Girls Cristiano Ronaldo dated before Georgina Rodriguez

Tue 14 June 2022 | 4:30

Cristiano Ronaldo has been linked to a lot of international models and reality stars over the years before sparking his romance with Georgina Rodriguez. Read on to find out more about Cristiano Ronaldo’s dating history.

Cristiano Ronaldo

is one of the biggest stars of world football and is a five-time winner of the Ballon d'Or award for the world's best player. So, it’s little surprise many of the most beautiful women in the world have made the claim to fame of being Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend even for a short while.

Before Ronaldo settled down with Georgina Rodriguez, he had a reputation as a ladies' man. He has never been a stranger to tabloids reporting on his love life, from rumored encounters with Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton to confirmed relationships with swimsuit and lingerie models.

The latest Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend is Georgina Rodriguez, who gave birth to the Manchester United star’s fourth child. Ronaldo has never revealed the identity of the mother of his first child, a son, and his second and third children were born to a surrogate mother.

Cristiano Ronaldo met his fiancé, Georgina Rodriguez, in a Gucci store 6 years ago. The couple has been dating since then. Cristiano Ronaldo also has a child with Georgina Rodriguez, named Alana.

Ronaldo has been with Rodriguez since November 2016, and maybe, with their child together, she will be his last girlfriend for the foreseeable future.

The couple has hinted at tying the knot in the near future. However, before

Georgina Rodriguez

, Cristiano Ronaldo dated a number of high-profile celebrities.

Girls Cristiano Ronaldo dated before Georgina Rodriguez:

The following is a list of every confirmed Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend at least for his partners since he turned pro in 2002. We also touch on some of his rumored relationships below.

Irina Shayk

One of the well-known

girls Cristiano Ronaldo dated

before settling down with Georgina Rodriguez is Victoria's Secret model,

Irina Shayk

. In fact, one of Ronaldo’s high-profile exes is Russian supermodel Irina Shayk. The pair became an item in 2010. They called it quits in 2014 but didn’t announce their split until 2015.

It is believed that Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk began dating after the pair met on the set of an Armani Exchange ad in 2010. The couple was also spotted later that year in May when Ronaldo took Irina for a trip on a yacht before the start of the World Cup. The two were also reportedly engaged after Ronaldo proposed on Valentine's Day in 2011.

There had been chatter that Ronaldo cheated on Shayk with several women. It was reported that the model dumped him over that and said, “Now I know the truth and I feel completely betrayed. I trusted him and stuck up for him when there were rumors, he had been with other women. I feel stupid that Cristiano has fooled me.”

Shayk went on to date The Hangover star, Bradley Cooper, who she shares a daughter with, before they broke up in 2019.

Ronaldo’s most notable ex is Irina Shayk, whom he dated for five years beginning in 2010. He confirmed their breakup in January 2015.

After supposed encounters with the likes of Gabriela Endringer, Raffaella Fico, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, Ronaldo found a lasting relationship with Irina Shayk in 2010.

Ronaldo dated this Russian model, who appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue, before it was cool to collude with Russians. The couple was together for nearly five years, eventually breaking up in January of 2015.

“After dating for five years, my relationship with Irina Shayk has come to an end,” he noted in a statement to the Associated Press. “We believed it would be best for both of us to take this step now. I wish Irina the greatest happiness.”

Following her split from the Ballon d’Or winner, the Russia native moved on with Bradley Cooper, with whom she welcomed daughter Lea De Seine in March 2017. The two called it quits in June 2019.

Jordana Jardel

Ronaldo’s first notable girlfriend as a professional player was Jordana Jardel, the sister of then Sporting Lisbon teammate Mario Jardel. Jordana is a Brazilian model who dated Ronaldo from 2003 to 2004.

Jordana Jardel is a Brazilian model, but she used to work in Lisbon, Portugal. Jordana Jardel’s father was a Brazilian famous football player.

Merche Romero


girl Cristiano Ronaldo dated

was Merche Romero. The soccer star dated the Portuguese model from 2005 to 2006. Romero, a Portuguese model and TV presenter, dated Ronaldo from January 2005 to September 2006, making her one of the Ronaldo’s longest-lasting girlfriends while he played in England with

Manchester United


Merche Romero is a 46-year-old Portuguese Game Show Host who was born in Andorra, Principat d’Andorra, on November 27, 1976. They started dating when Ronaldo was only 19 and Merche Romero was 29.

On a Portuguese television broadcast in 2006, she announced the end of her relationship with Ronaldo. It was reported by the Portuguese media that she dumped Cristiano Ronaldo and went for her ex-boyfriend. However, Cristiano refused to speak about his girlfriend. He has never openly confirmed or denied the relationship.

Merche Romero spoke about the relationship with Ronaldo after they followed opposite paths, “We stayed what we had to stay. Okay, maybe at the beginning, when a relationship ends, there is some grudge… ”, she said, without going into details, stressing that she understands that Ronaldo protects the family and vice versa. “This is wonderful. I wish all families were like this.”

“He is very graceful, he is very well disposed. He is a first-rate joker, he spends the day making fun of me… he used to call me bananinha, as a joke, of course. He’s really funny.

I have only good things to say. If people, for some reason, thought I really had something negative to say, I don’t”, praised Merche Romero, stressing that although they haven’t spoken for a long time, she’s sure that his essence hasn’t changed. “He’s got a giant heart, he’s not just the best in the world.”

“It was a very happy year and a half of my life during which we lived our moments there and had a great time. And I like people who make me laugh, he is a clown by nature like me, who lives like that, lives much better”, she said, adding another quirk of her ex-boyfriend: “He is always playing ball.”

Gemma Atkinson

The only British woman Ronaldo has been romantically linked with is Gemma Atkinson, a lingerie model. The pair was together only briefly, for four months at the start of 2007.

Cristiano Ronaldo was rumored to be in a relationship with television actress Gemma Atkinson during his playing days at Manchester United. He reportedly tried to impress the former Emmerdale star by watching episodes of Only Fools and Horses.

One of the sweet moments that is remembered in Atkinson's memory is when they had a simple date at his house. At that time, Ronaldo and Atkinson even just drank a cup of tea and watched a television series that was far from glamorous.

“Really simple. We just went to my house and drank a few cups of tea while watching television," Atkinson said,  

However, Cristiano and Gemma broke up within no time. After breaking up with Ronaldo, Atkinson had a relationship with another footballer, Marcus Bent. Later, she started a relationship with Gorka Marquez, a professional dancer, and they have a child together.

Nereida Gallardo

In 2008, the FIFA World Player of the Year honoree had a brief fling with the Spain native, Nereida Gallardo. Nereida Gallardo Alvarez was born on 18th March, 1983 in Spain.

At the start of 2008, Ronaldo decided to switch things up and date the Spanish model. The relationship, however, didn’t make it past summer. The soccer star and Spanish model called it quits just a month later.

She told in an interview that the footballer was always a gentleman, "He was a courteous guy — warm and loving. He was always a gentleman with me."

"He was never ever aggressive towards me — not even near. I can't see him forcing or holding down someone. He is not an aggressive guy in bed.

"I've had partners who have been verbally aggressive or who liked to grab me hard and he isn't like that."

The couple split in August 2008, 10 months before American Kathryn Mayorga alleges he raped her after meeting in a Las Vegas nightclub.

Cristiano Ronaldo ’s ex-girlfriend insisted he is NOT a rapist and said that she would testify for him in court.

Paris Hilton


girl Cristiano Ronaldo dated

was Paris Hilton. After splitting from Doug Reinhardt, the heiress was spotted with Ronaldo in 2009. "He's a very nice guy and an incredible athlete," she told in an interview, adding that the two were "very good friends."

Prior to Shayk, Ronaldo briefly dated Paris Hilton. In the summer of 2009, after the socialite ended things with Doug Reinhardt, she and the footballer were photographed partying at nightclubs in Los Angeles. They were even snapped getting cozy with one another on a couple of occasions.

At the time though Hilton played coy and wouldn’t acknowledge that they were romantically involved. “Cristiano and I are good friends. Very good friends. He’s a nice guy — and an incredible athlete. We’re getting to know each other and I have to leave it at that,” she said.

Their fling ended almost as quickly as it started with multiple outlets claiming that the hotel heiress didn’t want to be in a relationship with CR7 because she didn’t think he was man enough for her.

In 2021, Hilton announced that she was engaged to investor Carter Reum.

Kim Kardashian

Hilton’s former best friend and personal assistant Kim Kardashian was also linked to Ronaldo. One year later, Ronaldo was linked to Hilton's longtime pal after they reportedly spent time together in Europe before she began dating Kris Humphries. Kardashian was famously married to the NBA athlete for 72 days in 2011 before moving on with Kanye West.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star and soccer player reportedly had something going on in 2010 post-Kardashian’s breakup with Reggie Bush.

The reality star had been in Spain on vacation when she was seen having dinner and canoodling with Ronaldo. But by the time she got back to America any romance they had fizzled out.

Kardashian went on to marry and have four children with rapper Kanye West before filing for divorce in 2021.

Lucia Villalon

Following his split from Victoria's Secret model Irina Shayk, the European Golden Shoe winner sparked romance rumors with the Spanish TV personality. Ronaldo’s rebound girl after his breakup with Shayk in early 2015 was Villalon, a Spanish TV reporter. It didn’t last long, probably because she wasn’t a model!

Gorgeous Spanish sports reporter Lucia Villalon was rumored to be dating Cristiano Ronaldo after the pair were pictured celebrating the striker’s third Ballon d’Or win on their way back from Zurich.

Ronaldo was pictured celebrating with Villalon after he beat off competition from

Lionel Messi


Manuel Neuer

to win his third Ballon d'Or.

Pretty brunette Lucia Villalon, who was in Zurich, started tongues wagging after posting a selfie on Twitter of her and Ronaldo holding his Ballon d'Or on the plane to Madrid.

State broadcaster RTE named law and journalism graduate Lucia as Cristiano’s possible new girlfriend on a morning show. Several Spanish newspapers including heavyweight ABC echoed the rumors later on.

Georgina Rodriguez

The duo began dating in 2016 and welcomed daughter Alana Martina the following year. In April 2022, Rodríguez gave birth to a twin son and daughter, but the pair announced that their baby boy died.

These days, Ronaldo has settled down with Rodriguez. He and the Argentine-born model reportedly met in 2016 and went public with their relationship the following year.

Not long after that there were reports that the couple eloped in Morocco. However, Rodriguez debunked those reports telling Hola! Magazine that they did not tie the knot but she’s hoping that will happen one day.

“Every couple wants to get married and I would love to personally,” she said. “Right now we have priorities and a lot of responsibilities, although in the future it would be marvelous to become Cristiano’s wife.”

Ronaldo, for his part, is the father of five. His eldest son, Cristiano Jr., was born in 2010. The Manchester United star has full custody of his firstborn, and he has stated that the identity of Cristiano Jr.’s mother will remain under wraps.

“People speculate I was with this girl or another, or there was a surrogate mother,” he told in a November 2015 interview. “When Cristiano is going to grow up, I am always going to say the truth to him because he deserves it, because he is my son, but I am not going to say because people want me to say.”

The football star went on to welcome twins Eva and Mateo in June 2017 via surrogate. Five months later, Rodríguez gave birth to the pair’s first daughter together, Alana. The couple announced in October 2021 that they were expecting twins, revealing just before the new year that they were having a son and a daughter.

“It is with our deepest sadness we have to announce that our baby boy has passed away,” the pair wrote in a joint statement shared via Instagram at the time. “It is the greatest pain that any parents can feel. Only the birth of our baby girl gives us the strength to live this moment with some hope and happiness.”

The parents, who began dating in 2016, went on to thank their nurses and doctors “for all their expert care and support,” concluding, “We are all devastated at this loss and we kindly ask for privacy at this very difficult time. Our baby boy, you are our angel. We will always love you.”

To sum up:

Cristiano Ronaldo has been in relationships with Irina Shayk (2010 - 2015), Nereida Gallardo (2008), Gemma Atkinson (2007), Merche Romero (2005 - 2006), Jordana Jardel (2003 - 2004), Niki Ghazian and Mirella Grisales.

Cristiano Ronaldo has had encounters with Cassandre Davis (2016), Cristina Buccino (2016), Paula Suarez (2016), Daniella Grace (2016), Alessandra Ambrosio (2015), Maja Darving (2015), Alessia Tedeschi (2015), Daniella Chavez (2014), Alesia Riabenkova (2014), Andressa Urach (2013), Kim Kardashian (2010), Raffaella Fico (2009), Paris Hilton (2009), Olivia Saunders (2009), Bipasha Basu (2007) and Mia Judaken (2006).

Cristiano Ronaldo is rumored to have hooked up with Desiree Cordero (2016), Nikoleta Lozanova (2016), Nataly Rincon (2015), Lucia Villalon (2015), Melanie Martins (2015), Diana Morales (2014), Amal Saber (2014), Rita Pereira (2012) and Elisa De Panicis.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Rape Accusation

Back in 2010, a young woman claimed that Cristiano Ronaldo had raped her. Following the publication of a report on the allegations, the

Real Madrid

player’s agency dismissed the story as “journalistic fiction.”

The American woman claimed that the Portuguese star had raped her in Las Vegas years ago, and that he had paid her to remain silent.

The woman decided to go public for the first time and to fill a complaint against Ronaldo. She claimed to possess a document that could be extremely dangerous for him.

In 2010, Ronaldo’s lawyers and a mediator sat together with the young American woman to seek an out-of-court settlement.

In fact, in 2010, Kathryn Mayorga, a former teacher and model, was raising questions about the validity of a confidentiality agreement and $375,000 (£292,537) hush money she received from the sports star.

She said in court documents she met the Portuguese footballer at a nightclub in 2009 and went with him and other people to his suite at the Palms Hotel and Casino, where he allegedly assaulted her in a bedroom.

Ronaldo, on the other hand, has repeatedly denied Mayorga's accusation that he raped her in a Las Vegas hotel, maintaining that the sex was consensual.

However, the federal civil case alleging that Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo raped a woman in a Las Vegas hotel room in 2009 was recently dismissed.

"Because of her attorney's abuses and flagrant circumvention of the proper litigation process, Mayorga loses her opportunity to pursue this case and attempt to unwind the settlement of claims that, themselves, implicate serious allegations of a highly personal nature," Judge Jennifer Dorsey said.

The case was dismissed with prejudice, meaning Mayorga cannot refile the complaint.

Mayorga said she was coerced into signing a nondisclosure agreement and $375,000 settlement following the alleged rape, which Ronaldo has maintained was a consensual sexual encounter. Mayorga had asked the judge to void that agreement.

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