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Manchester United biggest losses in history

Thu 15 October 2020 | 6:30

As one of the best clubs in the Premier League and also the football world, Manchester United has always been one of the most successful teams in the world. But besides all the brilliant victories they have achieved so far, they also have lost a bunch of matches to their rivals.

Manchester United; a very famous and honorable club with a remarkable, rich history. Every time we hear about this respectful team, it reminds us of many great memories about victories, tragic losses, great players like Giggs, Cantona, Nevil Brothers, David Beckham, and his strong and beautiful free kicks. Manchester United is not just a club. It is like the history of football, an old club that ages more than 140 years.

They won 20 League titles, including 13 Premier League title that makes them the most successful club in England in terms of league titles. They also have won 12 FA cups and 21 FA Community Shields. This famous and adorable club, like any great club in the world, had disastrous Losses that no one could easily forget them. One of their embarrassing losses was on Sunday against Tottenham in week 4 of the 2020-21 premier league, as in a struggling clash, they lost with the shocking 1-6 result at Old Trafford. 

This Disappointing loss reminds us and Most of the Football fans of all Manchester United heaviest defeats in history.

So if you are ready, without further ado, we take a look at Manchester United biggest losses in history. 

Manchester United worst defeats in history

As we mentioned earlier the Red Devils, had shocking domestic and national defeats, but here we just talk about

Manchester United biggest losses in history

of the Premier League. 

Manchester United 0-1 Arsenal, 2002

As the first match on our list of the

Manchester United biggest defeats ever

, we want to mention the Red Devils loss against Arsenal back in 2002.

Without any doubts, Many united fans, and of course, Arsenal fans remember this match of 2001/02

premier league

season. At that season, the Gunners sealed a double as they won the FA Cup, and with Sylvain Wiltord's goal, they also gained the premier league title. But on the Other side, everything was disappointing for Manchester United. After this 0-1 defeat against Arsenal, they became third in the premier league table, and that was such a disaster for a great club under Ferguson, So this could be one of Manchester united worst losses of all time.

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Manchester United 0-3 Everton, 1992


Here is the second loss on our list of the biggest losses of Manchester United history.

Manchester United started the season with a loss as they were beaten by

Sheffield United

. Their bad start affected future matches and resulted in a 3-0 loss against Everton. The match was held at Old Trafford. Everything was under control until the last minute of the first half, Peter Beardsley, who had formerly played for the Devils, scored the first goal for The Black Watch. But this was not enough for the Merseysiders as they scored two more goals at 80 and 90 minutes against their host.

The United fans never forget This heartbreaking loss. 

Southampton 3-1 Manchester United, 1996

Third on our list of the Manchester United biggest losses in history, is the team’s loss against 



This memorable game that was held at The Dell can be one of

Manchester United worst defeats in history

. A catastrophic defeat that ruined Ferguson pupils. They conceded three goals during the first half. Keneth Monkou in the 11th minute, Neil Shipperley in the 23rd minute, and Matthew Le Tissier in the 43rd minute scored 3 goals for Southampton.

United were 3-0 down at half-time. A result that Ferguson could not bear! What was the problem? Players kit?! Sir Alex came up with a solution. "The players don't like the grey strip," said Ferguson at the half time Break. "They find it difficult to pick each other out. We had to change the strip." At that game, Manchester players started the game with a grey away kit, but after conceding 3 goals in the first half, Ferguson ordered the team to change into a blue and white kit. This solution was not so helpful, and they managed to score just one goal in the 89th minute thanks to Ryan Giggs.

Aston Villa 3-1 Manchester United , 1995

Manchester United’s 3-1 loss against Aston Villa, is the next on our list of the Manchester United biggest losses in history.

The 1995/96 season was the fourth season of Manchester United in the Premier League. The club was filled with young players like Nicky Butt, David Beckham, and Paul Scholes. They had to start The season without any great signing or Enough experience.

So it was not shocking when they lost 3-1 against Aston Villa. So much pressure on young players and Ferguson Himself, as they conceded 3 goals in the first half. 

The United’s young talent, David Beckham, with the help of Irwin’s assist scored the only goal for the Red Devils. 

In the end, they won the title that so spectacular for United fans.

Time to move forward and talk about the next on our list of the

Manchester United heaviest defeats in history


Manchester United 1-6 Manchester City, 2011

Manchester United’s 1-6 defeat against the Citizens, is the next on our list of the

Manchester United biggest losses in history


What a day for City fans!

Manchester City

, at a Dramatic Match at Old Trafford, Smashed their rival with 6 Goals! They were so Decisive to win Their First Premier League title, and this victory over an Almighty Rival Like United was like a propulsion that pushed them toward League cup. Everything started in the 22nd Minute when Balotelli scored City’s first goal, but that was not enough for him as he scored Man City’s and his second goal in the 60th minute. Although Daren Fletcher’s Goal in the 80th minute Brought back hope to Red Devil’s fans and players, The citizens Stormed up in just three minutes! In the 90th, 91st, and 93rd minute, they scored three more goals and finished the game with 6 magnificent goals. It was a memorable game for both sides.

Tottenham Hotspur 4-1 Manchester United, 1996

1995/96 was a great season for Manchester United cause they became the first English team to win the double. But one of their great Losses in the premier league Happened back then in 1996. At that very season, the club sold great players like Mark Hughes and Andrei Kanchelskis. So it seemed there would be lots of pressure on the team. One of the many reasons for United’s loss against spurs was the injury of players like Scholes that was at the back.


players used their opponent weak points and scored four goals that were heartbreaking for Man United fans. Chris Armstrong scored two goals, and Teddy Sheringham and Sol Campbell Scored one goal Each. The one and only Goal of Man United scored by Andrew Cole. That’s how one of the

Manchester United highest defeats ever

happened in White Hart Lane, in London.

Manchester United 1-4 Liverpool, 2009

The next heavy defeat on our list of the

biggest losses of Manchester United history

, is it’s loss against Liverpool in 2009. It was a decade ago that one of the worst nightmares of Manchester United come true. Their bitter rival, Liverpool, was ready to conquer another Battle with great players like Torres and Gerrard that could penetrate into every defense wall. 

At first young Cristiano Ronaldo Scored a goal from the spot and gave the host team the lead. Everything was great for the Red Devils until just five minutes later, Nemanja Vidic made a terrible mistake and put Fernando Torres in a one-on-one situation with the goalkeeper. Just one shot needed to equalize the game. In the 44th minute, Liverpool took the lead with Gerrard’s goal from the penalty spot.

In the second half of the match, Vidic committed a foul against Gerrad and was sent off by a Red card. His second horrible mistake led to the third goal for Liverpool; a very beautiful free-kick by Aurelio made it 3-1 after that Andrea Dossena scored the fourth goal for the Reds. It was a great victory for Liverpool, but in the end, Ferguson and his men won the premier league title.

Chelsea 5-0 Manchester United, 1999 

At 1999/00 season, Manchester was on fire! Fabulous results with a stunning record of 29 games without being beaten. But one team ruined everything. A team from London broke this chain with 5 goals!

Chelsea and Man United faced one another at Stamford Bridge, London. In the beginning, just after 28 seconds, Poyet scored a goal for The Blues. Manchester United had some useless attacks and couldn't equalize; nothing happened for them until the 16th minute when Sutton scored the second goal for Chelsea with a beautiful header. Manchester United was not in its best shape, and it seemed it got harder to make amends because Butt was Shown a red card in the 22nd minute.

With so much pressure on united players, it was almost impossible for them to score just one goal. In the 54th minute, Poyet scored his second goal with a stunning kick that sent the ball onto the underside of the bar. That was not enough for Chelsea. It seemed they wanted to humiliate their rivals. Within 2 minutes, they scored 4th goal with Berg’s help. An own goal could complete the worst scenario for Manchester United at Stamford bridge.

But it was not complete yet, as in the 81st minute


Jody Morris scored 5th goal. That match, without a doubt, was one of Manchester united biggest losses of all time. They lost their unbeaten run with 5 goals! But at the end of the season, they won the title for the sixth time in the premier league. Which heavy defeat, do you think is the next on our list of the Manchester United biggest losses in history?

Southampton 6-3 Manchester, 1996

The team’s defeat against Southampton in 1996, is the next on our list of the Manchester United biggest losses in history.

The 1990s was the great decade for Manchester united. They had players Like Cantona, Beckham, and Scholes. In the 1992/93 season, they won their first title in the Premier League. The club introduced their best players in 1992. They bought Eric Cantona that scored 9 goals in his first season at United and won the title with his teammates. In the 1996/97 season, Cantona was one of the main players for the Red Devils.

They became champions of the Premier League, although they experienced one of their biggest losses against Southampton. This disastrous match was just one week after their chaotic loss against Newcastle United with 5 goals. They Arrived at The Dell to begin another embarrassing match. Another game with a red card and own goal for Red Devils. Eyal Berkovic and Egil Ostenstad scored two goals each. Matthew Le Tissier scored another goal in the 35th minute, and Phil Neville, with an own goal, finished everything for Manchester United and Southampton.

On the other side, David Beckham in the 41st minute, David May in 56th minute, and Paul Scholes in the 89th minute scored three goals for Manchester United that weren’t helpful for them. United won the title in that season, although Cantona Retirement one month after their championship shocked United fans and players. He left Manchester with an unsuccessful following season.

Close to the end of our article on the Manchester United highest defeats ever, here’s

Manchester United worst loss of all time

, which was held between the two Manchester old rivals.

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Manchester City 4-1 Manchester United, 2013

Last but not least, we have Man Utd’s loss against Man City in 2013, on our list of the

Manchester United biggest losses in history


In the 2013/14 season, Manchester United didn’t make big changes at the team. The most significant change was David Moyes's employment as the manager. He turned Everton into a successful and strong team within 11 years from 2002 till 2013, but with Red Devils, things were different cause after just one year, he had to leave the club as no one was that patient to wait 11 years to see those golden days once again. One of the bitter memories that will certainly come flooding back to his mind and many football fans is United’s tragic Loss against City in that very season.

Nobody expected such a surprising result, even City fans. Manchester started the season without their beloved Manager, Sir Alex Ferguson. He left the club after 27 years. It was a big change for the team and the fans. As if Moyes’s team had not that reputation of the past. Now they were in Etihad, against their defiant opponent. Manchester City had skillful players like Nasri, Yaya Toure, and Jesus Navas. They also had Alvaro Negredo and Sergio Aguero at the front, a perfect duo that could beat any team, even Manchester United.

Sergio Aguero

, Man city goal scoring Machin, scored the first goal in the 16th minute.

He was in the box and received the ball with no harm and took the lead ahead of the Red devils. One goal margin was not very satisfying for City players, so in the last seconds of the first half, when everybody waited for the referee whistle, Yaya Toure scored the second goal in the 45th Minute. It was all up to Moyes to find a way to save the team from another embarrassment. 

But in the second half and just after two minutes, Aguero made a brace and scored the third goal for Manchester City. With three conceded goals, everything got harder for Manchester United. The worst thing happened in the 50th minute when Samir Nasri scored the fourth goal and completed a terrible night for his opponent, and no matter what, it did not get any better with Rooney's goal in the 87th minute. 

That’s it. These are some of Manchester United biggest losses in history that we mentioned in our list. Do you agree with us? Did you like our article on Manchester United biggest defeats ever? If You think that something is missing in the list, tell us in the comment section. Do not miss other articles about interesting facts and news in the football world. 

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