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Top facts about Christian Vieri

Whether you are a football fan or not, reading the following article will be enjoyable because the related texts to successful people look delightful. So, Sportmob has presented a piece, which uncovers details around a famous former player. Scroll down to get top facts about Christian Vieri.

Being of the finest strikers of his generation, Christian Vieri was once the most expensive player on the planet. Having an undeniable pedigree and also being a consistent and dedicated goal-scorer earned Christian a position that fewer people could do, such as how he did. By looking at his era during football history, Christian's name shines due to his operating as a world-class player like an elite and playing such a journeyman that no one could realize his full potential. 

Being a legendary striker and having a remarkable playing style have caused Christian Vieri to be known as one star of his generation, so, no wonder why there are many 

top facts about Christien Vieri

If you are interested in getting more detailed

facts about Christian Vieri

, the former Italian player, you have found the right article.

The following text includes the football legend's full story, nicknamed Bobo. Being a brilliant and famous footballer has earned various top facts about Cristian Vieri, which uncovering most of them, including his childhood story, love life, family, and some facts related to his career Sportmob has gathered the content of the following text. So, stay with us till the end of the article to know Christian Vieri more and get many facts about him.

A Review on Top Facts about Christian Vieri

For whoever has been in Christian's generation and at least has heard Christian's name, and the ones who are younger, it will be an excellent opportunity to gain more on and off-pitch facts about Christian Vieri. 

Join us and take a look at Christian Vieri's net worth, his career, and some other related facts to his life. Before presenting the full overview of Vieri, it will be better to get general info about him, which the following shortlist has done it.

  • Full Name:

     Christian Bobo Vieri

  • Nickname:


  • Date of Birth:

     12 July 1973

  • Place of Birth:

     Bologna, Italy

  • Nationality: 


  • Age: 


  • Height:

     1.85 m (6 ft 1 in)

  • Weight:

     84 kg

  • Wife:

     Costanza Caracciolo

  • Playing Position:


  • Some Senior Career Top Teams:

     Inter Milan, A.C. Milan, Juventus, Atletico Madrid, Atlanta, Monaco

  • National Team:

     Italy U21, Italy

  • Number:

     32 (ACF Fiorentina/ Forward), 36 ( AS Monaco FC/ Forward)

Time to go through the

facts about Christian Vieri 

and read more about both his personal and professional life. 

Christian Vieri Childhood

Vieri started his life in 1973, in Bologna, Italy, and spent his childhood beside his parents, Roberto Vieri, his father, Nathalie Rivaux, his mother, and Massimiliano Vieri, his brother. Having moved to Australia in 1977, they resided in South Western Sydney, and there, he attended Prairiewood high school. His father was a football player and was playing for a Sydney-based club, Wetherill Park. Meanwhile, Christian became interested in both football and cricket, which the former is the one he still follows.

Christian's interest in cricket was such that he declared in an interview that he had always wanted to be a professional cricketer. Though Christiano, his brother, and his father played for Marconi Juniors, Australian international, and Marconi Stallion, respectively, they moved back to Italy. No more facts are available about 

Christian Vieri childhood

, but he was a talented boy at football, and since those days, he has inherited Bobo as his nickname from his father. 

Christian Vieri Wife

Despite all written content on different sites about Christian's relationship with Jazzma Kendrick, Melissa Satta, Elisabetta Canalis, Elena Santarelli, Debora Salvalaggio, and Fernando Lessa, 

Christian Vieri wife

 is Costanza Caracciolo, a stunning TV star. The charming blond girl, famous as an Italian showgirl, model, and influencer, born in Sicily and started her career since the days she was a child.  

The legendary ex-footballer, known as a ladies' man, after dating many glamorous women, such as Elisabetta Canalis, George Cloony's ex-partner, and Melissa Satta, a model, met the blond beauty girl, Costanza Caracciolo, and instantly fell in love with her.

Though they met in 2003, they did not become a couple till 2017. Since then, Christian and Costanza, who was 16 years younger than him, have been inseparable. 

Costanza's super-social profile, full of colors, style, and inspiration, describes how much she is interested in fashion and how much she loves having sharpened looks. Getting colorful and chic dressed, Costanza has the opportunity of creating her bags and customizing them to suit whatever she wants to wear, by O bag. 

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Christian Vieri Children

The ex-football player had before mentioned his willingness to have a second child, so the published photo of Christian and Costanza Caracciolo together on Milan's streets fed doubt about her pregnancy. Finally, on 5 October 2019, they turned the doubt to certainty by talking about their effort to expand their family. 

Though Christian had expressed his joy in welcoming possibly a boy, 

Christian Vieri children

 are two sweet girls the father loves them.  

Sharing the news of the birth of his second daughter, Christian announced he had a four-member family. On 25 March 2020, Chrisitan and his wife welcomed Isabel 'Coco' to their brood and showed their happiness from joining her to their already 2-year-old daughter, Stella. 

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Christian Vieri Lifestyle

Being a part-time DJ while enjoying the beach lifestyle in Miami is enough to rouse jealousy about 

Christian Vieri lifestyle

. Apart from spending his time with his love, Costanza, playing beach sports is another new hobby that Christian has chosen as a part of his lifestyle.

His passion for playing beach sports, including Volleyball and Footvolley, caused him to create his annual tournament, called Bobo Summer Cup. Tanning on the beach, the doting father, as the player who scored 236 goals in his career and is known as the top scorer in Serie A and La Liga, and the one who was the world's most expensive football player, looks be in good shape and is satisfied with his life. 

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Christian Vieri First Music Single

Since age and no other issues matter for Christiano to prevent him from doing the things he likes, the ex-Italy star released his first music single, a house number called the Chance, on 12 July 2019.

 Christiano Vieri first music single

 proved that the former Juventus, Atletico Madrid, Lazi, and Inter striker was not only talented in football. However, Christian was not alone in the making process, and Milano Martiima DJ Luca Cassani and singer Lara Caprotti were two other people who helped him.

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Christian Vieri Tattoos

Having a lot of tattoos in Kanji on his body, Christiano chose them by their appearance. There is an arrow on Christian's upper right shoulder and a star just above it. Under the shape, which is pointing towards its heart, Cristian has some letters in Kanji.

Though Christian did not know the letters meaning when he chose and picked them just because of their look, they are meaningful. Being selected by their lovely patterns, 

Christian Vieri tattoos

 mean 'Strength, Eternity, Thunder.', which made Christian surprised and happy. Other than the Kanji pattern, Christian has a tattoo of a sun on his upper left shoulder. 

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Christian Vieri Instagram

Christian Vieri, the former footballer and the 47-year-old man, who is engaged in many fields, has an active role in social media. Although Christian has three accounts for all 



, and Facebook platforms, comparing the number of his shared posts and followers on Instagram and two others show he is more active on the first platform.

Sharing 2,963 posts and having 2.6m followers on Instagram describes his engagement. A wide range of photos, including his daughters and wife, his memorable sports events, and some fun hand made clips of himself on 

Christian Vieri Instagram

, has gathered this amount of followers.

Interesting Facts about Christian Vieri 

  • Stared in EA Sports' FIFA video game series, Christian Vieri's picture was on the cover of the Italian edition of FIFA 99. Additionally, the Ultimate Team Legends in FIFA 14 mentioned Christian's name in it.

  • Directed and starred by Massimo Ceccherini, Picasso's Face, released in 2000, is an Italian comedy film that Christian Vieri played in it as the character Ivan Drago. 

  • Having Joint as one of the network's lead soccer analysts and served as a regular contributor on the network's studio show, The Locker Room, Christian Vieri declared his happiness from joining the beIN SPORTS family. Since Christian is a soccer icon who appeals broadly and has many international fans, he thinks being a part of an increasing and passionate community of soccer fans in the U.S. is such an opportunity.

Antonio Briceno, the deputy managing director of beIN SPORTS USA, has described the role of Christian as a person who brings a large amount of knowledge about the game and works as a notable contributor.

In the show, besides the professional analysts such as World Cup Champion Bodo and Ray Hudson, the former MLS coach, Christian makes in-depth analysis about the weekend top matches and even controversial plays. Having his role on the favorite sports talk show, Christian, rather than making commentary, he calls lots of high-level matchups and previews them on beIN SPORTS. 

Sweet Years is the fashion label Christian Vieri has run with Paolo Maldini, his friend who was his former Italy and

A.C. Milan

's teammate. Rather than it, the pair also has some restaurants in the city of Milan. Alessandro Matri, the current 


forward, is one of his other close friends, which Christian spends holidays in Spain with him. Furthermore, Christian has started a joint clothing brand, Baci & Abbracci, with Cristian Brocchi, the footballer who is one of his other close friends, and Alena Seredova, a model. 

Christian Vieri, the former striker of the Italian club, AC Milan, became one of the first football stars who joined the FIFA's list for SOS Children's Villages Ambassador. On 4 November 1999, Christian got the FIFA/SOS ambassador certificate in a ceremony with about sixty national and international journalists. Not only as a task expecting from an ambassador, but also due to his willingness to hold out a helping hand to children and young people, Christian always welcome playing a part in these activities and feels happy by them.

This level of passion led Christian to be very active in his role as FIFA/SOS ambassador. To celebrate Universal Children's Day, Bobo, a legendary ex-Italian footballer, visited an exhibition and market organized in Milan by SOS Children's Villages. 

  • Although a player whose name is among the best players of his era got the position by his brilliant performance and memorable goals he scored, usually, in his career history, there are some goals shine more than the other. Christian's unforgettable goal refers to the time he proposed a strange idea to his teammate, Paulo Futre. Christian had suggested getting a Ferrari 550 Maranello as a gift if he could score three goals in the cup. Due to the close relationship between Futre and the manager at the time, Gil, he could get the consent.

The next day, Christian scored one of his goals, which after many years it still places as his most beautiful goal. In the scene, Christian did the most almost impossible things. Though Nikolas Michopoulos, the


goalkeeper, was cashing down an overhit pass, he tried to guide the ball out for a goal kick, Christian could reach the byline in time, stop the ball, and score from an angle over the stricken keeper, which looked impossible to become a goal. Later, Christian expressed the secret of his scored goal to Gazzetta Dello Sport, as never giving up and never thinking about something as an unreachable one.

  • Having gotten a wide range of achievements, such as Pichichi and Capocannoniere titles in Spain and Italy, FIFA World Cup Silver Boot in 1998, FIFA World Cup Silver Boot in 2002, and Italian Football of the Year in 1999 and 2002, on 20 October 2009, Christian announced his retirement. 

  • After retirement, the former Italian striker started his own business. Management of his fashion label, Sweet Years, and many restaurants in Milan, which he had set up in partnership with his fellow footballer, Paolo Maldini, are examples of his businesses. 

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Christian Vieri House

The former Italian star, who after moving from 




, became the first £30-million player, still looks a star but instead of the pitch on the beach. These days living in Miami beach, Christian plays a game of beach soccer of footvolley, which every day, a lot of people stand around to watch his play. However, no more facts about 

Christian Vieri house

 are available.

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Christian Vieri Nets worth

Since Christian was one of the most expensive players of his era, among the related top

facts about Christian Vieri

, his net worth is one of the topics which arouse much curiosity. Despite being announced some numbers as 

Christian Vieri net worth

 on the Internet, there was no exact estimated amount about it. Having started his career with an Australian semi-professional soccer club based in Fairfield, 

Marconi Stallions

, Christian signed up with Tornio, an Italian professional football club.

Then, Christian moved to 

Pisa Calcio

 and lasted his play there for 1 season. Apart from these clubs, Christan played for many clubs, including 








, Atletico Madrid, Lazio, AS Monaco, Sampdoria, and Florentina, but not more than one season. Among these moves, the only club in which Christian stayed there six seasons is Internazionale. In the 2008-2009 season, Christian joined Atlanta for the second time, with an insignificant salary, receiving €100,000 for each goal he scored for the team. 

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Christian Vieri as One of the Icons of the 90s

After expressing many top facts about Christian Vieri, now it is time to know more about the noted man's ability and talents and how he was one of the icons of the 90s.  As one of the most exceptional strikers of his era, and as a player with undeniable pedigree, Christian Vieri was once the most expensive player. His extraordinary plays caused him to be known as a consistent and dedicated goal-scorer.

Christian's high level of fame and success came from his talent and skills in being a fully agile and opportunistic striker, and additionally, from his keen sense of sight for scoring goals. No wonder why the football world has labeled him one of the greatest Italian strikers of all time and a player with rich and notable goal-scoring prowess. Going through his goals shows how much he had a unique and direct offensive style in his plays and how he could make the audience surprised by blending his power, pace, and solid technical skills.

Besides, the items made a comparison between Christian Vieri and Luigi Riva and Roberto Boninsegna, which earned him the title of "ll Toto'', meaning The Bull, arouse from these notable items. Although the agile player was so good at scoring goals, he was injury-prone in his career, which affected his pace, fitness, and mobility so much in his later career years.

The almost left-foot player was able to score his goals with both feet and his head. Christian was also famous as a large and old-fashioned center forward because he had a robust physical appearance and exceptional aerial skill.

Despite carrying the title of all-time top scorer of headed goals in Italian league history, Christian could assist his teammates. One of his hallmarks was being able to take participate in the build-up attacking players. In addition to all the mentioned factors, being considered as a goal-area threat, Christian was renowned for his accurate and powerful shots.

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