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Declan Rice has improved season-on-season for West Ham and is now considered one of the best central midfielders in the Premier League. Read on to find out more facts about Declan Rice.

Declan Rice

(born 14 January 1999) is an English professional footballer who currently plays for Premier League club

West Ham United

and the England national team as a defensive midfielder or center-back.

Declan Rice’s age

is 23

Rice, who was born in England but has paternal Irish grandparents, formerly represented the Republic of Ireland at both the juvenile and senior levels until transferring to England in 2019.

An important fact about Declan Rice is that he grew up in Kingston upon Thames, Greater London. His paternal grandparents were from the Irish city of Cork, He joined the Chelsea FC academy in his hometown in 2006, when he was seven years old. Eight years later, he joined city rivals West Ham United.

On 13 August 2016, he made his senior team debut, two years after joining, when he was called up in the starting lineup against Stoke City's Under-23s.

During the same season, he made his professional debut as a substitute in the 38th matchday of the league game at Burnley on May 21, 2017.

Declan Rice made the breakthrough in the following season after fighting his way into a regular position during the second half of the 2017/18 season. It is currently set (as of December 3, 2020).

Top facts about Declan Rice:

On December 22, 2018, he made his 50th West Ham appearance, becoming the first player since Michael Carrick to do so while still a teenager.

On December 28, 2018, Rice signed a new contract extension through 2024, with an additional year option. In West Ham's 1-0 win over Arsenal on January 12, 2019, Rice scored his first goal and was named Man of the Match.

On April 20, 2019, Rice was nominated for the PFA Young Player of the Year award, which was eventually presented to Rice's England teammates on April 28, 2019. Rice appeared in all 38 league games for West Ham in the 2019–20 season, going the full distance in 37 of them.

Declan Rice early life


Declan Rice’s childhood

, it should be mentioned that he was born and reared in the Greater London borough of Kingston upon Thames. His paternal ancestors were Irish immigrants from Douglas, County Cork.

He entered Chelsea's academy as a seven-year-old in 2006. He joined West Ham United's academy in 2014, having being released at the age of 14. There is no information available regarding

Declan Rice’s parents


Declan Rice personal life

Declan Rice is one of the hottest properties in European football as the 23-year-old has developed into a top-class defensive midfielder. Throughout his development he has been ably supported by his girlfriend Lauren Fryer, with whom he celebrated his sixth anniversary a few months ago.

The duo has been together for a long time, even before Declan became a first-team starter. Lauren was born on June 16, 1999, in England, making her a citizen of England. Leah doesn’t share much about her family and childhood on her social media channels despite having a substantial online presence.

Many believe that Declan and Lauren are married, but they are still taking their time. We believe that soon Lauren will become Declan Rice's wife.

Declan Rice professional career

Declan Rice was among the top five Premier League players in tackles and possession, leading West Ham's players in both categories. He also made the most passes of any West Ham player. He was named West Ham United's Hammer of the Year and In-House Player of the Year.

Declan Rice club career

An important

fact about Declan Rice

is that he signed his first professional contract with West Ham United on December 16, 2015, little over a year after joining the club as a junior player.

West Ham United

After excelling in the under-23 team, Rice was called up to the West Ham senior squad for games against


and Everton in April 2017.

In the last day of the 2016–17 Premier League season, he made his professional debut against Burnley, coming on as a 91st-minute replacement for Edimilson Fernandes in a 2–1 away victory, five days after captaining the under-23s to promotion with a 2–1 win at

Newcastle United


On August 19, 2017, he made his complete senior debut against Southampton in a 3–2 loss. Rice was in second place behind Marko Arnautovi for the 2017–18 Hammer of the Year award in April 2018.

On December 22, he made his 50th appearance for West Ham, becoming the first player since Michael Carrick to accomplish so while still a teenager. On December 28, 2018, Rice signed a new deal that runs through 2024, including a one-year extension option.

Rice scored his first goal for West Ham and was awarded man of the match in a 1–0 victory against Arsenal on January 12, 2019, at the London Stadium's 50th Premier League game.

An important fact about Declan Rice is that he was selected to the PFA Young Player of the Year shortlist on April 20, 2019; however, the accolade was handed to Rice's England colleague Raheem Sterling eight days later.

He was voted the Players' Player of the Year and earned the award for Individual Performance of the Season for his match-winning performance against Arsenal at the conclusion of the 2018–19 season, as well as being named the Young Hammer of the Year for the third consecutive season.

Rice led West Ham for the first time in a 2–1 home defeat against Leicester City on December 28, 2019, at the age of 20.

Rice scored his first and only Premier League goal of the season, an outside-the-box shot in a 3–1 victory against


on July 17, 2020.

Rice appeared in every single minute of West Ham's 38 league games in the 2019–20 season. He was among the top five tacklers and interceptors in the Premier League, outperforming all other West Ham players in both categories and completing more passes than any other West Ham player. He was awarded the title of Hammer of the Year.

Rice scored his first goal of the season on February 15, 2021, when he converted a penalty and put the side ahead against Sheffield United in a 3–0 home league triumph.

Rice was ruled out for four weeks in April 2021 after suffering a knee injury while on international duty with England. Rice had participated in all of West Ham's games during the 2020–21 season. Rice is the vice-captain of West Ham United as of 2021.

Rice made his European debut and scored his first European goal in a 2–0 away win against Dinamo Zagreb in the Europa League on September 16, 2021.

Rice was selected Hammer of the Year for the second time on May 9, 2022. Rice was chosen to the 2021-22 UEFA Europa League Team of the Year with colleague Craig Dawson after West Ham's Europa League campaign, which saw them reach the semi-final.

Declan Rice international career

An important fact about Declan Rice is that he was qualified to play for Ireland despite being born in London since his grandparents are from Cork. Rice was selected Republic of Ireland U17 Player of the Year on March 19, 2017.

Rice was included in the Republic of Ireland team for friendlies against Mexico and Uruguay, as well as a World Cup qualification against Austria, on May 23, only days after making his Premier League debut. On March 23, 2018, he made his senior debut in a 1–0 loss to Turkey.

Rice was left out of the team to face Wales in August 2018 by manager Martin O'Neill, who claimed Rice was contemplating transferring to England after being contacted by them.

Rice indicated he was no closer to choosing whether to play for Ireland or England by November 2018, after being left out of three O'Neill selections.

Rice met with new Ireland manager Mick McCarthy and his assistant,

Robbie Keane

, in December 2018. McCarthy said that Rice has the potential to become Ireland's captain in the future, and that if Rice decides to play for the nation, he would construct the squad around him.

An important fact about Declan Rice is that he dedicated his future to England on February 13, 2019. FIFA acknowledged his switch of allegiance on March 5th. He was called up by England for their UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying matches against the Czech Republic and Montenegro on March 13th.

On March 22, he made his Wembley Stadium debut as a 63rd-minute replacement against the Czech Republic. Rice made his debut appearance for England against Montenegro on March 25, 2019, in a 5–1 triumph.

Rice was named to England's team for the 2019 UEFA Nations League Finals after a strong season. Rice said in September 2019 that after transferring allegiance from Ireland to England, he had received online death threats.

Since Jack Reynolds in the 1890s, he was the first player to represent both nations. Rice has been nominated to England's UEFA Euro 2020 team. Rice appeared in all seven of England's Euro 2020 games, including the final, which they lost to Italy.

Declan Rice legacy and profile

Declan Rice, a 6' 1" defensive midfielder and sometimes center-back for West Ham United, is 23 years old. His contributions have been generally regarded as one of the reasons for the club's success this season.

He was born in Kingston-upon-Thames and joined Chelsea's academy when he was seven years old, remaining there until he was fourteen years old, when he was discarded by the merciless Blues like unwanted meat.

When you've worked at a club for seven years as a boy, and seven years is a long time when you're a kid, being let go at such a crucial period in a boy's life must be painful. It may feel like you've been kicked out of your family.

Fortunately for the boy, West Ham were interested in him and he joined their academy. He was handed his first professional deal a year later.

After progressing through the youth levels, he made his first team debut at the conclusion of the 2016-17 season at the age of 18 and has been a regular ever since, having instantly excelled.

He finished second in the Hammer of The Year ballot in the 2017-18 season, behind money hoover Marko Arnautovic, who has now moved his bloated pockets to


this season.

In 2019, he was nominated for Young Player of the Year but lost out to Raheem Sterling, and he was voted Players' Player of the Year for the 2018–19 season, which is a fantastic accomplishment for such a young player. Towards the age of 19, he was named captain of the club at the conclusion of 2019.

He qualified for Ireland through his grandparents, was named Republic of Ireland Under-17 Player of the Year, and made three appearances for them before switching allegiances to England in early 2019, possibly because it became clear that Gareth Southgate admired him and wanted him to be a part of The Second Coming of Gareth.

He currently has 27 caps and is one of the team's first names on the roster. His collaboration with

Kalvin Phillips

has developed into something remarkable. He seemed to be on his way to become the captain of his nation sooner rather than later.

An important fact about Declan Rice is that he seems to be extremely down-to-earth and straightforward, but in a positive manner. He is self-assured, as he should be, but he isn't arrogant or pushy.

His job necessitates a certain amount of boldness on the ball and a great deal of guts on defense, but he doesn't seem to be a domineering kind of guy.

Some athletes are appealing because they are skilled and showy, or because they have a unique hairstyle or large bulbous calves, but not him.

David Moyes

must enjoy this about him as well. A guy who puts in all the effort and then some will always be popular with grind core Scots.

On the field, he also has a highly unique function. It's intriguing since he's often at the center of the action, whether defensively or offensively.

Declan Rice is active in the game, breaking up play at the back and going vertically with the ball, setting up plays and laying on passes to assist in goals.

He's only scored seven goals in his career, which isn't very impressive for a defensive player, much alone one who isn't just a stopper. So that's an area of his game that he might improve.

Working as a twin pivot with Philips for England has been as successful as it is entertaining to watch, as they crowd out the opposition like wild dogs hunt the weakest gazelle, nibbling and blocking, before one of them robs the ball and distributes it upfield, signaling the end of the danger and the start of a new offensive move.

While strikers may claim the glamour of being the ones who score goals, the function of Declan Rice in the engine room, lubricating all components of the machine so that the gears run in unison, is by far the most attractive role at any club.

He is a cornerstone of West Ham's style of play. They don't operate as effectively without him, which is a clear indication of his value and abilities as a player.

An important

fact about Declan Rice

is that he is capable of doing the grunt work of tackling and running, but his play in the forward positions shows some inventiveness.

Declan Rice future

His current deal extends through 2024, and given the nature of contemporary football, discussions on his new contract will most likely begin this summer.

How the Hammer performs this season and next will almost certainly impact his decision. He's unquestionably worth a lot of money. However, you and him become two players in one.

Declan is undeniably a top performer in his position as a progressive back four screener, and he will undoubtedly be pursued by all of the major spending teams. He is highly adaptable, not playing like a 'typical' defender and looking as at home as an 8 or a 4.

There has been a lot of knowledgeable discussion about him being precisely the player

Manchester United

needs, but he would be well to remain away from the club's instability until they get their act together, which may never happen.

Given his history with the club, a transfer to Chelsea makes more sense, but they have no shortage of superb defensive midfielders who can initiate attacking plays.

Some believe he would be a wonderful match for


, who value a progressive defensive midfielder, but there is no reason why he shouldn't remain in East London if West Ham continue to be a dominant team and qualify for the Champions League by creating a group around players like him.

Unfortunately, the truly big money is elsewhere, and for nearly all players, more money is more money, so they'll gravitate toward it. Who knows, maybe Newcastle's murderous oppressive dictatorial dictatorship may give him a lucrative contract to play for them?

It's difficult to believe this guy is just 23 years old! He plays with such maturity and composure that he seems to be a 29-year-old in his prime. So, how much more can we expect from him?

If his success continues, he seems to be a lock for England for the next eight or nine years, but we've seen how a player's form can soar and fall with the manager for whom he plays.

At the present, he is in the ideal situation to fully use his diverse set of skills, and long may that be the case. For many years to come, he will be a star for both club and country.

Declan Rice value

Declan Rice does not carry himself in the manner of a junior member of the teams on which he participates.

Rice is a leader on and off the field for West Ham, and he performs a similar job while surrounded by veteran players on international duty with England, despite the fact that he is still relatively young in his career.

Rice has quickly established himself as an important component of Gareth Southgate's squad, and he and Tomas Soucek have formed a physically formidable center midfield duo for West Ham, who finished sixth in the Premier League in 2020/21, ensuring their return to Europe.

Rice is clearly valued highly by David Moyes, who has overseen West Ham's development since his return to the club. "He is undoubtedly the finest holding midfield player in the nation, and the best thing about Declan is that he will become better," West Ham manager

Manuel Pellegrini

said of the then-21-year-old in February 2020.

"I disagree with the owners' assessment that he is a £100 million player." Much, much more than £100 million. "Much, much more."

Declan Rice style of play

Rice is a defensive player who excels at winning the ball and defending his teammates. His smooth shift from central defense to defensive midfielder – where he has shown a great flair for delaying and breaking up assaults, especially at the moment of an opponent's offensive transition – has demonstrated how effortlessly that aspect of the game comes to him.

Rice is comparable to N'Golo Kanté in that he possesses the ability to recognize danger that only the finest ball-winners have. He, like Kanté, covers a lot of territory and makes a lot of tackles and interceptions — even if his figures aren't nearly as impressive as Kanté's.

An important fact about Declan Rice is that he is a hard worker who is powerful in the tackle and aggressive in the air. He's two-footed and can jockey opponents in either direction, as well as pivot and run in either direction if his opponent knocks the ball past him and tries to catch up to him in terms of speed.

When one-on-one with an opponent, he is so tough to overcome that he has the immensely important ability to slow down assaults, enabling teammates to execute recovery runs and reclaim their team's structure before any damage is done.

He is particularly competent in counter-pressing due to his anticipation, quickness, and ball-winning abilities, and he often wins the ball back early after a loss of control before swiftly distributing the ball to a more offensive teammate.

That implies that players farther forward, such as West Ham's wide forwards

Jarrod Bowen

and Pablo Fornals, may take a chance on Rice gaining the ball back by taking a position outside their immediate opponent in the hopes of Rice passing the ball to them swiftly.

That might be a risky strategy, but it pays out handsomely when it succeeds. A lot of the selfless work he does — and he does a lot of it – goes unnoticed.

An important fact about Declan Rice is that he provides the type of contribution to his teams that is sometimes ignored when evaluating a player's influence on a match or team, since so much of what he accomplishes is the consequence of solid positioning that slows down opposition assaults or forces play to the wings.

Rice's greatest eye-catching effort, on the other hand, is after a regain, when he transforms defense into offense.

He is a tremendous runner who can take the ball forward at breakneck speed to initiate a counterattack or just shatter lines before passing to a teammate.

He has the physical characteristics to rip a hole in an opponent's heart, and he can move the ball to defeat opponents who attempt to shut him down before running away. To stop him, opponents often foul him – or bend the rules – in these scenarios.

He has excellent passing ability, which is also developing. While he is capable of holding and recycling possession, he prefers to play vertical passes wherever feasible, and he can switch play with precise, long-range diagonal deliveries to an approaching winger.

An important fact about Declan Rice is that he is cautious with his passing most of the time, playing short passes to more attack-minded colleagues, but opponents cannot sit off him and allow him room to select his pass since he may send dangerous balls forward. He's an excellent connector between defense and midfield.

His aerial skill makes him a danger from set-pieces, and he is most successful when making a near-post run and glancing the ball towards goal — a move he has used with some success at both club and international level.

When he challenges for and pouncing on loose balls in the area, though, he is more of a danger, and his anticipation comes into play once again.

Declan Rice’s role at West Ham

Rice's versatility and powerful relationship with Soucek allow his boss to use just two center midfielders.

West Ham manager David Moyes prefers a 4-2-3-1 when he wants his side to control the ball, and a 3-4-3 when he needs more security or simply to match the opposition's shape. With Rice on his squad, Southgate can also play a midfield two.

Rice's club form has benefited by Soucek's success since his arrival from Slavia Prague. Rice and the Czech Republic international switch places on a frequent basis, although Rice has significantly more attacking flexibility than the Czech Republic international.

An important fact about Declan Rice is that he makes lung-busting sprints to help his side get closer to the goal, however neither player usually goes beyond the ball.

If either player is caught out of position, they will make every attempt to rapidly return to the out-of-possession position that is so vital in Moyes' concept.

Rice and Soucek maintain a tight proximity to their defense in this form, restricting the opposition's space between the lines and preventing passes into the center channels.

Moyes like his teams to channel play as much as can to wide areas, and Rice and Soucek do a fantastic job of ensuring that this occurs.

Rice is crucial in regaining possession of the ball and then moving into offense with forward passes. He also plays a key role in helping West Ham break down the opposition with line-breaking passes to Bowen, Fornals, or Sad Benrahma during established spells of possession.

After Aaron Cresswell has advanced from left-back, he likes to pull out wide to the left side of their centre-backs before switching play to the right. He's much better at playing those balls from left to right than from right to left.

He is a true powerhouse in West Ham's midfield, capable of dominating opponents both physically and with the ball at his feet, and he is a big reason why the Hammers have improved so much under Moyes.

Rice may have been mislabeled as a "holding midfielder" by West Ham manager Manuel Pellegrini, since there is so much more to his game than defending.

Given how essential he is to their squad, his evaluation of him as a player worth more than £100 million could well be correct. The fact is that even a huge offer may not be enough to persuade West Ham to surrender such a crucial player.

Some more facts about Declan Rice:

Rice was eligible to play for Ireland despite being born in London because his grandparents are from Cork. He was named Ireland Under-17 Player of the Year on March 19, 2017.

Rice was called up to Ireland's squad for friendlies against Mexico and Uruguay, as well as a World Cup qualifier against Austria, on May 23, just days after making his Premier League debut. On March 23, 2018, he made his senior debut in a 1-0 loss to Turkey.

An important

fact about Declan Rice

is that he was left out of the squad for the Wales game in August 2018 by manager Martin O'Neill. Rice is considering playing for England, according to the manager, after being approached by the English FA.

Rice stated in November 2018 that he was not sure whether to play for Ireland or England after being dropped from three O'Neill-selected squads.

Rice met with new Ireland manager

Mick McCarthy

and his assistant Robbie Keane in December 2018. McCarthy stated that Rice is a potential future Ireland captain and that if he decides to play for the country, he will build the team around him.

Rice announced on February 13, 2019, that he would like to play for the England national team in the future. FIFA confirmed his transfer on March 5, 2019.

He was called up by England for the upcoming Euro 2020 qualifiers against the Czech Republic and Montenegro on March 13, 2019. On March 22, 2019, he made his debut in a 5-0 home win over the Czech Republic, coming on in the 63rd minute.

Gareth Southgate, England's manager, was appointed on March 25. Rice made his debut against Montenegro, scoring 5-1. He has been a regular since, making his Three Lions debut in a 4-0 win over Iceland in the UEFA Nations League at Wembley on November 18, 2020.

Another important fact about Declan Rice is that he revealed in September 2019 that he had received online death threats after switching federations from Irish to English. He was the first player since Jack Reynolds in the 1890s to represent both countries.

In 2021, he was called up to the England squad for the European Football Championship, where they lost on penalties to Italy at Wembley Stadium.

Declan Rice social media


Declan Rice social media

, it should be mentioned that he has an Instagram page (


) with 1.3M followers. On the page, we can see various pictures of him along with his fans and family.

He also has a Twitter account (


) with more than 428k followers. He often posts new stuff on his Twitter page.

Declan Rice body measurements

Speaking about

Declan Rice body measurements

, it should be mentioned that the player is 185cm and 80kg.

Declan Rice net worth and salary

Declan Rice’s net worth

is estimated to be around $12 million, according to Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.

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