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Best footballer haircuts of all time

“I like ya cut G!” Which are the best footballer hairstyles ever? Whose haircut do you think has been the most attractive and modern over the years? Follow us below as we share some of our favorites on the long list of greatest haircuts in soccer history.

The world of football has certainly seen quite a lot of changes since it was first introduced over a century ago. Players gain prominence at a much younger age, as the art of football is slowly turning into a talent-making industry that works just like a machine. Of course the sport itself is not the only thing that has seen changes over time. Footballers too have seen their fair share of ups and downs throughout the years as newer generations have come of age, bringing about a new era.

With each generation having its own fashion sense and preferences, football players have had to follow the trend or be charismatic enough to set up new trends themselves in each era, including haircuts and hairstyles which have led to some of the

best soccer player hairstyles in history

. Of course such fashion sense is quite relative and everyone could have their own ideas about the hottest hairstyles in football history. While that is true, there have been instances where superstars have not only dazzled their fans, but have also impressed the whole world with their new haircuts.

Teams such as Manchester United and

Paris Saint-Germain

have always welcomed some of the hippest players in football, with many of the footballers known for their inventive and trend-setting fashion sense, such as David Beckham, playing for these clubs once in their careers. Of course that does not mean that other teams lack the necessary swag to include footballers with some of the

greatest haircuts in soccer history

in their squad.

Now that you are curious to see who our favorite players are when it comes to setting new trends with new hairstyles, it is high time we got to have a look at some of the best footballer haircuts of all time. We should also add that we are going to refer to not only an instance from a player’s series of hairstyles, but also the whole series of hairstyles the player has had over the years as well to see how he has evolved in years.

Best soccer player haircuts of all time

Keep in mind that mentioning all of the possible best football player haircuts ever was simply undoable as there have been many impressive haircuts over the years. But it is still worth mentioning some of the more impressive and widely-known ones so that maybe some of us could actually copy the hairstyle once we finally get the chance to visit the barber properly once again. It is worth mentioning that Other details about each player’s career will also be provided see which haircut has acted as the best good-luck charm.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

It is a look that never gets old amongst footballers, as we have seen many of the very best at least try this style once in their lives. From Cristiano Ronaldo to

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

, all have tried the top-knot, a hairstyle which Zlatan has pulled off beautifully over the years. Of course this is not the only style that Zlatan knows of, as he used to pull of other styles such as curtains as well.

But few could argue that the current

AC Milan

striker, who at the age of 39 is impressively improving his game week in week out, has single-handedly turned the top-knot into one of the

hottest hairstyles in football history

. Aside from having a fashion sense which has seen him pull off one of the best ever footballer haircuts, the Swedish beast of a forward has also had one of the best stats throughout the history of football, which is why we should also take a look at his career stats as well.

Having played for some of the best clubs in the world, including Barcelona, AC Milan and their sister club,


, Zlatan has certainly gained his fair share of experience in the years that he has been active as a footballer. He is one of the only three active footballers who have more than an astonishing 500 goals to their names, the other two being Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, which truly shows the 39-year-old’s level of class.

Best known to some for his time at Paris Saint-Germain, Zlatan has won almost everything except the World Cup and the

Champions League

, which seem too far out to win from now on. But you never know what is going to happen footballl, which is one of the beauties of the game we love. While there might not be a World Cup waiting for Zlatan in the future, he could still be happy to have one of the best footballer haircuts of all time, which has helped him set an iconic look for himself over the years.

Paul Pogba

Some might argue that Paul Pogba, who currently plays in the

Premier League

at Manchester United should not be on this list as he has had some of the more bizarre haircuts ever. But let us not forget that you cannot create some of the

best footballer haircuts of all time

without trying out new possibilities. In fact, the man has had so many different haircuts over the years, that many have jokingly used it against him whenever the 2018 World Cup winner goes through a bad run of form.

As one of the more eccentric styles mentioned on the list of best soccer player hairstyles in history, Paul Pogba’s clean cuts, shaves and hair dye has followed a trend which has been around for quite a while. Of course thankfully, the

Manchester United

midfielder has managed to find a balanced plane for himself to try out his styles, as some might not be too keen on having a look at his past cuts from his days at Juventus, which were clearly not one of the best footballer haircuts of all time.

While the French midfielder is going through a turbulent time at United and even his agent, Mino Raiola, has confirmed that Pogba is looking for a way out of the club who paid over €100 million to bring him back from Serie A, having one of the

best soccer player haircuts of all time

would certainly boost his morale as he deals with the difficulties he is currently facing. Let us have a look at how he has fared throughout his career with different clubs.

We all know that the 27-year-old

Paul Pogba

was in fact a Manchester United academy graduate at first, but the underappreciated midfielder opted to join Juventus in Serie A soon after not getting enough game time in the Premier League, after which he returned to his old club as the most expensive player in Man United history. That being said, the current world champion has played in over 380 games, scoring an impressive 71 goals and providing 82 assists in the process.

Adding the fact that he has one of the best footballer haircuts of all time, surely some of the best clubs in the world will be lining up to acquire his services from the Red Devils as soon as he confirms his wish to leave.

Eden Hazard

The short fringe crop with a mid-skin fade on the back and sides that 

Eden Hazard

 had when he made his dream move and joined Real Madrid from 


 after winning the Europa League could have probably resulted in a lot of “I like ya cut G” pranks in the dressing room had it still been the same today.

While there is not much difference between the Belgian’s current haircut and the one that he had when he first arrived in Madrid, the previous one is clearly the winner when it comes to selecting one of the 

best footballer haircuts of all time

. Sadly, for Eden Hazard, however, his haircut did not act as a good-luck charm when he initially joined Real Madrid for reportedly more than €100 million. The first season was as bad as it could get, with the Belgian star sitting out the games on the bench or on the stands due to consistent injuries.

The former 

LOSC Lille

 and Chelsea winger’s style might not be as peculiar as say Paul Pogba’s, but it could still be considered as one of the best footballer haircuts of all time as it is simple, classy and to the point, which show the 29-year-old’s class and style on and off the pitch. That is why if you are looking for a clean haircut that preserves your sense of fashion after a long time in Quarantine, we suggest you take a look at Hazard’s haircuts.

While his hair might be considered as one of the

best footballer hairstyles ever

, Hazard has not been able to prove his worth to Madridistas after joining Los Blancos in 2019. Let us see how things have been for the Belgium international in the Spanish capital.

Since his move to the

La Liga

side in the 2019/20 season, Eden Hazard has only made 28 appearances wearing his new club’s jersey, most of which he did not get to be on the pitch for the full 90 minutes. Overall, he has scored 3 goals and provided 7 assists, which is definitely not the Hazard Chelsea fans might remember. It should of course feel good to have one of the best footballer haircuts of all time.

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Lionel Messi

While some might want to forget about Lionel Messi’s hairstyles from his early days as a


player, the Argentinian has certainly found his style through the years, figuring out which form suits him best. Considered by millions to be the GOAT, or the Greatest of All Time, Leo Messi’s quiff hairstyle has certainly set another classy example for some of the best footballers in the world.

The Argentine superstar has clearly taken his classic mid-fade to a whole new level in recent years, which clearly deserves to be on the list of

best football player haircuts ever

, even, or maybe especially when it had the white blonde highlights. Of course many would prefer his current style, which is a more of a simpler version of this hairstyle.

Now Messi is not just one of the other normal superstars on the list of

best footballer haircuts of all time

, he literally is the best in the world of football, even though he might not be the only one around to be considered in such fashion.

Due to some turbulence in Barcelona’s dressing room and the room upstairs, in which the board decide the future of the club, Leo Messi has been linked with a move to other elite clubs in Europe, such as Paris Saint-Germain and

Manchester City

, with many hoping to see a Messi-Neymar or Messi-Guardiola reunion. But since the 33-year-old is still in Catalonia, let us have a brief look at the unbelievable stats that the alien has recorded on earth.

Few football players could be considered as one-club men, as they tend to switch clubs often enough to seek out better opportunities and more difficult challenges in order to build their legacy in the world of football. But Leo Messi has certainly been a one-club man since he signed for Barcelona may years ago.

Over the course of more than 15 years, the Argentinian has made more than 740 appearances for Barcelona, scoring a phenomenal 642 goals across all competitions, a feat which only a handful of footballers have been able to accomplish.

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David Beckham

Obviously we had to include David Beckham on the list of

best ever footballer haircuts

as he is the ultimate role model for the younger generation who dream of one day becoming a talented and world-class footballer while also being the literal meaning of handsome and sexy. One might dare to say that there is no one better to top such a list as the former

Real Madrid

and Manchester United English superstar always sets the fashion trends in the world of football.

Not only are his haircuts classy enough to mistake him for a model, but his general clothing sense is top notch, just like or even better than his free-kicks during his playing days. Married to Victoria Beckham, one of the world-famous Spice Girls, the Englishman made over 700 appearances throughout his career and changed his hairstyle quite often. But never did he get to have the fashion sense we all know him for before reaching the ends of his career, playing for PSG in 2012.

Now, at the age of 45, David Beckham is living his life with his family, being a part owner of

Inter Miami

in the MLS. We will have to wait and see what other trends the English midfielder sets for the general public to follow in the future.

These were only some of the superstars who are considered to have the best haircut a footballer could have, as there are hundreds of others who were worthy of being on this list. It is of course a matter of taste that helps us decide which hairstyle is better, as some might prefer the rather eccentric styles of the likes of Neymar and Paul Pogba, while others might enjoy the simple yet classy style of Leo Messi or

Cristiano Ronaldo


Whatever the taste, we all need proper haircuts after the end of COVID-19 pandemic as we finally leave the quarantine for good. That is why we needed to have a look at some of the best haircuts that our idols prefer, so that we too could follow their trends.

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