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Serie A 2020 Summer Transfers

How would Serie A 2020 summer transfers be like? What players are going to join top Italian football clubs in the season to come and for what transfer fees? Serie A 2020-21 transfers will take place on September 1, 2020 which means the players actually move to their new clubs on this date.

However, the contracts are completed in advance for the players to be transferred in the new season and that means we can tell you how

Serie A 2020-21 completed transfers

will exactly look like. We also try to cover Serie A 2020 transfer rumors for you in this post.

Which players are going to be transferred in Serie A 2020-21 transfers? What does Serie A 2020 summer transfers have in store for us?

Serie A League Transfers (2020-21)

The following list tells you which players are to be transferred in Serie A 2020-21 transfer window. The list may change or be updated based on new rumors or facts. Also the players to be transferred are sorted in descending order based on their transfer fees.

Arthur Melo (€72 million - From Barcelona to Juventus)

Arthur Henrique Ramos de Oliveira Melo, simply known as

Arthur Melo

, is a Brazilian midfielder who has been serving Barcelona since 2018. He was actually transferred to Barcelona from the Brazilian club, Grêmio, in March 2018 for a transfer fee of €31 million.

And now, the 24-year-old Brazilian midfielder is making a move for Juventus for a transfer fee of €72 million plus €10 million for add-ons which is actually more than two times higher than his first transfer fee from Grêmio to Barcelona (€31 million).

The contract was actually completed on June 29, 2020 and it’s a five-year contract meaning that Melo will be in


’ service until 2025 if he doesn’t make a new move to another club.

With a transfer fee of €72 million, Arthur Melo actually tops the list of Serie A 2020 summer transfers. In other words, Melo’s transfer fee is the highest on the list of Serie A 2020-21 transfers to this date.

Melo has actually made 48 appearances for Barcelona in the two seasons he was serving them scoring even three goals for them. How will be his future at Juventus?

Victor Osimhen (€70 million - From Lille to Napoli)

The second footballer with the highest transfer fee on the list of

Serie A 2020 summer transfers

, Victor Osimhen is a Nigerian footballer who has served the Ligue 1 club, Lille, in the past season (2019-20).

And now he’s moving to Napoli for a transfer fee of €70 million plus €10 million for add-ons as confirmed by the Serie A club on July 31, 2020.


’s previous transfer was from the Belgian club, Charleroi, to Lille for a transfer fee of €22.4 million in July 2019, and his transfer before this one was from the German club, Wolfsburg, to Charleroi for a transfer fee of €3.5 million.

As you see the transfer fee of the 21-year-old Nigerian forward has grown by almost 7 times in his first and by 3 times in his second transfer which is quite natural for a player of his caliber.

Osimehn has had an acceptable and even more than acceptable performance at Lille. He’s made 27 appearances for the Ligue 1 club in the past season scoring 13 goals for them in the process which translates to almost one goal in every two appearances.

Will he be going to keep his form in Serie A and continue his goalscoring run? Time will tell! For now he’s just made an expensive move to


that has actually gotten him on the second position on the list of highest Serie A 2020-21 transfers.


Achraf Hakimi (€40 million - From Real Madrid to Inter Milan)

The third footballer on the list of Serie A 2020 summer transfers who is also among the

top 10 Arab footballers of 2020

, Achraf Hakimi completed a five-year contract with the Serie A club, Inter Milan, in July 2020 for a transfer fee of €40 million which means he will be in service of the Italian club until 2025 if he doesn’t make any new move in the future.

If you have considered it, Hakimi’s transfer fee is by a wide margin (almost two times) lower than the first and second positions on the list of

Serie A 2020-21 transfers

occupied by Arthur Melo and Victor Osimhen respectively.

You may think that’s because the 21-year-old Moroccan footballer’s performance has not been as good as the other two on top of the list? Maybe, but you should also consider that a Brazilian or even Nigerian footballer usually costs more than an Arab one plus that Hakimi is still young and has time to improve.


 is actually a product of Real Madrid and has been playing for the La Liga club since 2016 although he has made only 37 appearances for Real Madrid Division A and B clubs - 9 for the former and 28 for the latter - in four years which translates to less than 10 appearances on average in each year.

However, we should wait and see how he performs for the Serie A side, and how many appearances will he be allowed to make.

Mario Pasalic (€15 million - From Chelsea to Atalanta)

The Croatian midfielder who has been with Chelsea since 2014,

Mario Pasalic

has never made an appearance for the Premier League club, instead, he’s always been on loan to other clubs some of them include AC Milan, Monaco and Atalanta with the last one being the club who signed Pasalic for a transfer fee of €15 million in July 2020 after he made 69 appearances and scored 15 goals for them between 2018 and 2020 despite being a midfielder.

Seems the 25-year-old Croatian midfielder has shined with Atalanta considering that he has not scored more than 5 goals for the other clubs he’s been on loan to during his time with Chelsea.

And before Chelsea, yes!, he played for a Croatian club, namely Hajduk Split, who compete in the Croatian First Football League known as Prva HNL, the top tier of Croatian football league system.


 actually signed Pasalic in July 2014 on a five-year contract and for a transfer fee of €3 million and as already mentioned the Croatian midfielder never made an appearance for them.

However, the Premier League club signed a new contract with him with a span of 3 years - until 2022. In the first year Pasalic went on loan to Atalanta, the Serie A club qualified for the Champions League in the year after, and in the second year the club actually became the first club ever in Champions League history to reach the competition’s round of 16 with only seven points.

Maybe these are the reasons why the Serie A club have signed Pasalic on a permanent contract?

Felix Correia (€10.5 million - From Manchester City to Juventus)

The last player on the list of

Serie A 2020 summer transfers

with a transfer fee of more than €10 million, Felix Correia has actually made a move from Manchester City to Juventus for a transfer fee of €10.5 million which actually be realized on September 1, 2020 when the Serie A transfer window opens. Correia is a Portuguese young footballer - he’s still 19, and like Achraf Hakimi, it is his career’s first transfer.


 is actually a product of the Scottish club, Sporting, and has been with Manchester City since the start of his senior career in 2019-20 season although he has made no appearances for the Premier League club - he’s been on loan to the Dutch club, Jong AZ, and has made 23 appearances for them scoring 3 goals in the process.

Correia has actually been traded on a five-year swap deal with

Pablo Moreno

for a transfer fee of €10.5 million as confirmed by the Italian side, Juventus.

And according to Sky Sport Italia reporter, Gianluca Di Marzio, the 19-year-old Portuguese forward will be playing first for Juventus B team mostly as a right-winger so that he will have time to adopt himself to the Italian football.

Alexis Saelemaekers (€3.5 million - From Anderlecht to AC Milan)

A product of Anderlecht, Alexis Jesse Saelemaekers, simply known as

Alexis Saelemaekers

, is a Belgian midfielder who has served Anderlecht senior team since 2018 making 40 appearances for them in two seasons, namely 2018-19 and 2019-20 seasons, and scoring 2 goals in the process.

2019-20 season was, indeed, a half season for Saelemaekers since he joined AC Milan in January 2020 on loan and even made 4 appearances for them.

Saelemaekers’ loan contract with AC Milan had a purchase option which the Seire A club utilized to sign him on a four-year permanent contract and for a transfer fee of €3.5 million.

That means the 21-year-old Belgian midfielder will be in AC Milan’s service until 2024 if he doesn’t make any new move in the future. And since Saelemaekers has joined AC Milan on a permanent contract, he has made 9 appearances and has scored 1 goal for them.

Kaan Ayhan (€2.5 million - From Fortuna Dusseldorf to Sassuolo)

The first footballer on the list of Serie A league transfers with a transfer fee of less than €10 million,

Kaan Ayhan

will be moving to Serie A club, Sassuolo, for a transfer fee of €2.5 million when the Italian major league transfer window opens on September 1, 2020.

Ayhan is actually a product of Schalke 04 and has only played for German clubs, namely Schalke 04, Eintracht Frankfurt, and Fortuna Düsseldorf, during his career, so this will be his first experience in the Italian football.

Ayhan’s previous transfer fee from Schalke 04 to Fortuna Düsseldorf was €500,000, while his new one which actually concerns his

Serie A 2020-21 transfer

is five times higher (€2.5 million). Is that a sign of progress? You tell us! The 25-year-old Turkish midfielder has still a long way ahead to improve.

Gaston Pereiro (€1.85 million - From PSV Eindhoven to Cagliari)

The only footballer on the list of

Serie A 2020-21 transfers

whose transfer fee has, surprisingly, decreased from his last transfer;

Gaston Pereiro

is a 25-year-old Uruguayan midfielder who is to play for the Serie A club, Cagliari, in the next season to come.

He has actually moving from the Dutch club, PSV Eindhoven, to Cagliari for a transfer fee of €1.85 million and on a 4.5-year contract which keeps him in the Serie A club’s service until 2025.

As we already mentioned, Pereiro’s transfer fee has, surprisingly, decreased from his last transfer. We say “surprisingly” because the Uruguayan player is still 25 and this - we mean the decrease of the player’s value - often occurs to older players whose potential and abilities are also on a decrease as a natural process.

Pereiro’s previous move was from the Uruguayan club, Nacional, to PSV Eindhoven for a transfer fee of €6.5 million which is almost €5 million higher than his next transfer to Cagliari.

Georgios Kyriakopoulos (€1.2 million - From Asteras Tripoli to Sassuolo)

Another footballer on the list of

Serie A 2020 summer transfers

who is making a move for the Serie A club, Sassuolo, Georgios Kyriakopoulos is actually a Greek footballer who has been serving Sassuolo for almost a year.

So, why do we call him on the Serie A 2020-21 transfers list? Because he has recently joined the Italian club on a permanent contract with the above-mentioned transfer fee (€1.2 million).

The truth is that the 24-year-old Greek defender has been serving Sassuolo in 2019-20 season on loan and the Serie A club decided to utilize the option of buying him for the fixed amount of €1.2 million in June 2020. Since that time, Kyriakopoulos has made 17 appearances and 3 assists for



Kyriakopoulos is actually a product of the Greek club, Asteras Tripolis, who compete in the top tier of Greek football league system, Super League Greece.

He has been serving the club since 2013 with 2015-16 season that saw him serving two other Greek clubs, namely Ergotelis and Lamia, on loan. Whatever Greek clubs Kyriakopoulos has served to this date doesn’t matter! He’s now a Serie A player. We shall wait and see how he proves himself.

Alexis Sanchez (Free Transfer to Inter Milan)

And finally it’s free transfers turn!

Alexis Sanchez

is the only player on the list of Serie A 2020 summer transfers who will make his move on free transfer actually from Manchester United to Inter Milan.

Sanchez signed a permanent three-year contract with Inter Milan on August 6, 2020 on free transfer which means the Serie A club has paid no amount for his transfer.

If not on free transfer, Sanchez could occupy at least the fourth position on the list of

Serie A 2020-21 transfers

considering that his last transfer from Arsenal to Manchester United costed €34 million, and his previous transfer to that from Barcelona to Arsenal even costed more: €42 million.

The 31-year-old Chilean forward actually played for Inter Milan in 2019-20 season on loan, and maybe it was Inter’s luck that they brought him in on free transfer, otherwise they had to pay something between €30 and €40 million for his transfer fee.

Before Barcelona,


 served Udinese between 2006 and 2011 with two seasons on loan from the Serie A club to the Chilean club, Colo-Colo (2006-07) and the Argentinian club, River Plate (2007-08).

Sanchez’s move from Udinese to Barcelona costed the La Liga giants €26 million, while his previous move from the Chilean club, Cobreloa, to Udinese only costed the Italian club €3 million which means the Chilean forward value increased nine fold in just six years until the end of 2011 when he left the Serie A club.

Other Serie A Transfers

Whatever transfers we discussed in this post were actually from other leagues to Serie A. In other words, we discussed the highest Serie A “in-transfers”, but you know that there are also “out-transfers” which include the transfers from Serie A to other leagues.

We have named all these “out-transfers” - in fact from Serie A - in the following list in descending order based on their value.

  • Mauro Icardi, from Inter Milan to PSG (Ligue 1), transfer fee: €46.4 million

  • Emre Can, from Juventus to Borussia Dortmund (Bundesliga), transfer fee: €23.2 million

  • Suso, from AC Milan to Sevilla (La Liga), transfer fee: €19.52 million

  • Seko Fofana, from Udinese to Lens (Ligue 1), transfer fee: €9.30 million

  • Valon Berisha, from Lazio to Reims (Ligue 1), transfer fee: €3.99 million

  • Maxime Gonalons, from AS Roma to Granada FC (La Liga), transfer fee: €3.71 million

  • Gustavo Gómez, from AC Milan to Palmeiras (Brazilian Serie A), transfer fee: €1.85 million


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