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In this article, we are going to deal with the football myths of another European country: Denmark! Keep reading to see our list of the best Danish footballers of all time in our opinion!

The Danish men's national football team represents Denmark in the international men's soccer tournament.

The Danish national team won the Football at the 1906 Intercalated Games and has won silver medals at the 1908, 1912 and 1960 Olympic Games. However, Denmark did not qualify for the FIFA World Cup until 1986. The team is currently ranked 13th in the FIFA rankings.

In the following, we will briefly review the honors of Denmark national team. Then we will present a list of best Danish soccer players of all time in our opinion, and share the personal and professional backgrounds of each of these best Danish football players ever.

Best Danish footballers of all time

Before we get into the list of famous Danish soccer players in history in our opinion, we will have a brief overview of the honors of Danish national team.

Honors of Danish national team

Major titles

  • Winners: 1992

  • Semi-final: 1984

  • Fourth place: 1964

  • Winners: 1995

  • Silver: 1908, 1912, 1960

  • Bronze: 1948

UEFA European Championship


FIFA Confederations Cup


Football at the Summer Olympics


Minor titles

  • Winners: 1924–28, 1978–80, 1981–85

  • Winners: 1906

Nordic Football Championship


Football at the Intercalated Games


In the following, we will have a brief overview of the personal and professional characteristics of the greatest Danish footballers ever in our opinion!

Michael Laudrup 

Born in 15 June 1964, Michael Laudrup is the first player of the list of the

best Danish soccer players of all time


According to many experts, Laudrup is one of the best passers of all time, one of the most technical players in the history of football, and the best player in Denmark and the Scandinavian area.

Although Michael started playing football in Denmark, perhaps the beginning of his career coincides with his arrival in Serie A, Italy.

He moved to Italy in 1982 to play one season on loan for Lazio. But it provided a good opportunity for him to attract the attention of


, his next destination.

Six successful seasons with the "Old Lady" and then the experience of playing in La Liga, with



Michael's arrival at Barça coincided with a time when Dutch legend Johan Cruyff was trying to revive the Barcelona team using the "total football" system which he brought with him from Dutch club,



And as part of Barça's "dream team", Michael played an important role in the team's four consecutive La Liga titles. But unfortunately, this 5-year companionship did not end in sweetness. After a clash with Cruyff, Laudrup moved to Barça's main rival, Real Madrid.

Two years later, Laudrup left

Real Madrid

after Real Madrid's 4-0 loose to AC Milan in the final of 1994 European Cup.

Three years later, after playing in the Dutch Premier League, Laudrup retired.

He usually played as an attacking midfielder and usually near the offensive line. However, he also had the ability to play as a second striker, defensive midfielder and winger.

During his career, Laudrup has won numerous awards and achievements . he was Danish Player of the Year (2), Best Foreign Player in Spanish Football in the last 25 years (1974–1999), and UEFA Golden Player (Greatest Danish Footballer of the last 50 Years).

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The next player in the list of

best Danish footballers of all time

? keep reading to see!

Peter Schmeichel 

Peter Bolesław Schmeichel, born in 18 November 1963 (age 56), is our next choice for the

greatest Danish footballers ever


Known for his unique way of saving the gate called "Star Jump", Peter began his career in 1987 with Brondby, Denmark's most famous club. Four brilliant seasons for the team and four consecutive Danish league titles attracted the attention of many prestigious clubs, and at the end of the 1990-91 season, Peter went to Manchester United on a £530,000 deal.

He played for Manchester United for eight years and made more than 300 appearances for the club. Peter then joined Sporting Lisbon Portugal, but returned to England after two seasons in Portugal, playing for Aston Villa and then Manchester City.

At the national level, Schmeichel was the main goalkeeper of the Danish national team for 14 years and holds the record for 129 appearances for his country's national team.

The tall, technical goalkeeper finally said goodbye to the world of football in 2003 at the age of 39.

Schmeichel  was Det Gyldne Bur (Danish Goalkeeper of the Year) (4), Danish Football Player of the Year (3), UEFA Goalkeeper of the Year (3), IFFHS World's Best Goalkeeper (2), Premier League Player of the Season (1), and UEFA Club Goalkeeper of the Year (1).

Can you guess the next player of the

best Danish footballers of all time

Christian Eriksen

Born in 14 February 1992 (age 28), Christian Dannemann Eriksen is one of the players who was noticed by the best European clubs from a very young age.

Being one of

Denmark greatest all-time soccer players

, and while playing for Denmark under-19, he received offers from Chelsea, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Manchester United and Milan, but eventually opted to join Ajax.

He joined Ajax in late 2008 on a two-and-a-half-year deal, playing for Ajax's senior teams since 2010 and scoring 25 goals in 113 appearances for the club until 2013.

Although this decision may have surprised many, but the next destination of Christian was Tottenham!

He was one of Tottenham Hotspur's key players until this year, and has been in the starting line-up for all seven seasons, helping to revive Tottenham's position in the Premier League.

With the start of the 2020-21 season, Christian joined Inter Milan. Many Inter Milan fans, as well as Christian's fans, are waiting to see how this talented and technical player looks in the Inter squad.

Eriksen was Ajax Talent of the Year (1), Danish Talent of the Year (2), Dutch Football Talent of the Year (1), Danish Football Player of the Year (4), and Tottenham Hotspur Player of the Year (2).

And the next player in the list of

best Danish footballers of all time

, Preben Elkjær!

Preben Elkjær 

Born in 11 September 1957 (age 63), Preben Elkjær started playing football with the Vanløse IF team in 1976. Although he only played for the team for one season, he joined 1. FC Köln in Germany at the end of the same season, which was one of the leading clubs in Europe at the time.


one of the best Danish football players ever

, stayed in the team for only one season, but this time the reason for leaving the team was incompatibility with the orderly environment and regulations of German clubs. His verbal altercation with his coach, Hennes Weisweiler was controversial at the time!

Weisweiler is said to have asked him: "I have been informed that you spent the night in a nightclub with a bottle of whiskey and a lady." Elkjær 's answer was shocking: "This is a lie, in fact it was a bottle of vodka and two ladies!"

His next club was Lokeren in Belgium, where he remained for five years. After that, he joined the Verona F.C. In his first season with the team, Elkjær was instrumental in Verona's success in winning its first Serie A title.

One of his brightest moments in Verona was when he continued to run with the ball in the game against Juventus with his right shoe off his foot and shot the ball towards the goal with the same bare foot!

In 1988, Elkjær returned to Danish football with Vejle BK. His presence as a superstar in national football draws many spectators to the stadium. Unfortunately, his serious injury did not allow him to play as expected by his fans and he said goodbye to the world of football two years later.

He was one of the most famous smoking footballers, and was very stubborn with a unique style of combination of physical collisions and excellent dribbling abilities which made him a powerful yet dynamic player who scores from time to time.

He was Danish Player of the Year (1) and part of FIFA World Cup All-Star Team (1).

Who do you expect to be the next player in the list of

best Danish footballers of all time

Brian Laudrup

Born in 22 February 1969 (age 51), Brian Laudrup is one other player in the list of

Denmark greatest all-time soccer players

in our opinion.

Michael Laudrup's brother, Brian, was also a technical, creative player with incredible speed and excellent ball control.

Brian and Michael are considered to be the most talented brothers to have played in a World Cup together. Although the overall performance of Danish national team at the 1998 World Cup was not very satisfactory, but these two brothers had a key role in the team.

Playing styles of these two brothers were completely different. Although Brian speed and ability to dribble constantly created scoring opportunities for him, and despite his good ability to shoot with both passes, he was more known as a selfish player who preferred to score himself instead of creating scoring opportunities for his teammates.

Brian was a brilliant player who was Danish Player of the Year (4), Best Player (FIFA Confederations Cup, then known as King Fahd cup) (1), SFWA Footballer of the Year (2), and SPFA Players' Player of the Year (1).

The next place in the list of best Danish footballers of all time in our opinion belongs to Morten Olsen.

Morten Olsen

Born in 14 August 1949 (age 71) and being Danish Football Player of the Year in 1983 and 1986, Morten Per Olsen deserves to be named in the list of

Denmark greatest all-time soccer players


Interestingly, during his career Olsen could play in all positions except goalkeeper and was a really versatile team player.

With recommendation of Danish international player, Benny Nielsen, Olsen started his professional career in Belgian club, Brugge, and he played alongside Nielsen on this team.

Olsen's next destination was Molenbeek, where he also played for the Danish national team, Benny Nielsen and Kresten Bjerre.

Interestingly, Olsen was again with Benny Nielsen in his next team, winning his first senior championship in Anderlecht.

He played for Anderlecht for six years, winning three Belgian championships with the club and eventually being named captain of Anderlecht.

Olsen was 36 years old when he left Anderlecht after the 1986 World Cup and joined 1 FC Köln in the Bundesliga, where he remained until the end of his career.

The next player in the list of best Danish footballers of all time in our opinion is Allan Simonsen.

Allan Simonsen

Born in 15 December 1952 (age 67), Allan Rodenkam Simonsen was a great striker who, despite not being tall or having a strong athletic body, was very fast and technical and could score in very unlikely situations.

As one of the best Danish soccer players of all time, most of his successes were in the Borussia Mönchengladbach. Playing there, he attracted the attention of European-level teams. Finally, rejecting offers from Hamburger SV, Juventus, and several Arabian clubs, he joined Barcelona.

His presence in Barcelona was the culmination of Simonsen's career. In three successful seasons in Barcelona, Simonsen was once the team's top scorer, won a Copa del Rey title, and helped Barcelona to win the European cup, with a stunning header in final match against the Liege standard. With Maradona arriving in Barcelona, ​​Spanish league restrictions on foreign players forced Simonsen to ask Barcelona to cancel his contract.

Rejecting offers from Real Madrid and Tottenham, he opted to play for a low-stress team and was transferred to English second division side Charlton Athletic on a 300,000 deal.

The following year he returned to the first club of his childhood, Vejle BK, and remained there until his retirement.

Simonsen was European Cup Top Scorer (1) and UEFA Cup Top Scorer (1). He won one Ballon d'Or.

The next player in the list of best Danish footballers of all time in our opinion is Kasper Schmeichel.

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Kasper Schmeichel 

Born in 5 November 1986 (age 34), Kasper Peter Schmeichel is another player of our list of famous Danish soccer players in history.

Football seemed to be institutionalized in the blood of Peter Schmeichel 's son, Kasper. Like his father, is a capable and talented goalkeeper, who has followed a very different path than his father, and has had many ups and downs.

Kasper started his football career at Manchester City and had a five-season contract with the team. But he played almost all of the time on loan for other clubs, including Darlington, Bury, Falkirk, Cardiff City and Coventry City, and played in just eight games for Manchester City.

After a year at Notts County and a year at Lears United, Kasper finally found his place in the starting line-up and has been with Leicester City since 2011.

But from the individual point of view, Kasper is a great goalkeeper. He was Danish Football Player of the Year (2), Leicester City Player of the Season (2), Leicester City Player's Player of the Season (2), the Best FIFA Goalkeeper (3rd place) in 2018, and part of the Football League Team of the Decade(2005–2015).

The next player in the list of best Danish footballers of all time in our opinion is Daniel Agger.

Daniel Agger 

Born in 12 December 1984 (age 35) and being one of the best Danish soccer players of all time, Daniel Munthe Agger owes much of his fame to being one of Liverpool's regular players in the league for almost a decade.

Described as "a fine reader of the game, comfortable on the ball and blessed with a ferocious shot", and skilled in perfect tackles, he also had an attacking style of play that allowed him to play ahead in counterattacks.

In addition, he had very powerful shots that could have hit the goal from a great distance and scored points, such as his famous goal against West Ham, which became the BBC Goal of the Month in August 2006.

Although Agger himself was not usually newsworthy, his conceptual tattoos received a lot of media attention. He retired two years after leaving Liverpool and returning to Mena, and now he can enjoy his tattoos without being marginalized!

By the way before getting retired, he was Danish Football Player of the Year in 2007 and 2012!

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The last player in the list of best Danish football players ever in our opinion is Jon Dahl Tomasson.

Jon Dahl Tomasson

Born in 29 August 1976 (age 44) and being Danish Player of the Year (2), Jon Dahl Tomasson is one other player of our list of Denmark greatest all-time soccer players.

His first appearance in a professional club was at the age of 18 for the Dutch team Heerenveen. His two seasons with the team were very successful and in addition to winning the title of the best young player in the Netherlands, he attracted the attention of several clubs.

In 1997, he joined Newcastle United in the English Premier League to play as an attacking midfielder. But his unfamiliarity with the English style of play and his low physical strength led to his not very successful performance.

The following year, Jon joined the Feyenoord team and spent four successful seasons with the team. With the expiration of his contract in the summer of 2002, he joined Milan.

Although he played as a substitute in his first season in Milan, he was included in the regular squad the following seasons and was part of the main team that won the 2004 Italian Super Cup.

After two seasons at VfB Stuttgart and one season at Villarreal, Tomasson became one of five players to have played in the English Premier League, the German Bundesliga, the Italian Serie A and the Spanish La Liga.

Finally, in 2008, he returned to Feyenoord. Tomasson had a great start to the team but suffered a long-term injury and played just 14 games in the 2008-09 season.

His misfortunes continued and he suffered serious injuries in the next two seasons, so it was determined that his treatment period would be very long. As a result, on June 6, 2011, he decided to say goodbye to the world of football.

Despite his remarkable lack of speed and physical strength, Tomasson was known for his sense of positioning, discipline in training, his movement from the ball, and his ability to create space for his teammates.

Tomasson was 1996 Dutch Football Talent of the Year, and 2002 and 2004 Danish Player of the Year.

In this article we had a brief look on the best Danish footballers of all time in our opinion. In the next articles we will review other greatest Danish footballers ever and their honors and achievements.


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