five girls backstage at the show that was African-American. Of course, it was an honor, but it also shows girls that look like me that you can do this too, you can break into this industry and play a huge role in it.” Lori appeared in the 2017 Met Gala in New York. She dreams of working with brands like Gucci, Dior, Givenchy, and Fendi. The American beauty is represented by Alex Avant, who is an entertainment executive and son of music and entertainment legend, Clarence Avant. Stay tuned for more

top facts about Lori Harvey


Lori Harvey Dates the Professional Footballer Memphis Depay

Now it’s time to dig deeper into the details of Lori Harvey boyfriend. In 2015

Memphis Depay

the 28-year-old Dutch professional footballer who now plays as a forward for Barcelona and the Netherlands national team approached Lori at a beach. He got Lori’s phone number, but she ignored him. In January 2016 the couple finally started dating. Based on the top facts about Lori Harvey her stepdad Steve Harvey didn’t feel sure about Memphis's character. Steve Harvey admitted on his show that he had Depay followed. Lori and Steve had lots of differences in her relationship with Memphis.

One-time Steve prevented Lori from flying to England and watching one of Memphis’s football matches. But Lori didn’t listen and went anyway. finally, Steve accepted that he can’t prevent his daughter from dating anyone he doesn’t like. In June 2017 Depay proposed to Lori and she said yes. The couple got engaged. In an interview, Lori stated, “It’s like he fell out of nowhere. He is just so perfect. Everything just happened so perfect. I honestly, genuinely feel like he was made for me. That’s my other half. I love him so much. Like, he couldn’t be more perfect for me. We are literally just the same.”

Steve Harvey announced the couple’s engagement on Twitter and stated, "Marjorie and I are proud to announce the engagement of our youngest daughter Lori to Memphis Depay, this young man is a good one! Congrats!" Memphis and Lori seemed to be ready to be happily married but their relationship took an unexpected turn and in 2018 Lori was spotted without her ring. So it was assumed they ended their relationship. These were the information in hand of

Lori Harvey boyfriend

, Memphis Depay. 

Lori Harvey Moved On from Her Relationship with Memphis Depay

Shortly After her break up with Memphis Depay she moved on and started dating again. Based on the top facts about Lori Harvey, she started hanging out with Justin Combs who is the son of rapper Sean "Diddy" Combs. The two were spotted together and there was a rumor that they were dating. Although nothing confirmed that they were an item. The relationship lasted only a few months.

At the end of 2018, Lori started dating Trey Songz. Lori Harvey boyfriend Trey is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, and actor. It seemed that their relationship was going well and they were seen together a lot. The two were spotted leaving the jewelry store and also partying at a club. They appeared on each other social media accounts several times and during Lori's 22nd birthday party in January 2019 they seemed really in love.

Meek Mill, who is also an American rapper and songwriter went on public and claimed that Trey asked him to change the lyrics to his song 'Going Bad', where he spits: "I got Lori Harvey on my wish list".

Meek tweeted, "That’s my dawg I take her off sometimes Trey my guy I can’t just be reckless Ya know," before adding, "she’s fire!"

Top facts about Lori Harvey

indicate that she removed trey from her Instagram account and the couple broke up.

Did Lori Harvey Dated Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Dad?!

The answer is yes. Shortly after things ended with Trey Songz Lori shocked everyone with her relationship with Justin's dad, Diddy. This relationship was more public than other ones. At the time Lori Harvey age was 22 and she was dating the 49-year-old rapper. So you can imagine 27 year’s age difference is shocking not to mention that Diddy is her ex-boyfriend’s dad. The couple’s families are longtime friends and Steve and Diddy know each other from at least 2005. So it could be very awkward that he be dating his stepdaughter. Even when Diddy’s ex Kim Porter passed away around November Lori posted a tribute to her on Instagram and called her “Momma Kim.”

Diddy posted lots of photos on Instagram with Lori. There were lots of outrageous rumors about this relationship. The couple was seen together several times in Italy, Mexico, New York City, and Atlanta. In one of their vacations, they were spotted at a dinner with Steve while Lori wrapped her arm around Diddy. During a Tiffany & Co.'s Men's Collection launch event at Los Angeles on October 11 Christian Combs Diddy’s son stated about their relationship to the celebrity site Hollywood Life, "They [are] good. They’re just being … Private time... That’s up to them.” The couple never commented on their relationship in public, and based on the

top facts about Lori Harvey

it seems that they broke up around October 2019.

Lori Harvey Dates the Rapper Future 

Rumors of a relationship between Lori Harvey and Future started when the couple was seen on a vacation in Abu Dhabi. Future is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. Looks like Lori Harvey’s dating history is filled with rappers. Then the couple flew to Nigeria because Future had to perform on stage. Lori confirmed her relationship with the 36-year-old rapper by posting a photo on her Instagram account. The post was a video of Future kissing her on the cheek. Lori Harvey age turned 23 and she had a birthday party in Jamaica with her friends and Future posted lots of pictures of her birthday celebration.

Future got romantic on Valentine’s Day and surprised Lorie with a house full of roses. Then future took Lori to Utah for a getaway. The relationship between the pair made lots of controversial news as Future was famous for the way he treated women disrespectfully. Lori’s stepdad, Steve was against their relationship and he was worried about Lori. At the time Future was the father of eight children, and he was involved in a legal battle with model Eliza Seraphin. Eliza Seraphin sued Future for being a father to her daughter and demanded more than $50,000 per month for child support.

Then Future sued her for defamation and invasion of privacy. It is not confirmed that this affected Lori and Future relationship but in August 2020 they ended their relationship. Their break up was confirmed by deleting photos of each other on social media. There was a source who spoke to MTO News and stated about the pair break up, “There wasn’t anything bad that happened. Lori’s young, and Future’s always on the road. It didn’t work out.” Although having eight children with different women could be hard for Lori but looks like the pair broke up peacefully. Apparently, Lori moved out of Future penthouse in Los Angeles and moved back to her parents. Lori Harvey parents’ house is in Beverly Hills.


Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan

At the end of November 2020, Lori Harvey was seen spotted leaving a flight with Michael B. Jordan who is an American actor, film producer, and film director. He also is the star of the Black Panther movie. The couple was spotted getting out of the plane together. The next month they were seen exiting another plane but this time in Utah, ahead of New Year's Eve. None of them commented on their relationship in public. Unlike Lori’s relationship which is in the spotlight, Michael B. Jordan is very discreet about his relationships. 

Lori Harvey Children

As for

Lori Harvey children

, at the time, she was dating Future there were lots of rumors on social media that the African American model is pregnant with Future’s child. The famous rapper already had eight children with eight different women and users online were shocked to hear this news. Although Lori had a picture of a sonogram on her story, it’s very unlikely that she would announce her pregnancy like that. It is most likely that the sonogram belonged to her sister who at the time announced her pregnancy. Facts about Lori Harvey net worth and salary coming up!

Lori Harvey Salary and Net Worth

For a new face in the fashion industry and modeling,

Lori Harvey Salary

is not sky high like other supermodels. She is still in her early twenties and working on her career. But it’s also not bad for a new face at all. Most of her salary and income comes from modeling and being a TV personality. Lori Harvey net worth is estimated to be around 1 million dollars. As for Lori Harvey Salary and income per year, it depends on how much she is active as a fashion model and a business person.

Lori Harvey Social Media Accounts

Let’s get into details of

Lori Harvey Social Media Accounts

. The 25-year-old model posted her first post on Instagram in May 2014. She posted 167 posts, and she has more than 4.9 million followers on this platform. She also follows 339 people including the famous Canadian fashion model Winnie Harlow and Victoria's Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Judging by her Instagram Bio the fashion model is an advocate of black lives and against any racist behavior. She is signed up by the username of


. You can get more updates on Lori Harvey personal life by following her on Instagram.

As for other Lori Harvey Social Media Accounts. On Facebook, African American beauty is signed up by the username of


. There is no sign of the blue checkmark and we cannot verify it’s her original account. So far 31k people have followed this account. On Twitter, Lori is signed up by the username of


. More than 50k people follow her and she follows 3 people.

Here’s some details of Lori Harvey body measurements:

  • Height: 160 cm

  • Weight: 55 Kg

  • Body Measurements: 34-24-35

  • Waist Size: 24

  • Hip Size: 35

  • Eye Color: Brown

  • Hair Color: Black

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