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Best ever football players with long hair

In the game of football where it is the most famous sport in many countries, footballers are adored by fans, some because of their great playing skills and some for their great looks! Where long hair can add to the latter, in this article we will take a look at the best long haired footballers..

Football is by far the most popular sport in our universe these days, which is why footballers are so popular everywhere. Some footballers go above and beyond to become role models for their fans all over the world, and they have a significant influence on them as well.

If you remember Brazilian Ronaldo's strange hairstyle at the 2002 World Cup, you should also remember how his hairstyle became so popular all over the world.

However, strange is not the focus of this article; rather, we want to look at some of the

best ever football players with long hair

in history.

Long hair for men has a very long history, and some claim that having long hair for men was a symbol of power and wealth in ancient Greece. Whatever history it has is irrelevant here; you must admit that long hair makes some men very hot and attractive, and who better to grow their hair than some good looking footballers? In this article, you will learn about the best ever football players with long hair.

Famous soccer players with long hair of all time

Did you know that to write this article we went back to the early 90s and from those days until now, there are footballers in our list of best ever soccer players with long hair to surprise you. Before getting down to the list, who do you think tops this list?

Diego Forlan

If you are a football fan you definitely know Diego Forlan, a player who performed at his highest level during 2010 World Cup at South Africa, winning the Golden Boot award jointly with Thomas Muller and also the Golden Ball as the tournament’s best player. As one of the players at our list of

best ever football players with long hair

, now retired Diego Forlan will always be remembered by his beautiful long and blonde hair.

However, we should mention that the length of his hair was not always at the same level, for example when he was playing for

Manchester United

at English Premier League it was probably the time that his hair was the longest. After going to La Liga and especially at his peak days at Atletico Madrid, his hair was shorter compared to his Man United days.

Martin Caceres

The second Uruguayan player to feature in our list of best ever football players with long hair, we have Martin Caceres, a great South American defender who made a name for himself in La Liga, before establishing himself at Juventus. Although these days Martin Caceres usually have man buns, but during his time at


, we always were seeing him with very long hair, just like he was at the 2010 World Cup.

The 35-year-old hot footballer now is playing for LA Galaxy and with his man buns, he is definitely getting the attention. Although he is getting closer to his declining years at football, but his looks are getting better and better each day. What do you think about Caceres as one of the best ever footballers with long hair?

Sergio Romero

In our list of best ever football players with long hair we have many footballers from South America and this time, it is the time for an Argentinian Goalkeeper to feature in this list. Sergio Romero is definitely the best Argentinian goalkeepers in his era and with 96 caps for the national team just proves this. Romero is one of the players in our list which has a different, short hair now.

Sergio Romero started his professional football at the Racing Club in Argentina but moved to AZ Alkmaar in 2007 and that was where he grow his hair for the first time. At Sampdoria which was his next club, we saw a different hairstyle on him when he braided his hair. Now that Sergio Romero is playing for Boca Juniors, he has a short hairstyle, but there is no doubt that he was once one of the

best long hair footballers of all time.

Edinson Cavani

So far we’ve talked about 3 players in our list of best ever football players with long hair and all 3 of them were from South America, to continue that trend now we have Edinson Cavani, another Uruguayan striker who is one of the hottest footballers still playing today. Cavani is one of the players in this list who kept his long hair during all of his football career back from when he was a player of Danubio up until now that he is playing for Valencia.

His best days were when he played for

Paris Saint Germain

in Ligue 1, where he scored 138 goals in 200 league matches for the French giants. He is also a regular star for his national side


and so far he played 136 matches for them, scoring 58 times. He has great looks as one of the best ever soccer players with long hair.

Martin Demichelis

It looks like that South American footballers has a great taste for long hair as the next footballer in the list of best ever football players with long hair is again from South America and again from Argentina. The now 39-year-old Martin Demichelis who is retired now from playing professional football, started his career at Argentinian giants River Plate, before joining

Bayern Munich

in the summer transfer window of 2004. It was the days when he grew his hair and we saw him with his good looking long hair.

We cannot really forget the duo of Martin Demichelis and Iranian star Ali Karimi, who also had long hairs and the great matches they played together. In the winter transfer window of 2010, he joined the Spanish side Malaga. During early days of his career at La Liga he still kept his long hairstyle, before changing it to a short one. He is definitely one of the most good looking players in the list of best ever footballers with long hair.

Hector Bellerin

Finally, the first non-South American player to appear on this list of

best ever football players with long hair

is the Spanish Hector Bellerin, who is also the youngest player here with just 27 years old age. He was almost known for his very long hair and man buns other than his great playing style. Hector Bellerin has played for all youth ranks of Spain and since 2016, he has won 4 caps for

Spain National Team


Not only on the football pitch but even in the fashion world, the Hector Bellerin has built a brand for himself. In recent times, his high-fashion looks and an appreciation of experimental styling have made him approved by British magazine Vogue. In very little time, this 27-year-old has done so much that his transformation from a child to a man has become one to look out for. If its clothes, new interests, or new projects in the real world, he does not really shy away from pursuing something outside sports. His hairstyles have often raised the bar for even more, much as his flair for dressing good and dressing differently from others.

Antoine Griezmann

One of the best-talented players to feature in this list of

best ever football players with long hair

and the second European player is Antoine Griezmann. He is also one of the players who change his hairstyle almost frequently and from time to time, however, we have seen him with his long hair.

During his tenure at Camp Nou, Griezmann failed to keep performing at a consistently good level and


fans have always criticized him for that, something that also extended off the pitch. There was a time when Barca supporters were blaming his poor performances for the club on his long hair, which made the headlines a few months ago and Griezmann reacted to it, saying that even if the club asks him to change his hairstyle, he will not do it, saying that his wife and children like his current long hair. When he won the 2018 World Cup at Russia, he was a top performer for


with his short hair.

Mauro Camoranesi

Another Argentinian footballer to appear in our list of best ever football players with long hair is Mauro Camoranesi, who also has Italian nationality and actually, despite being born in Argentina he chooses to represent Italy and international level. Camoranesi, with his memorable long hair and his lovely ponytail, played football around 5 years at Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico before joining the Italian side Verona. But his great footballing skills and great looks with that ponytail made him famous when started playing for Juventus.

One interesting fact about his ponytail is that before the Final match of 2006 World Cup at Germany, he made a promise to cut his ponytail on the pitch if Italy managed to win the match and actually he did that. He sat down on a plastic chair with a huge pair of scissors in the center of the pitch at the Olympic Stadium. His friends assembled around him to prepare for cutting his ponytail. It was Massimo Oddo who had the honor of cutting his Ponytail. As one of the best long hair footballers of all time, Camoranesi will always be remembered for his lovely ponytail.

Andy Carroll

The first English player to feature in the list of best ever football players with long hair is Andy Carroll. A player who was once deemed as one of the greatest English talents, and with a great physique, many was expecting a great forward for the England national team. He started his professional career at Newcastle United, and after a loan spell with Preston North End, he was able to prove himself at the Magpies. His great performances in there alongside with his good physique and charismatic look with that long hair made


sign him for a transfer fee of £35 million.

Despite becoming the most expensive British footballer of all time and getting the number 9 shirt of Liverpool, he did not play good enough for Liverpool, scoring only 6 goals at 44 league matches. Lots of injuries caused his career not to develop as he liked and after becoming a free agent at the end of his contract with Westham, he signed for his boyhood club Newcastle United in 2019. He is currently a member of Reading. Although not a good footballer on the pitch, he is surely amongst the famous soccer players with long hair of all time.

Rafael Marquez

The next player in our list of best ever football players with long hair is Rafael Marquez who with 147 national team matches, is truly one of the Mexican football legends. Having started his football at his country, his best playing days was his 7 years spell with Barcelona where he and Carles Puyol were amongst the best central defenders of their time. During his professional career between 1996 and 2018, Rafael Marquez played a total of 504 league matches for 6 different teams, scoring 23 goals.

One interesting fact about Rafael Marquez’ long hair is that he only grew his hair during his spell with Barca and after leaving the Catalans to join New York Red Bulls, his hairstyle was different and short. Rafael Marquez has won many titles during his career, including La Liga, Copa Del Rey, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Cup and FIFA Club World Cup with Barcelona. Stay tuned for more best long hair footballers of all time. Stay tuned for more 

best ever soccer players with long hair


David Seaman

Another goalkeeper in our list of best ever football players with long hair, and this time we have the legendary David Seaman. As one of the best modern-era English goalkeepers, David Seaman is remembered by many things by football fans all around the world including his super saves, silly mistakes and of course, his lovely ponytail. David Seaman enjoyed great success while he was at


for 13 seasons, playing 405 matches in the First Division and Premier League. He has also won 75 caps for England national team.

On November 2005, David Seaman, one of the best ever soccer players with a long hair finally decided to chop his famous ponytail for charity. His ponytail which was almost like a trademark for him was cut live on TV by Charles Worthington, who is a famous hairdresser and millions of British people watched it on ITV’s This Morning show. He was hoping that he could raise £10,000 for the Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research UK and he actually did that.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

One of the greatest football strikers of our generation, the Swedish Zlatan Ibrahimovic also features in SportMob’s list of best ever football players with long hair. Although Zlatan frequently changes his hairstyle, but almost always his hair is long and the last time we remember seeing him with short hair dates back to the days he was a Juventus player (correct us if we are wrong). As a player who changes his club frequently, he is now playing at the highest level for

AC Milan

in Serie A and so far scored 8 goals in 23 Seria A matches so far, despite being 41 years old.

In September 2019, an 11 years old student in Russia who was wearing a hairstyle like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, was asked by his school to change his hairstyle to one that’s more suitable for a schoolboy. This kid became famous when he decided to fight back against schools demands and the case went on to the Ministry of Education, which there it was overruled. He said he wanted to become like Zlatan Ibrahimovic because he wants to grow up and become a footballer like him.


We all know Ronaldinho as one of the best Brazilian players ever that our generation had the chance to see him play, but he was also famous for one more thing and it was his lovely ponytail. That’s why have put him on our list of best ever football players with long hair. Ronaldinho started his football career at Gremio, before moving on to Paris Saint Germain in 2001. However, his best days as one of the

best ever footballers with long hair

was absolutely with Barcelona, under the manager Frank Rijkaard. Between 2003 and 2008, he won several individual and club honors including two consecutive FIFA World Player of the Year awards at 2004 and 2005.

Ronaldinho is one of the players in this list of best-ever footballers with long hair that during his playing career always kept his long hair and we can’t recall seeing him other than that. Ronaldinho will always be remembered for his great footballing skills, his lovely smile and his great looking ponytail.

Roberto Baggio

The second Italian player to appear in our list of best ever football players with long hair, Roberto Baggio is probably the most controversial choice we’ve made to put his name in this list, as many people consider his long hair and his famous ponytail to be amongst the worst and the ugliest hairstyle in the history of football, However we think that Roberto Baggio’s ponytail is one of the most symbolic hairstyles we’ve ever seen in football, and it might by why he is known in the football world as the Divine Ponytail. That ponytail alongside with the thin goatee he had on his face made Roberto Baggio a footballer that we might never forget.

Having started his career at Vicenza, he become famous in Italy’s football when he was a player of Fiorentina, however his best days as a player came in a 5-year spell at Juventus between 1990 and 1995. He scored 78 goals for the team in 141 Serie A matches. He was also a member of

Italy national team

, scoring 27 goals in 56 matches for them. Who can forget the penalty he missed at the 1994 World Cup final match against Brazil? You tell us! As we said before, some believe that Baggio’s ponytail is amongst the worst in the history of football, but there is no denying that he is one of the most

famous soccer players with long hair of all time


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