Pogba was ‘not close’ to Juventus return, says Paratici

Mon 05 July 2021 | 11:07

The newly-appointed Spurs sporting director has spoken about Pogba’s links with his former club.

Fabio Paratici

ended his 11-year spell at


to join


last month. The Bianconeri won nine Serie A titles and six Coppa Italia trophies during his tenure, with the Italian sporting director being responsible for some of the club’s most controversial transfers.

Paul Pogba

, who joined Manchester United with a €100m deal in 2012, has been linked with a move back to Juventus in recent seasons. However, Paratici says the French star has never been close to a Bianconeri return.

“Paul joined Juventus when he was only 18, he grew up with us and it was a great satisfaction. This is part of the great affection there is between the club and the player, but he was never close to returning,”

Paratici told

Sky Sport Italia


Paratici says the Italian giants were close to signing Sassuolo star

Domenico Berardi


“He was really close,”

said Paratici.

“We began talks after just a few games, he is a great talent and it would have been a pity not to be able to prove it. I am happy for him.

“Chiesa joined Juventus and we were delighted about it, our judgement about him never changed. He has great qualities and personality. His desire to improve every day and his perseverance are his most important features.”

Having spent 11 years at Juventus, Paratici is set to continue his career at Tottenham from the next season. The Italian sporting director respects Juventus’ newly-appointed manager Massimiliano Allegri but believes he has made the right decision by leaving the club.

“I spent 11 amazing years at Juventus,”

the 48-year-old continued.

“It’s such a long time in the world of football and I have great memories. It was a great experience, but it was right to change.

“I respect Allegri, but I had already spoken to Agnelli before he returned, I hadn’t programmed the future.

“I must thank Allegri for five incredible seasons we lived together, we won so many trophies.”

source: SportMob