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Facts you need to know about Erika Choperena, Antoine Griezmann’s wife

Here we show you all the details about the woman who conquered the heart of the French footballer Antoine Griezmann.

We let you know the young woman who shares her life with the Atletico Madrid star and is the mother of her children, Mia, Amaro and Alba.

On March 5, 1990, Erika Choperena was born in Spain. In 2011, she personally met Antoine Griezmann in Spain. At the time, Griezmann was a member of the Spanish La Liga football team Real Sociedad.

Later in his career, Griezmann also played for FC Barcelona, a powerhouse in La Liga.

Griezmann is currently serving his second contract with Atletico Madrid, another La Liga giant.

The two eventually started messaging one other after multiple instances of crossing paths, and the wedding took place on June 15, 2017.

Top facts you need to be informed about Erika Choperena

Her goal is not fame but to be a good housewife maybe, though she is an educated mother, a child psychologist. A 'WAGs' different from the others! Let's find out why…

Erika Choperena biography

The interesting fact about Erika Choperena

is that she is a child psychologist. Erika Choperena is best known for being the wife of the



Antoine Griezmann

, Erika Choperena was born on 5 March 1991 in Spain. She currently ages 33 years old and has the birth sign of Pisces. She is Spanish and belongs to a Spaniard's ethnicity.

Erika Choperena became known as soccer star

Antoine Griezmann's wife

. She ran her own beauty blog until Antoine's fame got in the way of the site and deactivated it. Before Fame Erika Choperena met Antoine while studying education in college in San Sebastian, Spain.

The most important fact about Erika Choperena

is that she and Antoine speak different languages. She is a native Spanish speaker while Antoine speaks French. Erika and Antoine started dating in 2011 and got married in 2017. They have a daughter named Mia born in April 2016 and a son named Amaron in 2019.

Despite her husband's celebrity, Choperena likes to remain out of the limelight.

Antoine Griezmann and Erika Choperena, a real love story in a world

Little is known about the private life of

Antoine Griezmann


The French striker, very jealous of his private life, has never liked being in the media spotlight. However, since reaching the 2022 World Cup final, the private and family life of the French team has once again made headlines in the sports and heart press.

Despite being French by birth, Antoine Griezmann has a special bond with Spain, both in his personal and professional life. The player entered the Spanish League almost asking for permission, after several clubs in his country rejected him for being below average.

It was a Basque talent recruiter who signed the young man for

Real Sociedad

, the team that rescued him at 13 and launched his career when he was about to leave.

So much so that it has been in our country where he has formed a family. The French forward met

Erika Choperena

in San Sebastián in 2011, when Griezmann was a member of Real Sociedad. The young Donostiarra Pedagogy student did not know that he was a soccer player.

The player crossed paths with Erika thanks to the fact that her residence was the same one where she ate with the rest of the team. "Erika was studying at a boarding school next to where we trained. We crossed paths a couple of times and we began to send each other messages,” Griezmann said during an interview.

His was love at first sight but it took him a year to win Erika Choperena over. The Frenchman was known in the team for his physical attractiveness and he never lacked suitors, however the forward had no eyes for anyone other than Erika and he wanted her for life. From the first moment in which the young woman stepped on Anoeta's box to encourage him, the couple has not separated again.

In 2014 an offer came from Cholo Simeone to go to

Atletico Madrid

that he could not refuse.

The astonishing fact about Erika Choperena

is that it was always rumored that Erika Choperena was the one who stopped Griezmann from making the jump to another team in the Spanish First Division.

However, her love for him made Erika leave everything, pack her bags and move to the capital to support him in his dream. He was presented on July 31, 2014 at the Vicente Calderón stadium and on August 10, 2014 he made his debut with his new team in a friendly match against VfL Wolfsburg. At 27, Antoine Griezmann is considered one of the famous footballers in the world, a title that has cost him sweat and tears.

Erika Choperena and Antoine Griezmann first child, Mia

In April 2016 they became first-time parents to a beautiful blonde girl they named Mia. On May 7, the couple baptized their daughter Mia and less than a month later they formalized their relationship by going through the altar. Six years together and a daughter were needed so that on June 15 of that same year,

Antoine Griezmann and Erika Choperena

, his girlfriend celebrated a family and intimate wedding at the Galiana Palace, in Toledo.

The forward never tires of dedicating tokens of love to his partner, with whom he always has details. Thus, during a match held in March 2016 with

Atletico Madrid

, Griezmann celebrated his goal with a dedication to what would be his future wife. "Happy birthday, chubby," you could read on her shirt.

It is precisely in Madrid where they received their first daughter, the precious


, in April. The birth of the little girl was a big change for

Antoine Griezmann,

who spoke of his arrival in El Hormiguero 3.0: "As I am going to be a father, I can no longer walk with a crest, nor with white hair. It will be a girl and when I see, you're going to be scared, "he said jokingly.

The fascinating fact about Erika Choperena

is her degree in pedagogy. For her part, Erika Choperena, although she has a degree in Pedagogy, she has always shown herself to be passionate about fashion.

So much so that she even had a "Cordially Erika" blog, in which she talked about the latest trends. A hobby that he ended up abandoning because fame surpassed him. "She is a very discreet woman," they assured from their surroundings. "She knows that the leading role belongs to Antoine and she doesn't care. He prefers his life to be as normal as possible, away from the spotlights and photographers,” they stated.

Erika Choperena height, age, career, nationality and body measurement

Erika is blessed with a decent

body measurement

of 32-26-33 inches


And she stands tall at the


5 feet 4 inches (168 cm) and weighs about 55 kilograms.

Her age is 33 and her


is an Instagram star. Another

important fact about Erika Choperena

is that she is a house wife too. Her


is French though her husband,

Antoine Griezmann

has Portuguese roots.

Antoine Griezmann and Erika Choperena’s children!

Together, the couple is the parents of two daughters and a boy. By chance, despite being born in different years, all three of the children share the same birthday date.

Their first kid, a girl named Mia, was born on April 8, 2016; their second child, a son named Amaro, was born on April 8, 2019; and their third child, a daughter named Alba, was born on April 8, 2020.


Erika Choperena Net Worth

Erika Chopenera net worth is estimated at around $750k USD as of 2023. Antoine Griezmann, her husband, is a professional French footballer who plays for the Spanish club Atletico Madrid and the French National Football Team.

He plays the forward position for his team. In 2009, he began his career with Real Sociedad by winning the Segunda Division title in his first season. After spending a few years with Real Sociedad, Griezmann moved to Atletico Madrid in 2014 for a whopping €30 million, which was a club record at that time.

He became one of the most expensive players in history after moving to Barcelona in 2019 for a price of €120 million.

The car of the French star does not look that luxurious as some of the cars owned by him includes from the brand of BMW, Bentley and McLaren P1.

The estimated value of this real estate property is around $2.1 million. Some popular brands that he is joined with are EA Sports, Gillette, Head & Shoulders and HYT Watches. Beats by Dre is latest brand for which he became an ambassador.

Erika Choperena applauds Antoine Griezmann

Erika Choperena is one of the people who most applauded Antoine Griezmann's goals ever.

They met when he was still a talent of football and she, a young woman from Vera de Bidasoa (Navarra) a year younger who was studying Pedagogy in San Sebastián.

Almost twelve years after meeting, the couple continues to be an accomplice and in love. Griezmann always greets his wife from the field and dedicates many of his goals to her, as could be seen, for example, in Euro 2016 in France.

Lifestyle of Erika Choperena, wife of Antoine Griezmann

Erika and Antoine

met when the footballer played for

<span style="color:#4472C4">

Real Sociedad


They dated since 2011. Some believe that love at first sight does not exist, but Erika Choperena and Antoine Griezmann could assure that it does, because every time the footballer saw his now wife, for the first time, he was completely smitten.

When Erika, a young woman from Vera de Bidasoa (Navarra), was studying pedagogy, she met Griezmann in 2011 in San Sebastián, just when he was playing for Real Sociedad.

Although her chemistry was immediate, it took the forward a year to conquer her.

<span style="font-size:12pt">

Love for him made Erika leave everything and they went to Madrid together, as Antoine arrived at Atlético de Madrid in 2014. The couple decided to get married in 2017 at the Galiana Palace in Toledo.

As Erika always felt passionate and attracted to fashion she started and started with a blog "Cordially Erika". Now she is a successful businesswoman, as she has a swimsuit store called AQUE APPAREL.

Erika Choperena Instagram

Although Erika Choperena does not upload photos so often on her


account, Choperena has more than 338,000 followers, with whom she shares a bit of her lifestyle, her children, trips, among other things.

Neither is

Erika Choperena

a lover of sharing her life on the networks nor does she seek to have a presence in social events, in fact this graduate in Pedagogy and passionate about fashion had a blog, with enough success, in which she shared her favorite looks that she ended up closing.

Griezmann, for his part, shows on Instagram the love he feels for his family. Once at Christmas, he dedicated a romantic message that said the following: "This year I was left without a list, because I have everything to be happy," he wrote next to a photo of Erika.

After getting married, Griezmann traveled to the United States to fulfill several professional commitments, but for three days they have already been enjoying their honeymoon.

Erika revealed it on Instagram without revealing the chosen destination and the player shared one of his moments of fun: a dance of his wife dancing Maluma with thanks to the singer included.

Erika Choperena, a discreet Spanish in the 'Olympus of the Gods'

Antoine Griezmann was one of the candidates for best player in Europe in the 2015-16 UEFA Best Player in Europe award, and he came accompanied by his girl, the most discreet WAG, Erika Choperena.

All eyes - especially those of fans of the "beautiful game" - were on Monte Carlo while UEFA held the Champions League draw at a Gala and, even more, anticipated, announced who was the best player in Europe. The "Olympus of the Gods" of football met in Monaco and, among them, a Spanish: Erika Choperena.

Discretion has been his maxim since his relationship with Antoine Griezmann began; however, as the Frenchman began to grow on the grass and gain popularity until he was considered one of the best footballers in Europe. At the service of his country's national team, this desire to take a back seat only increased.

Although finally there were no surprises and it was Cristiano Ronaldo - who along with the Frenchman and his teammate, Gareth Bale, who went without his fiancée, Emma Rhys Jones, were the other candidates. Erika - in a silver dress and a very natural look- was by Antoine's side from minute one and also recorded with his mobile the moment his partner got on stage.

Antoine Griezmann and Erika Choperena kissing

Atletico Madrid footballer Antoine Griezmann giving himself an incredible kiss with his girlfriend Erika Choperena.

The fantastic fact about Erika Choperena is that she is really loved by her husband who is her previous boyfriend, Antoine Griezmann. He tried to won her for a year.

The tiny player put his team into the grand final of Euro 2016 after scoring the two goals that defeated Germany. In the stands, as almost always, his girl enjoyed and suffered in equal parts.

After the meeting, Antoine Griezmann melted into his kiss with the young woman, Erika Choperena.

Erika Choperena, Griezmann's boss and wife

At 31, Antoine Griezmann is considered one of the famous footballers in the world today. But like everyone else, it has not been easy to get here. Born in the French town of Mâcon, he left his country at the age of 13 to join the Royal Society after several powerful French clubs rejected him for his short stature.

He grew up far from home, but sportingly he obtained his fruits and was progressively promoted in each category of the San Sebastian team.

Another amazing fact about Erika Choperena’s life is that when Antoine Griezmann succeeded, they did not separate again and it became a fundamental pillar in his life. "It has made me better on the field and off" acknowledged Griezmann in an interview with El Transistor in which he recalled his love story. Erika Choperena is "the boss"

In a most personal interview for Icon magazine, Griezmann revealed that Erika is "the boss" for him. "Because she is the one who takes me everything. There are works at home and she is the one who handles everything, the papers at home, at the club ... I forget about the paperwork. So I only think about football. And that comes to me very fine,” Griezmann explained.

A week before giving the "yes I want", Griezmann granted a personal interview to Icon in which, among many topics, he also revealed why for him Erika is "the boss".

In addition to the house and the paperwork, Erika also makes sure that her children do not affect the footballer's rest. "Before the girl had colic and slept badly at night.

My boss took care of her and I went to another room to be able to rest for the game. Now the three of us sleep together. And if she wakes up, I will give her the pacifier" the player commented.

But in this interview, Griezmann also revealed that there is something in which Erika is not decisive: in her frequent changes of look.

“Sometimes she can suggest something to me. Or she prepares a look for me in bed and I wear it. It depends. I don't usually ask her about her hair. At first she didn't like it at all, but then she got used to it. Only 50% of the time she will, I pay attention," Griezmann added.

A nostalgy of the beautiful WAG

Griezmann's wife gets nostalgic and shows how they were seven years ago. Erika Choperena once posted an image in which both are seen in 2011, when the forward was 20 years old and was a key player in Real Sociedad.

Erika Choperena, Antoine Griezmann's wife, also posted an image that shows the couple years ago, when the Atlético de Madrid footballer was only 20 years old and was active in the ranks of Real Sociedad. "Love at first laugh," he wrote about photography, thus recalling the moments when the relationship began to take hold.

The young woman from Vera de Bidasoa (Navarra), graduated in Pedagogy, and the French attacker are one of the most consolidated couples on the Spanish football scene.

They became parents in 2016 after the birth of their daughter Mia, they secretly married in 2017.

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