Alaba going to make a lot of money at Real Madrid

Fri 30 July 2021 | 19:51

David Alaba’s contract has been leaked and has led to many questions.

David Alaba

was brought to

Real Madrid

to replace

Sergio Ramos

, who left the club after seeing his contract with the club has been expired, and Perez seemed uninterested in signing a good contract to extend the high-profile defender’s stay at Santiago Bernabeu. Now Alaba’s contract with the club has been leaked, revealing that he is receiving £376,000 per week for the next five years.

The Austrian defender left Bayern Munich after playing there for 13 years to join the La Liga giants with a five-year deal that will give him a huge income for the next five years.

Alaba has been considered as one of the best defenders in the world, and it is no surprise that signing a player with his quality would cost a lot, but the numbers in his contract are still too big to understand and according to a leak from Real Madrid’s contract he has convinced Real to part with a whopping €115m (£98m) throughout his contract, which works out at a cool £376,000-a-week and all these are before bonuses.

These big offers have been made while the club’s president was talking about the necessity of forming a Super League to save the clubs from the financial crisis.

source: SportMob