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Best Barcelona Defenders of all time

Barcelona have hosted some of the best defensive players in the world. Read on to find out more about the best Barcelona defenders of all time.

Every football club that wants to reach glory must pay great attention to all of the positions on the field to defend its honor, which is not to concede goals.

Although the aim of not conceding goals stems from the cooperation of all the players on the pitch, defenders play the most important role as their name indicates this fact.

FC Barcelona

, which has earned the most trophies throughout history among European clubs, equal to

Real Madrid

with 91 official titles won, is no exception.

Barcelona have won 26

La Liga

titles, 30 Copa del Reys, 17 Spanish Supercups and 5 Champions league titles. None of which would have been feasible if Barcelona had not had all those great defenders who have guard the team's goal for more than a century.

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Let's check some of the best Barcelona defenders of all time:

The following defenders warrant to be mentioned among the finest Barcelona defenders of all time.

Jordi Alba

  • Full name: Jordi Alba Ramos

  • Place of birth: L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Spain

  • Playing position(s): Left-back

Date of birth:


March 1989 (age 31)



m (5 ft 7 in)

Jordi Alba

has been one of the best left-backs in the world for the last couple of years with an astonishing career with FC Barcelona and

Spanish national team


Although he was a bit unlucky about not being a part of the teams which won 2008 European cup and 2010 World Cup, he was Del Bosque's first choice in the 2012 European Cup where Spain managed to conquer the tournament for the second time in-a-row.

The tournament was his tournament since Barcelona was convinced to re-sign their former Academy player due to his great performances and most importantly, his goal against Italy in the final match. He is known as one of the most offensive full backs in modern football.

He has claimed 5 LaLiga titles, as well as a Champions League title in 2015 and 4 Copa del Reys ever since he joined the club. The now 31-year-old defender, maybe the best left-back among the best Barcelona defenders of all time, has scored 18 goals and has provided 73 assists and counting.

Alba is still the first choice for the left-back position and his name will remain among the

best defenders in Barcelona history


Sigfrid Gracia

  • Full name: Sígfrid Gràcia Royo

  • Date of birth: 27 March 1932

  • Place of birth: Gavà, Spain

  • Date of death: 23 May 2005 (aged 73


  • Place of death: Gavà, Spain

  • Playing position(s): Defender

Born in Gava, Barcelona, Catalonia, Gracia spent his entire 17-year professional career with FC Barcelona. He was on a three-year loan at neighboring SD España Industrial and parts of two seasons in the same predicament, with the same team.

Gracia made his La Liga debut with the former on 14 September 1952, in a 4–3 home win against Deportivo de La Coruña.

The Spanish legendary Barcelona defender had 229 appearances for the club in domestic league between the years 1949 to 1966. He won 11 trophies throughout his professional career, 6 of which had been with the Blaugranas.

Gracia achieved three LaLiga titles and played in 1962 FIFA World Cup. He was well-known in Barcelona and was regarded as one of the

best Barcelona defenders of all time


Rafael Marquez

  • Full name: Rafael Márquez Álvarez

  • Date of birth: 13 February 1979 (age 41


  • Place of birth: Zamora, Michoacán, Mexico

  • Height: 1.82 m (6 ft 0 in


  • Playing position(s): Centre back - Defensive midfielder

The Mexican defender has played for Blaugrana from 2003 to 2010 and helped them secure four LaLiga titles and two UEFA Champions leagues in 2006 and 2009, as well as one Copa del Rey and three Spanish Supercups.

Marquez has also achieved one UEFA Supercup and one FIFA Club World cup with the golden generation of Barcelona in 2009. He is regarded as the best Mexican defender of all time and one of the

best ever Barcelona defenders


In addition to the honors with Blaugrana, He won FIFA Confederations Cup with Mexican national team in 1999. He also managed to win CONCACAF Gold Cup in 2003 and 2011 and one CONCACAF Cup in 2015.

He was named as the third most popular player in the world by IFFHS in 2006. He has played in five consecutive FIFA World Cups from 2002 to 2018, which makes him the third player to reach that record.

Marquez ended his glittering professional career in 2018 and the club paid tribute to the Mexican legend, one of the Best Barcelona defenders of all time, by saying, "Thanks Rafa & good luck!" which clearly implies how invaluable his contributions and performances have been to the club.

Antoni Torres

  • Full name: Antoni Torres García

  • Date of birth: 29 June 1943

  • Place of birth: Balaguer, Spain

  • Date of death: 24 February 2003 (aged 59


  • Place of death: Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

  • Playing position(s): Defender

Antoni Torres was a Spanish footballer during the 1960s and 1970s, and was officially recognized as a legendary player for FC Barcelona. He was born on 29 July 1943 in Balaguer, Lerida, Spain.

The legendary FC Barcelona player helped the club win one LaLiga title in 1974 and two Copa del Reys.

Torres played in 479 games for the Blaugrana within 11 years at the club. In the season 1964-1965 he was named as the best football player in Spanish domestic league.

Torres died of cancer in Barcelona on 26 February 2003, at the age of 59. In 1976, Barcelona paid him a tribute for his achievements at the club.

Joan Segarra

  • Full name: Joan Segarra Iracheta

  • Date of birth: 15 November 1927

  • Place of birth: Barcelona, Spain

  • Date of death: 3 September 2008 (aged 80


  • Place of death: Taradell, Spain

  • Playing position(s): Defender

Joan Segarra who is also known as the "Great Captain" was one of the most memorable players and one of the best Barcelona defenders of all time. He played an important role in winning five titles during the 1950s.

Segarra is one of the players who had the most appearances for the club. His great attitude on and off the pitch and charismatic personality bought him a popularity not only among Barcelona fans, but all around the football world. He is widely respected by everybody.

Although he was mainly a defender, he has scored a total of 32 goals for the club, some of which were very decisive, in his 577 appearances in Blaugrana kit. He was known for his dedication to the team and incredible physical style, as well as his skills with the ball.

From 1963 to 1979 Joan Segarra was Barcelona's all-time leader in the most games played record. He is now ranked fifth in that list.  He received a tribute at the Camp Nou, the club's home in 1964.

Segarra played in 16 seasons and won 4 LaLiga titles, 6 Spanish Cups, 2 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup as well as other honors he got his hands on with the club. As a conclusion, nothing else can be said except the fact that Joan Segarra was one of the

best Barcelona defenders of all time


Migueli Bernardo Bianquetti

  • Full name: Miguel Bernardo Bianquetti

  • Date of birth: 19 December 1951 (age 68


  • Place of birth: Ceuta, Spain

  • Height: 1.83 m (6 ft 0 in


  • Playing position(s): Centre back

Nicknamed "Tarzan", Miguelli occupies a special place among Barcelona players, since he is one of the players with the most games played with the club's shirt.

Being at the club for 16 years and playing 668 games for Blaugrana, which now rank him third in the list of players with the most appearances after Xavi Hernandez and Lionel Messi, has given him a privileged status both in the club's history and in the minds of millions of fans.

A great heroic act of his, was that he once played in the final of Recopa in 1979 with a broken collarbone which led to a 4-3 win. He was reckless and technical on the pitch both in the ground and in aerial battles. Consequently, his presence was practical for both defense and attack considering his 30 goals.

He claimed 2 LaLiga titles, 4 Copa del Reys, 3 European Cups, 2 league cups and one Spanish supercup. He was awarded as the best Spanish player twice in 1978 and 1985.

With all that being said, Migueli is certainly one of the best Barcelona defenders ever, a genuine legend for the club who was given a testimonial game on 5 September 1989.

Daniel Alves

  • Full name: Daniel Alves da Silva

  • Date of birth: 6 May 1983 (age 37


  • Place of birth: Juazeiro, Brazil

  • Height: 1.72 m (5 ft 8 in


  • Playing position(s): Right-back / Attacking midfielder

Daniel Alves

is undisputedly among the

all-time best defenders at Barcelona

and the best full-backs in the history of football. He is the most title-winning player in the history of the sport with 41 official titles and counting.

Alves joined Barcelona in 2008 for 32.5 million Euros, which made him the third most expensive defender of all time until that time.

He won the treble with the club in his first season and a total of 6 trophies in a calendar year (2009), still an unbeaten record. In addition to his achievements in his first year, in the following years to 2016, he helped the club secure two more Champions league titles in 2011 and 2015, 5 more LaLiga titles, two more Spanish Super Cups and two more FIFA Clubs World cups.

He had a great harmony with Lionel Messi and has provided numerous assists for the Argentinean genius during his years at the club. He has played in 391 matches for Blaugrana and provided 101 assists, as well as scoring 21 goals.

He covers a lot of ground, the inexhaustible runner is able to move up and down the right side of the field, contributing to attack without neglecting his defensive roles. He is also an expert in free-kicks. Alves has been included in Brazil squad for two FIFA World Cups and five Copa America tournaments.

He has helped his national team win two Copa Americas in 2007 and 2019. Furthermore, he has claimed two FIFA Confederations cups with Brazil in 2009 and 2013.


In some experts' opinions, Dani Alves is not only one of the best Barcelona defenders of all time, but also the best right-back in the history of football, due to the facts that he is the most decorated player of all time as well as his bright career and astonishing performances and skills on the pitch.

Gerard Pique

  • Full name: Gerard Piqué Bernabeu

  • Date of birth: 2 February 1987 (age 33


  • Place of birth: Barcelona, Spain

  • Height: 1.94 m (6 ft 4 in


  • Playing position(s): Centre-back

Gerard Pique

is a product of Barcelona's football academy known as "La Masia" who went on to become one of the

best Barcelona defenders ever

. He has been the key element in Barcelona's defense since he returned to the club in 2008 and has secured the team's goal against so many threats.

Pique has always been a starter provided that he was not injured. He has appeared in 552 and scored 48 goals for FC Barcelona so far. Some of his goals were very decisive and memorable goals for the fans. For instance, his goal in the famous 6-2 victory against Barcelona's eternal rival, Real Madrid.

Gerard Pique has won the admirable number of 35 official trophies during his professional career, which makes him one of the most decorated Spanish players of all time. He has achieved most of these trophies with Barcelona where his presence in the starting line-up has always been crucial for these achievements.

Pique has claimed 8 LaLiga titles, 3 Champions league titles, 6 Copa del Reys, 3 FIFA Club World Cups, 3 European Super Cups and 6 Spanish Super Cups. More technically, he has the average pass rate success of 90% in all the matches for Blaugrana which clearly shows to what extent he has the "Barca DNA".

Not only Pique has been an essential ingredients in Barcelona's squad, but also he has played a very important role in Spain national team's achievements in the years 2008 to 2012.

He was a part of the "Golden Generation" of Spain that managed to win UEFA European Championship in 2008 (Euro 08), FIFA World Cup in 2010 and once again Euro 2012.

Pique has played in 102 international matches for his country's national team. Furthermore, He is one of the four players to have won the UEFA Champion league two years in a row with two different teams. (2008 with

Manchester United

and 2009 with Barcelona).

In addition to his achievements with Barcelona, He has won three trophies including one

Premier League

, one FA Community Shield and as mentioned, one UEFA Champions Leagues with Manchester United during his 4-year stay at the British club.

The legendary has recently won the 'Player Career Award' by 'Globe Soccer' which was given so as to be a tribute to him for his glittering career, as one of the best Barcelona defenders of all time.

Ronald Koeman

  • Full name: Ronald Koeman

  • Date of birth: 21 March 1963 (age 57


  • Place of birth: Zaandam, Netherlands

  • Height: 1.81 m (5 ft 11 in


  • Playing position(s): Defender / Midfielder

The current manager of the club is one of the

best Barcelona defenders of all time

. Not only for his stunning performances as a classic defender, but more importantly for his great scoring skills, especially in scoring free kicks.

The most remarkable proof of this claim would be the first Barcelona's European Championship back in 1992 in Wembley Stadium against


where his free kick goal won the team's first European Cup. His long range passes and powerful shots will forever remain in the minds of Blaugrana fans.

He was a member of the famous "

Dream Team

" whose coach was the legendary Johan Cruyff. He helped the team win four consecutive LaLiga titles from 1991 to 1994. He is regarded as one of the most attacking defenders of all time due to his ability and accuracy in scoring free kicks and penalties and is the top scoring defender in the history of football.

He has scored 106 goals for the club in his 350 games during 6 years at Camp Nou. In addition to 4 La Liga titles, he has helped the club secure their first European Championship and one European Super Cup, as well as one Copa del Rey trophy and three Spanish Super Cups.

Koeman is without any doubt one of the Best Barcelona defenders of all time with regard to the mentioned resume of his.

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Carles Puyol

  • Full name: Carles Puyol Saforcada Carles Puyol Saforcada

  • Date of birth: 13 April 1978 (age 42


  • Place of birth: La Pobla de Segur, Spain

  • Height: 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in


  • Playing position(s): Defender

The eternal 'El Capitano' spent all of his professional career in Barcelona and achieved everything that can be achieved with this club. Puyol is undisputedly one of the most important players in the club's history, and the best Barcelona defender ever.

Puyol made his debut for the first team in 1999. After that moment he became play regularly for the team, mainly as the right back in his primary years. However, the position in which he introduced and proved himself to the world is center back.

He won his first trophy with Blaugrana in 2005 under Frank Rijkaard. He was the captain of the team at the time. Later on Pep Guardiola took over the place of Rijkaard and thus began the best years in Barcelona's history with Carles puyol being the captain.

Puyol played a key role in that team and was a pivotal component on their way to achieve every trophy within 4 years from 2008 to 2012. His noble act of letting Eric Abidal lifting the UEFA Champions league cup will be remembered as a symbol of his honorable personality, as well as his dedication to the club and his leadership attitude on the pitch.

Puyol put his head where other players would not dare to put their foot. He played with his heart and had great strength and intelligence, as well as his ability in passing as control on the ball. Even though he had an aggressive and physical style of play, he was a very fair player.

He has played in 663 games for the club, which makes him the third player to have the most appearances with Blaugrana's shirt after Xavi hernandez and Lionel Messi, in his 15 years at the club. He has won three UEFA Champions league titles, six LaLiga trophies, one Copa del Rey, 6 Spanish Super Cups, 2 European Super Cups and 2 FIFA Clubs World Cups.

He was a part of Spanish national team which won EURO 2008 and 2010 FIFA world cup. Sadly, he was not included in the squad of Spanish national team for EURO 2012 due to injury, where they managed to win the tournament.

Puyol is definitely at the top of the list of the best Barcelona defenders of all time, and Barcelona and their fans have been waiting for somebody like him to appear again, a dream that has not come true yet.

Some other players could also be on the list of the best Barcelona defenders of all time such as Eric Abidal and Javier Mascherano, players whose contributions to the club in the recent achievements are undeniable.

Many players have come to fill in these legends empty places, but not many have been successful. This fact once again indicates how formidable it is to be such prominent players who will be remembered by anyone for good.

Maybe later, the list of the

all-time best Barcelona defenders

will be updated, but the obvious point is that these players will also be included.


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