Emerson comments on Mancini’s advice to leave Chelsea

Tue 08 June 2021 | 14:50

Chelsea left-back says Mancini’s advice on leaving Chelsea showed how much the Italian tactician cares about him.



Emerson Palmieri

has not seen much playing time since joining the Blues in 2018. The 26-year-old managed to win the Champions League with Chelsea, although he only played two minutes since the group stage.

The Italy international has now revealed in an interview with the


that Italy boss Roberto Mancini had previously advised him to look for a move from Chelsea to find more playing time, which showed how much the 56-year-old manager cared about him.

“It showed that he cared about me,”

Emerson said.

“He wants to see me doing well, so he said that perhaps it would be best for me if I headed to another ambitious team where I could play as much as possible and raise my game again.

“He expressed this wish, but we know that sometimes in football, it depends on other things, a number of factors.

“It’s not only up to me. All I can promise, whenever I’m with the national team, is to run and play to the last drop of sweat.”

source: SportMob