Facts about Ruby Mae, Dele Alli’s Girlfriend

Tuesday10 November 2020 | 16:30
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Stay tuned to read some interesting facts about one of the hottest wags out there, Ruby Mae who is the beautiful girlfriend of famous English player Dele Alli

These days we are witnessing more and more footballers going into relationships with beautiful and sexy models and Dele Alli is no different. As one of the most promising English football players at just 24 years old, he is one of the star players of Tottenham Hotspur and there are always lots of media hype around him and his fans want to know more about him and his personal life. In today’s article of SportMob, we want to share you some interesting facts about Ruby Mae, who is the girlfriend of Dele Alli.

Born on July 3rd, 1995, Ruby Mae is an English model and despite her young age she has managed to establish herself as a high profile model. As you’ve already found out by now, Ruby Mae is also the girlfriend of the famous English footballer Dele Alli. This lovely couple is in a relationship since 2016 and seem to be happy and enjoying it all this time. In this article, we are going to share must-know facts about Ruby Mae, Dele Alli’s girlfriend.

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All facts you should know about Ruby Mae, Dele Alli’s girlfriend

Just to start we should let you know that Ruby Mae is an active Instagrammer and with around almost 100k followers, she is one the most famous wags on Instagram. Just stay tuned to read everything that you need to know about Ruby Mae.

Who is Ruby Mae?

Ruby Mae is the girlfriend of English famous football player Dele Alli. Born in July of 1995, she is almost one year older than his boyfriend. Although a big part of Ruby Mae’s fame is due to her relationship with Dele Alli, she is also a famous and successful model even before the couple started their relationship. During her modelling career, she has worked with many big fashion brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Adidas and lots more.

Ruby Mae and Dele Alli first started their relationship back in 2016 and to the public, it was the night of England’s sad defeat to Iceland in Euro 2016 that the couple first was seen together. Ruby Mae is a devoted Instagrammer and together with baffling wonderful looks, she constantly updates her Instagram account with new photos and videos of her life. She is also a pet lover and has a black miniature poodle called Dougie, who frequently appears with Ruby Mae and Dele Alli in pictures.

She is the cousin of former lingerie model Bealey Mitchell, who was the ex-girlfriend of famous England cricket player Stuart Broad. Looks like their family is no stranger to getting into relationships with famous athletes.

We should also note that Ruby Mae was involved with horse riding and gymnastics when she was a kid.

Ruby Mae Age, Height, and Body Measurements

Of all the facts about Ruby Mae we should also note that she is just a high school graduate and she never went to college or university. She is also a Christian and has white Caucasian descent. Ruby Mae is originally from Leicester, but she moved to London to pursue her modelling career and currently, she lives there.

The now 25 years old famous English lingerie and swimwear model Ruby Mae, is 175 centimeters or 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs around 55 kilograms or 121 pounds. Her breast, waist and hips size are respectively 34, 24 and 35. Ruby Mae has dark brown hair and her eye color is also brown. Her beautiful and athletic body was one of the main reasons that helped her succeed in the modelling business.

Professional Career of Ruby Mae

As we have told you before, Ruby Mae is a professional lingerie and swimwear model that has worked with many famous fashion brands such as Chanel, Adidas, Dolce & Gabbana, Hidden Fashion, Pour Moi, Rare London and many others. She has also modelled for online stores such as In the Style and Miss Pap. She is currently signed with the Boss Model Management in Manchester.

When asked about her modelling career, Ruby Mae said:

"I've been first spotted at the age of 15 and I've been doing modelling work ever since then," she said.

"This was not something I'd really wanted to do, as I initially thought I would be a veterinarian or a make-up artist, but my mom is also a model, and as I have always been tall and slim, so it just all happened very naturally." She added.

We should also add to the list of facts about Ruby Mae that she is also a famous beauty and fashion blogger on Instagram. She has almost 100 thousand followers on her Instagram account and from time to time she promotes many brands over there. Stay tuned to continue finding out more facts about Ruby Mae, Dele Alli’s girlfriend.

Ruby Mae and Dele Alli

As we mentioned before, Ruby Mae and Dele Alli first dated each other in 2016. The couple first decided to keep their relationship from public, but in the Euro 2016, when England national football team lost the match against Iceland in the Round of 16, Ruby Mae was seen comforting and kissing her love of life Dele Alli after the match. Since then, we have seen Ruby Mae in lots of Tottenham Hotspur and England national team matches supporting her boyfriend.

We have also seen Ruby Mae and Dele Alli spending time with each other on numerous occasions, from the streets of London to some luxury vacations. The couple’s love story continued until February 2019 when they decided that they should break up, however they choose to stay in contact after the breakup.

For a short time ever since, Dele Alli had been reported to have started dating Love Island star Megan Barton Hanson - who also just got out of a relationship with Wes Nelson, a reality TV star just at the same time.

However at the summer of 2019, while getting ready for the 2019 Champions League final versus Liverpool, Dele Alli asked Ruby Mae out to Madrid to help and support him, and since then they reawakened their love and relationship.

They spent the Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020 together in a fenced estate nearby Elstree, Hertfordshire, at Dele Alli's £2million luxury home.

At least at this point in their relationship, there is no signs and clues about if they are going to marry each other anytime soon. However, both Ruby Mae and Dele Alli are very young and we are not expecting them to get married in the foreseeable future. To know more and more facts about Ruby Mae, keep on reading the article!

Net Worth, Income, and Lifestyle of Ruby Mae

Although there is not much information about Ruby Mae’s income or net worth right now, there are some sources which claim her total net worth to be around 350 thousand pounds which is good for someone at her age. All of her income is from modelling work Ruby Mae does with different fashion and beauty brand all over the United Kingdom.

As the girlfriend of a talented and famous player like Dele Alli, Ruby Mae is currently enjoying a great luxurious life and if you are wondering what we mean by saying this, all you need to do is just to check out her Instagram account and see some snapshots of her life.

She spends most of her time eating at luxurious sushi restaurants now, posing as her hero Kim Kardashian, working as a model for major designer companies, and vacationing with her boyfriend in Mediterranean shores.

As with any successful WAG, Ruby just doesn't have a soccer player on her arm-she often has a pretty expensive designer purse too. As a model of Chanel, it's no wonder that she prefers the French company, and she was seen wearing gold Chanel pearl studs worth £ 500 as she witnessed her man beat Columbia at 2018 World Cup.

Ruby Mae was seen with a £ 1,000 Louis Vuitton designer bag as she visited a Boohoo event with her boyfriend, and she also posted a photo of her pose at a football match with her £1,460 Balenciaga Classic City purse. The model frequently wears an expensive Cartier Love bracelet, and she and Dele also sport sets of £290 Adidas x Raf Simons shoes.

Dele Alli, Ruby Mae and the Fashion

In the spring of 2018, Dele Alli partnered with BoohooMAN to bring together his fashion collection for the luxury retailer located in Manchester. The company has put out various collections with musicians like Tyga and French Montana in the past.

When BoohooMAN asked me to cooperate on this collection, I was incredibly excited. Especially after my relationship with Ruby, fashion has always been a passion of mine and it was excellent to be able to play a role in the process of clothing design. I just look forward to seeing and hearing feedback about this collection, in particular from Ruby Mae,' said Alli.

The collection was consisting of 74 soft pastel colored pieces and a selection of bomber jackets.

Ruby Mae adores Kim Kardashian

Ruby has already worked with Dolce and Gabbana and Chanel, but she's also modelled for high-street companies including Miss Pap, Lipsy London, Pretty Little Thing and Pour Moi, and also fairly spectacular designer companies.

She has already stated that Kim Kardashian is her icon in fashion as "she has the best look. What she is wearing, they all want it."

Describing her own style, she said, "It's pretty edgy. I enjoy getting a lot going on in my clothes, so I still strive to change it up with blending pieces and accessories instead of just adding a dress and heels, only."

My style at this moment is cycling shorts matched off the shoulders with a top, "she continues, that, interestingly enough, is a favorite look of Kim Kardashian's."

She is an Instagram queen

Ruby keeps her 100,000 followers up to date on her Instagram account with different photos, videos and stories, and a peek at her page indicates that she's enjoying her best life now. Along with sharing snapshots of her adorable dog Douglas and photos of her mates, she also gives her fans a taste of her life of luxurious vacations and exquisite modelling shoots worldwide.

It should be noted that one of Ruby’s main sources of income comes from her Instagram account where she makes money by endorsing fashion and beauty brands on here page.

One of the hottest wags out there

Ruby took the spotlight because of her natural looks and admirable personality. "I still look after my skin, but I think that washing can get it worse, so I generally only take off my make-up with just a skin wipe and instead invest in decent moisturisers," she said to Next.

And she doesn't even follow a straight kale diet and punish herself for her body in the gym. "I've always been so fortunate because I've never had to think of what I'm eating," she stated. "I've attempted to put on weight, but I have failed."

Yet she's got one tip to practice on her hard rock belly – horse riding. She's been a racer when she was just a kid, and it had paid off.

She says, "I've been to horse riding and gymnastics — they were the two activities I've been stuck with. Each birthday, I ask my mom for a horse, and I'm still waiting for it! I don't love working out at the gym, but I absolutely enjoy horse riding, so I think that's my kind of workout.

Ruby Mae loves vacations

Ruby enjoys a vacation like every WAG. In particular, she has told Next that perhaps the best piece of advice she's ever got is, "Be yourself and have fun." And she definitely is doing that.

She was a big fan of Spain's Ibiza well before she got into a relationship with Dele, but after that, this couple's vacations got far flashier.

Ruby usually hangs out at the Formentara, Mykonos in Greece, Blue Marlin in Ibiza, and also Las Vegas and Dubai.

Dele recently revealed that it is indeed Ruby who's always calls the shots about what restaurants they should go to. And she obviously enjoys the finer stuff in life.

Back in love at Champions League final

Tottenham Midfielder Dele Alli decided to take Ruby Mae to the Champions League Final match in Spain after reminding her that she was his "lucky charm" ahead of their clash with Liverpool. The star player and the beautiful brunette broke up in January 2019 after two and a half years dating.

His teammates said Dele was ready to win Ruby back and felt that her appearance at the Wanda Metropolitano in Madrid that night could help Tottenham win the trophy for the first time in their history.

As Dele finished his relationship with the Leicester-born Ruby Mae, he told his friends that he wanted to concentrate on the pitch. Yet just five months later, he has taken a U-turn and just decided to win her back. Although Tottenham failed to win that match, but since that night these two love birds are back together.

Now that you know much more facts about Ruby Mae, Dele Alli’s girlfriend let us know your thoughts on her in the comments section below.

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