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Top facts about Ali Krieger

Ali Krieger is a popular name in the history of female soccer players. She is an acclaimed defender serving the Women's National Soccer team. Read on to find out more facts about Ali Krieger.

Alexandra Krieger is an American soccer player for the

Orlando Pride

of the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL), the highest division of women's professional soccer in the United States, and the United States women's national soccer team.


had a key role in the U.S. defense in the 2011 World Cup. She started every game in the 2015 World Cup and was on the field for all but 10 minutes of that victorious tournament run.

Krieger has played professionally all over the world. She first appeared for the United States national team at the 2008 Four Nations Tournament during a match against Canada on January 16, 2008. She has since made more than 100 total appearances for the team.

The followings are some facts about Ali Krieger, the U.S. veteran defender:

Ali Krieger returned to the USWNT in 2019 having demonstrated repeatedly that she’s someone who you can count on under the greatest pressure of all.

Ali Krieger biography

  • Full Name:

    All Krieger

  • Date of Birth:

    28th July 1984

  • Birth Place:

    Dumfries, Alexandria, Virginia, United States of America.

  • Age:

    36 years

  • Profession:

    Soccer player

  • Height:

    5 feet 6 inches

  • Weight:

    60 kg

  • Net worth:

    $7 million

Alexandra Blaire Krieger was born on July 28 1984 in Alexandria, Virginia meaning that

All Krieger age

is 36. She is a football player and currently plays for Orlando Pride and national U.S. team.

Ali Krieger parents are Ken Krieger and Debbie Christopher. She was born in a family with two professional football players. Her father,

Ken Krieger

, was her coach in the Prince William Sparklers for 12 years.

The first interesting fact about Ali Krieger is that she started to play for that team when she was 7. The other player in Ali’s family was her brother, Kyle. She actually claims that her brother was the reason that she started playing football. There is not enough information about

Ali Krieger childhood


In her high school years, Ali played as the captain of the

Forest Park High School


Woodbridge, Virginia

. During those times, she was The Washington Post's Player of the Year and Gatorade's Virginia Player of the Year and also she received many other awards and honorable names.

By the time Ali was 19, she already played football for 12 years. So she was as experienced as a 30 - year old player.

After high school she attended 

Penn State University

for three years from 2003 to 2006 but not all of those years were fine! In 2004 she was playing against a men team and she had a very bad injury that broke her legs. The broken legs required surgery and that was not all of it.

The noticeable fact about Ali Krieger is that when she was visiting her family on a vacation a few months later, she had a mini heart attack and that was because of blood clots in her legs that went through her heart. Also she had some breathing problems as a result of the blood clots traveling through her body.

Doctors told that her if she hadn’t gone to a hospital at the night of the mini heart attack, she wouldn’t wake up the next morning.

Ali Krieger’s personal life

An interesting

fact about Ali Krieger

is that her life is combined with German culture. She was playing as a defender for FFC Frankfurt until 2016 and for that matter she became fluent in German. She also has a German origin! Her great grandfather was from a German ancestor.

Krieger mean ‘warrior’ in German, so most of her German team mates called her ‘the warrior princess’. She also has a tattoo ‘Liebe’ which means love in German. “It represents my time there. Love for the country, the culture and my experience. It’s my second home.” She said about her tattoo.

As said before her family is pretty serious about football. Her father was a professional player for years and after that he became a coach. Her brother, Kyle, also plays football and he is a very big role model for Ali. Kyle also is a YouTuber and an Instagram personality.

He was so helpful for Ali during her times of injury and he was also supportive. “

I have fallen a few times and each time I have gotten up and grown as a person and looked at things a little differently. That is where I have learned so much from Kyle.” She said about her brother.”

But her relationship with him has been damaged when Kyle was involved in serious drinking problems. But he became sober and has been sober for 12 years now. “struggling through addiction and alcoholism and overcoming that and overcoming adversity, for me that's just an unreal role model in my life.

It is like night and day. For two years of my life he was absent, in and out of my life. To look at how far he has come it is just so rewarding to see.” Ali said.

On March 2019, after the World Cup, Ali announced her proposal to her team mate and lover

Ashlyn Harris

. Ashlyn also plays in the United State national team and Orlando Pride. These two famous players got married on December 2019 in Miami.

“From the youngest player on the team to the oldest, we care about each other. That creates a sense of safety and being comfortable that you can’t really put into words. The chemistry that we have off the field is applied on the field, and you can see that. Everything is real, and it’s true and it’s honest and it’s raw. And we’ve created that culture from day one.” Ali said.

Ali and Ashlyn’s relationship began in 2010 at US national team camp. They were friends at the beginning but their relationship became more powerful and stronger as time passed.

For 4 years, they kept the relationship a secret to their families and friends because the thought it could hurt their professional deals and relationships. But they decided to come out to be an inspiration for others to come out too.

So on March 2019 they were at the cover of the People magazine, announcing their engagement and after that positive reactions began to come to them. “We’ve gotten messages from a lot of adults who are like, ‘I’m 40 years old and this is the first time I feel so calm and comfortable in coming out and being myself after watching your guys’ wedding.’

We didn’t think it was going to be such a big thing. And it’s turned out so positive and inspiring for us. We’ve grown through this process and really enjoyed helping people along the way,” Ali said.

The couple had 140 guests and Ali’s brother was the maid of honor. Kyle was supportive about gay communities in his speech. They also had rainbow cake and named their tables after LGBTQ leaders and founder like Marsha P. Johnson, Ellen Degeneres and Billie Jean King.

Another important guest was Ali’s father who had been in a very serious accident which made him to go to ICU. “We actually had the first dance together. He threw his cane to the side and just demolished the dance floor. Ashlyn and I were so happy that he could be a part of it” Ali said.

For their honeymoon they decided to go to Maldives, Bali and Bora Bora but they said it all depends on the 2020 Olympics and since the 2020 Olympics has been delayed they might have lost their honeymoon because of the pandemic.

Ali wrote to a reporter that the support and protection of Ashlyn was a really big reason for her to be so great at the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup. “I’m incredibly grateful and just feel so rewarded. I’m happy Jill called me and that I had this incredible experience with the girls.

But I wouldn’t be here without Ash. She went out with me every single day to train. She dragged me out no matter how sad or tired I was. And we did it,” she said to the reporter.

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Ali Krieger love story

Ali Krieger love story

started when she met Ashlyn Harris for the first time at a USWNT camp in 2010. They were friends at first, they said, but there was most definitely an attraction that continued building over time.

“When we first met,” said Krieger, “it was just her confidence and her comfort in being herself that were just captivating. I found myself wanting to just hang out with her all the time and be around her. We built this friendship as a foundation, and it evolved into a relationship.

She had this badass attitude and was just herself. I think I was more myself when I hung out with her, and that’s when I knew she would become someone important in my life.”

The important

fact about

Ali Krieger

is that she kept her relationship with Ashlyn Harris quiet publicly, thinking that it could limit their endorsement deals. She recalls having a conversation with Rapinoe about going public on a group vacation that included Rapinoe and her girlfriend, basketball star Sue Bird.

Last March, they announced their engagement in a photo shoot with People. The positive response has been enormous.

On Dec. 28, 2019, two-time Women's World Cup winners Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris, two of the most popular players among U.S. women’s national team fans—were married in a ceremony at Vizcaya Museum & Gardens in Miami in front of 140 guests, including a who’s who of past and present soccer stars.

While the newlyweds had to go straight from their wedding into an important national team camp ahead of the Olympic qualifying tournament later this month, the juxtaposition of family and national team made perfect sense.

Ali Krieger career

The first time that Ali was invited in the

U.S. national team

was 2008 and on her first match against Canada, she played the whole 90 minutes of the game and as the result the United States won 4-0.

Ali made another appearance that same year for the U.S. team against Finland and she won that game too and after that another victory against China. Those good result made an opportunity for her to attend the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

After the Olympics she returned to the national team two years later in 2010. Her first match was against Germany. She also played against Sweden, China, Costa Rica and Italy at the same year. Most of those games was for qualifying for the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Among facts about Ali Krieger is that she missed the 2011 Four Nations Tournament due to commitments with FFC Frankfurt and she didn’t join the national team until three months after that. Her first game after those three months for the national team, was against Japan. After that she played against Norway, Iceland and England before the World Cup tournaments.

In June 2011, Ali went to Austria with the U.S. national team, for training and after that they went to Germany. The United State national team got to the quarter-finals and face Brazil. The game was 2-2 after extra time so they got to the penalty shootouts.

Ali scored the fifth penalty which made the national team to go to the semi-finals. But they lost to Japan in the semi-finals.

The important fact about Ali Krieger is that 2011 was a golden year for her. She was one of the only U.S. players who played for 600 minutes in the World Cup tournaments. Ali was named as one of the 11 best players of the FIFA Women’s World Cup tournaments by ‘Fox Soccer’.

The year after the World Cup, Ali’s name was on the U.S. national team for the 2012 London Olympic qualifying tournaments. The first game was against

Dominican Republic and 40 minutes thorough the game, she was tackled by one of the Dominican Republic’s players and got a very bad knee injury and again she had another surgery which made her to stop playing at this tournament.

She spent three weeks in her home town, Virginia, and after that she went back to Germany to get ready for the London Olympics.

2013 and 2014 were two busy years for Ali. At the beginning of 2013 she played against Scotland and after that against Portugal. Her first

international goal was made in a match against China in the same year. Sweden, Germany, Netherlands and Canada were four other teams that Ali played against in 2013.

The next year, she was invited to the U.S. national team and the year started with a match against Canada. After that U.S. fought against Russia, Japan, Sweden, Korea, China, France, Switzerland, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Brazil. Half of these games were for the qualifying for the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup tournaments.

Before the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup tournaments, the U.S. national team had a match against France. Ali came in at 55 minutes through the game and she played the whole 90 minutes against England which was a victory for her team.

In April 2015 Ali represented her team in the FIFA Women’s World Cup tournaments. She played all of the games of the tournament and she was only out of the game for 10 minutes in seven games. Ali became the World Cup champion when her team defeated Japan in finals by 5-2.

After a very good year she had to prepare for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic qualifying tournaments. After winning semi-finals match against Trinidad & Tobago and winning Canada in the finals, United State national team qualified to the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games.

After that she had a very busy year and she played against England, Germany, Colombia, Japan and France. By the end of 2016 she played 17 games and 792 minutes!

The years between 2017 and 2019, Ali didn’t gain any trophies and she wasn’t invited to the national team for 18 months.

But in 2019, she was named as one of the players for the United State national team in 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup tournaments. Ali made three games in the tournament including the finals against Netherlands. The U.S. national team defended their title that year and Ali made her second World cup trophy.

Later in 2020 the U.S. national team was qualified to play in 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games which was delayed due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

Ali Krieger charity works

Besides football she works with charities like “

Miracle Feet” which is a charity that helps children to treat clubfoot in 29 developing countries. They have treated 50, 219 children so far and they look forward to treat all of the 9 million children with clubfoot around the world.

They also have a website, miraclefeet.org, which people can donate $500 or more. That amount of money can cover the cost of treatment for 1 child.

She has become a member of this charity in 2014. “It means the world to me to be able to have this opportunity to help transform a kid's life,” she said.

In addition to Miracle Feet, she works with “Garth Brooks’ Treatments for Kids foundation” where she spends time and plays with kids. In 1999, Garth Brooks, an American singer and songwriter

co-founded the innovative Teammates for Kids Foundation.

‘Teammates for Kids’ is funded by more than 5000 professional athletes who generously donate to this charity and Ali is one of those donators.

The money mostly goes for children’s health, education system and supporting young athletes.

Ali also is one of the ambassadors of “Athletes Ally” organization. This organization tries to stop homophobia and transphobia in sports.

She works with this organization because she believes that working in a healthy and peaceful environment could increase their chances of winning and could be a very important factor for the players to develop their friendship and

coordination in the field.

In 2018, Ali had studied coaching course which was sponsored by

U.S. Soccer

, the 


, and 

Utah Royals FC

. So she is a professional coach too.

Since 2007 she is one the Nikes athlete’s faces and she exclusively wears their products. She also works with other great brand like Unequal which is a company that makes protective sports gear, Zico and Smuckers foe the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympics.

Ali Krieger hometown

Ali was born on 1984 in Dumfries, Virginia and had been living there for a long time.

Ali Krieger parents

are still living in this town and when she was injured during a game in 2011 she came back to Dumfries to stay with her family for three weeks.

Dumfries or the Town of Dumfries is a small town with nearly 6000 people in Virginia. The history of this town began 400 years ago and since then so many famous people had been born in this town.

People like Alexander Henderson the famous merchant, George Graham the famous soldier who fought as the U.S. secretary on the war in 1816, Kendall Marshall the professional basketball player, Mason Locke Weems the historian writer and of course Ali Krieger name is along with this great and famous names of Dumfries.

People of this town care about football and they’re so proud is Ali that they named one of their fields after her. For a town with the population of 6000 they have a lot of training field which includes:

Ali Krieger Sports Complex

Prince William Soccer


Woodbridge Soccer


Andrew Leitch Park

which people play football or as their locals say soccer in there.

Dumfries also has a club named Prince William which Ali played as a defender for 12 years for and her father was the coach in that time.

Prince William was founded in 1976 and has been modeling young women and men for more than 50 years. The club has been achieving a lot of trophies like over 40 State Cup Championships and Several Region 1 Championships.

Many of the players of Prince William have become professional footballs players in the world and as you can imagine the most famous player is Ali. Many of the players come back to the club and become coaches like Ali’s father.

Some quick facts about Ali Krieger:

She played every minute for USA at the 2011 World Cup. She scored the winning penalty shot in the quarterfinal victory over Brazil, and was one of four women to play every minute of action for Team USA. Although USA didn’t win the World Cup, Krieger’s performance was praised by everyone.

She wears a protective headband because of a concussion. Krieger is taking the precaution after an incident in May when she was playing for the Washington Spirit of the NWSL.

In a match against the Houston Dash, Krieger went up for a ball in her own box and went down hard. Krieger stayed down for more than five minutes and was eventually stretchered off the field.

She almost died in 2005 from blood clots in her lungs. In 2006, Krieger broke her leg while playing at Penn State, forcing her to miss the 2006 NCAA Tournament. After returning from a flight to Florida to see her family, Krieger returned to campus and told her then-boyfriend she was having trouble breathing.

The boyfriend, Penn State football player and pre-med student Brent Wise, picked up on the symptoms and checked her into the nearest hospital.

Test results revealed blood clots, and that Krieger had suffered six small heart attacks. Krieger was placed in critical condition, and had no physical activity for six months.

She played in Sweden alongside USA teammates Engen and press. Krieger has spent most of her playing career in Germany, playing most of 2007-2011 with 1. FFC Frankfurt. Her contract allowed her to leave freely to train with Team USA, and she considered Germany her second home.

She’s married the backup goalkeeper, Ashlyn Harris. In 2019, Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris married in a ceremony at Vizcaya Museum & Gardens in Miami in front of 140 guests.

Ali Krieger social media

Speaking of

Ali Krieger social media

, she has more than 890K followers on her Instagram (



Ali’s words to her fans and her appreciation to the nice mails she received. In November 3 2016, Ali posted a thank you note on her


 for the nice word she received from her fans.

To all of my wonderful fans, I truly appreciate your continuous love and support in following my football career Specifically to the Washington Spirit fans, especially the Spirit Squadron — Thank You! I will always hold a special place in my heart for each of you and please keep crushing the game!” Ali wrote.

She also thanked her friends, family and coaches and teammate who unconditionally loved her and supported her during her time of playing and the hard times of injuries which made her to do two serious surgeries within 10 years apart.

She posted this note right after she decided to leave Washington Post for FFC Frankfurt in 2016 and this was the time that her new chapter of

Ali Krieger’s personal life


Of course there was no name of Ashlyn in that note since they haven’t published their relationship to others but she thanked her teammates so maybe she thanked Ashlyn somewhere in there without anybody noticing it.

At the end she wrote to her team “Thank you to this year’s team for an unforgettable winning season and an undeniable team chemistry that I will cherish forever. I will miss you all tremendously, and I respect each and every one of you!”

Ali Krieger net worth

Ali Krieger net worth and salary

is quite noticeable. The Penn State alum, plays right back/center back for Orlando Pride. Her estimated net worth is $3 million as of 2019.

Krieger is a brand ambassador of Nike since 2007. She also endorsed Unequal and was signed to ZICO and Smuckers for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.

Speaking of

Ali Krieger body measurement

, her height is 5 ft 6 inches.


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