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Facts about Alex Gerrard, Steven Gerrard wife

Alexandra Curran is an English model, fashion columnist for the Daily Mirror, and the wife of former Liverpool and England captain Steven Gerrard. Welcome to facts about Alex Gerrard, Steven Gerrard wife.

When Alex Gerrard was engaged to Steven Gerrard in 2007, she was referred to as a "über-WAG." Continue reading to learn why.

The first fact about Alex Gerrard is that on October 29, 2007, she unveiled her own perfume, "Alex," which became one of the best-selling products of the year.

She married Steven Gerrard in 2007 at Cliveden House in Buckinghamshire. With the advent of England's "golden generation" of footballers came greater interest than ever in their relationships and personal lives, none more so than Steven Gerrard and Alex Curran.

Lexie (born 2006) and Lily-Ella (born 2004) were their two kids at the time, and they also had a third child, Lourdes (2011).

In October of 2016, Alex revealed she was pregnant again and their fourth child, Lio George (2017) was born in the summer of the year after that.

The followings are some lesser-known facts about Alex Gerrard:

Alex Gerrard has been described as one of the leading ‘WAGs’ of the England national football team, along with women such as Victoria Beckham and Coleen Rooney.

Alex Gerrard biography

Alexandra Curran Gerrard, born 23 September 1982, is currently 38 years old. She is two years younger than Steven, who was born on May 30, 1980 and is 40. There is not any information about

Alex Gerrard parents


An interesting fact about Alex Gerrard is that she first began as a nail technician and improved her career and later became a model. Also she is known to be a writer and she wrote a few columns for some well-known magazines like Daily Mirror and OK! Magazine. She is a successful business woman who started her own perfume and clothing line.

She was born in Aintree, which is a very small village between Walton and Maghull. Maghull is where she attended school. Her school name was Maghull high school.

Before meeting her now husband, Steven Gerrard, she dated a business man named Tony Richardson while Steven was dating the model and actress Jennifer Ellison. Alex and Tony split up a few months after they met and she fell in love with the former Liverpool player.

At the time, Steven was dating Jennifer and made the two model get in a fight! Not a big fight but it was a fight.

After Jennifer and Steven broke up, Alex started her relationship with Steven in 2002. And after being together for more than 5 years, they finally got married in 2007 at a luxury hotel in Cliveden.


Alex Gerrard children

, it should be mentioned that this couple has four children together. Their first daughter, Lily-Ella, was born on 2004 and two years after that in 2006 the second daughter, Lexie, was born. This family kept growing after the birth of the third child, Lourdes in 2011. After six years of the birth of the third daughter, their first son, Lio George was born in 2017.

Before her family start to get huge, she lived in Los Angles, California because of her job. The couple live in a home in Beverly Hills which was valued £ 18 million and they rented the house for £ 36,000 a month.

Alex Gerrard love story

Steven and Alex appear to have crossed paths on the Liverpool social scene and began dating in 2002. Among noticeable

facts about Alex Gerrard

is that she turned him down first. She said, "I did say no but I'm glad I did because he was used to all the girls saying yes to him. I think because I didn’t come across as overly keen like all the others, it made him like me more."

After a few months in 2002 they started their relationship and it is as great as the beginning. Their family got bigger after the birth of their first child and the relationship got stronger and more serious. As said before in Alex’s biography, they got married in 2007, one year after their second child birth.

Now this beautiful and lovely family got four kids and they live in a beautiful city named Formby, Liverpool which is a small town in the west of England.

This family also had some troubles in that house. In 2007, a year after their second daughter’s birthday, Steven was still playing for Liverpool and he had to leave his family to play the game.

A horrible fact about Alex Gerrard is that when she and the girls and children’s nanny were alone in the house they got robbed by four masked men whom were there for a £ 10,000 watch which Alex had bought for her husband as a Christmas gift.

The weird thing is Steven’s house was the sixth house of the Liverpool players to be robbed while they were away from their houses and families to play for Liverpool!

There was no information about the robbers and we didn’t know if they were arrested or not but a few months later it was released that the robbers were Martin Wilson, 22 at that time, who was a member of a gang masked thieves.

After entering the house, he threatened Alex to hurt the children if she won’t tell her where the safe is. She said that to the police “If you don't tell us where the safe is, we'll take the kids.” That’s what they told her.

Wilson was a suspect after the police found a phone call in that time near Alex and Steven’s house and after investigating the case they arrested him and in the court he got the time of 7 years in jail for violence and breaking an entry. He must be out though by the time that this article is written.

Alex Curran and Steven Gerrard Exes Hooked Up

A fun

fact about Alex Gerrard, Steven Gerrard wife

is that their exes hooked up. Steven Gerrard wife Curran and Gerrard started dating in 2002 after they split with businessman Tony Richardson and actress Jennifer Ellison, respectively.

It was reported in 2006 that the women “swapped boyfriends” before Curran made Ellison her “sworn enemy.” On June 16, 2007, Gerrard and Curran married at the Cliveden estate in Berkshire.

The couple already had two children together: daughters Lilly-Ella, born on February 23, 2004, and Lexie, born on May 9, 2006. They welcomed their third daughter Lourdes on November 2, 2011.

Alex Gerrard Controversy

Among surprising facts about Alex Gerrard is that on 8 August 2006, Curran was arrested on suspicion of assault by Merseyside Police following a fight at the Shangri-La restaurant in Liverpool city center.

A teenage girl, also from Maghull, was struck in the face with a glass bottle during the altercation. Curran was released on bail until November 2006, and the charges were later dropped. This happened when she was 23 and it was in the 3 am on a Saturday night.

In the police files it is said that Alex attacked an 18-year old teenager with a bottle which caused her to go to a hospital with a black eye but the people at the restaurant said that it was just her bag not a bottle.

When Alex was asked about this she replied, “This is now a matter for the police and we cannot make any further comment at this stage”. We don’t know how the charges were dropped but that was no more problem with the police after that.

Curran was also involved in disagreement with singer Jamelia, who was previously engaged to footballer Darren Byfield. Jamelia described footballer wives as "leeches", and insulted Curran specifically: "God forbid if Alex Curran split up with Steve Gerrard.

Who would she be then?" Curran responded in an interview with OK! Magazine, "She'll be glad to know I don't know her boyfriend's name but Steven (Gerrard) thinks he's lower than a non-league player."

After her words were out Alex responded a little harsh. She called her a “nobody” as she was responding in an interview “She’ll be glad to know I don’t know her boyfriend’s name but Steven thinks he’s lower than a non-league player.

‘I couldn’t believe what she said about me. I have never met her but she accused me of getting by on three grapes a day, suggesting I’m anorexic or something.”

Alex Gerrard husband

Alex’s husband name is Steven George Gerrard and he was born on May 30 1980 in Whiston, Merseyside, England. He is a former football player and football manager.

He spent most of his career playing for


as a central midfielder and as the captain of the team and also the captain of the

England national team

. Football is a profession in his family. One of his cousins Anthony Gerrard is also a professional football player and he plays for the Oldham Athletic as a defender.

He has won a ton of awards including UEFA Club Footballer of the Year in 2005, the Ballon d'Or Bronze Award, PFA Player of the Year award in 2014 and 2014 Liverpool Echo Sports Personality Award.  He helped Liverpool to win many cups and become champion in many different tournaments.

He’s been playing for Liverpool since he was 18 and he played his last season for this team in the 2014-2015 season. After playing for Liverpool for more than 17 years and scoring 186 goals for the team, he joined

LA Galaxy

for $ 9 million. Nine days after eliminating in the MLS Cup Playoff, Steven announced his retirement at the age of 36.

He also has a great international career. He played against so many teams like


in 2002 World cup which he scored his first international goal,




, Trinidad & Tobago, and


in 2006 World cup which he scored two goals in the group round against




throughout these years.

Gerrard also was the captain of the England national team in 2014 FIFA World cup which was the first time that England had eliminated from group round since 1985.

He announced his retirement from the national team after scoring 21 goals in 114 games for England which is the fourth most capped player ever after Peter Shilton with 125 games, Wayne Rooney with 117 games and David Beckham with 115 games.

He was a real captain and leader for the team and after his retirement Jordan Henderson who is also a midfielder for the England national team, had said “probably the best player this country has ever seen – not only as a player, but also as a leader and a captain.”

After his retirement from playing football professionally, he decided to become the manager of the


, a Scottish Premiership for the 2018-19 season.

Under his management, the Rangers managed to go undefeated for 12 games and during the 2020-21 season, Rangers stared the season with one of the best starts ever and became in the top of the Europa League, thanks to Steven of course.

Although he just got to the managing part of the football, he admits that he like to give up management to spend more time with his family.

“When you are representing Rangers and you know what it means to certain people, there are times when it dominates your life, and you can’t control that, that’s what it is. But there will be a stage in my life where I have to give it up for the sake of my family and for myself, to cut it and live life with a bit of peace,” He said.

He also talked about how his family and specifically Alex affect his work. “Alex would take it tomorrow. She is the one who brings me down when I come in and think I’m fantastic because I scored a goal or we’ve won a game.

She pipes me down. And when you’re on the floor and staring at the walls, she’s the one that picks you up. She goes through the journey as well. And the kids see it too.” Steven said.

He is one of the best player that England ever had and for the things that he had done for the sport in his country, he became one of the Order of the British Empire members by the Queen in her New Year Honors List which is an award for personal bravery, achievement, or service to the UK.

He also received a fellowship from Liverpool John Moores University for the things that he had done for sports.

In 2006 he published “Gerrard: My Autobiography” which a journalist named Henry Winter wrote. At the end of the autobiography he wrote “I play for Jon-Paul”. Jon-Paul was Steven’s friend and cousin who died in the tragic Hillsborough disaster which happened during the game between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest in 1989.

Gerrard was only 10 years old when this tragic disaster happened and 96 other people died too with 766 injuries. Jon-Paul was the youngest victim that day and it was really hard for the 8 year-old Steven and he believes that this was the reason that he became a football player.

“It was difficult knowing one of your cousins had lost his life. Seeing his family's reaction drove me on to become the player I am today,” Steven said.

Like his wife he also was involved with legal problems! In 2007 he hit a 10-year-old boy with his car in Southport which caused the boy to go to a hospital. Steven went to visit the boy in the hospital and he gave him a pair of boots which was signed by the boy’s favorite football player,

Wayne Rooney

and himself. He also signed for other children in the hospital.

In 2009 he was taken into custody on suspicion of an assault. He then was charged with two other men, of physical assault which happened in a bar and lest the complainant with a cut in his forehead and a broken tooth.

In the curt he admitted hitting the complainant but in a self-defense and He plead not guilty anyhow and the charges were dropped and Steven was found not guilty.

Alex and Steven Gerrard charity works

Another interesting fact about Alex Gerrard is that in 2011, they set up the Steven Gerrard Foundation (SGF) to help the children and young people in need of health problems, disabilities, family problems, break downs, and financial or educational disadvantage.

He raised more than £ 1.5 million for the kids and is looking forward to make more. Alex and Steven also are big supporters of charity 23 Foundation which was founded by Jamie Carragher.

It is a charity that helps the children to achieve their dreams and the foundation raises money by selling signed memorabilia and also receiving charitable donations.

 Alex Gerrard social media

As another fact about Alex Gerrard, she is a social butterfly. Based on

Alex Gerrard social media

information, she has more than 13k followers on her Instagram account (


) she recently made. She also has tweeter and Facebook accounts, in which she posts beautiful pictures of her family and life style.

She once posted a cute video of the 2-year-old Lio George on her Instagram page. In this funny and lovely video Lio kick a ball directly to the camera and shouts “Goal”.

Alex wrote in the caption “goal he said”. She also posted another picture with Lio walking in a lovely morning and she wrote “walk with my boy” in the caption.

Her husband had some trouble with the Instagram though. Steven has more than 9 million followers on his Instagram page and he posted a picture of his three girls who were hugging his son.

But the problem for him began when he wrote “Looks like his ironing and washing is sorted when he gets older” in the caption that made some viewers feel offended and labelled him as a ‘sexist’ man.

Many people wrote comments and asked him to change this caption but he did not respond. “Lovely picture. Your daughters shouldn't be considered nothing more than housekeepers though”, “We have two girls and always think family goals with this family and say how cute he is as a dad. Think that comment tarnished it a little for me, has what he always wanted a little boy” and “Come on Stevie, you're better than this.

This is so demeaning and unnecessary. Think before you speak please (and hopefully change your caption)” are one of many comments about this internet debate.

In general,

Alex Gerrard personal life

is shared with her huge number of fans via her social media.

Alex Gerrard net worth

As there was no information available about

Alex Gerrard net worth

, the family’s net worth in general is discussed here. According to reports Gerrard family’s net worth, as of 2020, is estimated to be around $90 million.

As final fact about Alex Gerrard, it is worth mentioning that her husband, who took charge of the Rangers in 2018, reportedly makes around £2.5 million-a-year ($3.1 million). During his spell at Liverpool, Gerrard reportedly made around £180,000 per week. At LA Galaxy, the midfielder earned around £80,000 per week, which equates to £4.2 million per year.

Moreover, Gerrard earns an estimated $4 million per year from his several endorsement deals. He has endorsement deals with Adidas, Lucozade, and Mars. Gerrard has appeared in various commercials primarily for Adidas' Predator series.

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