Southgate says more to be done to uncover British South Asian talents

Thu 29 July 2021 | 21:22

England manager Gareth Southgate has said the FA needs to change its approach to scouting and creating opportunities for British South Asians.

About 7 percent of the British population have South Asian heritage but only 0.25% of professional footballers in the country come from that background.

The Football Association launched the second phase of 'Bringing Opportunities to Communities' in 2019, focused on getting more people from Asian backgrounds involved in English football.

To mark South Asian Heritage Month, the FA has released the second of a six-part video series featuring players, coaches, and match officials of Asian heritage discussing their football journeys.

The second video features

Manchester United


Zidane Iqbal




Hamza Choudhury

, along with England boss



"Sometimes the Asian voice has been lost in the anti-discrimination argument,"

England manager Southgate said


"And when you look at the percentages of the population that we're talking about, it's high numbers. Frankly, it's a big talent pool that we're missing within football. We don't have high numbers of English-qualified players playing anyway, clubs in their academies are always searching for talent.

"It's like in any business. If you're only selecting from a smaller section of the population, then what are you missing?

"What I've noticed with the England team in recent seasons is that dynamic in terms of the supporters coming up to me has changed a lot, far more Asian people, coming up to me, talking about their pride in the team, talking about the diversity of the team.

"That could only be even more powerful if someone from the Asian community was in the team as well, and we had that greater representation across the board."

source: SportMob