Top hottest sisters of star footballers

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Speaking of beautiful girls that surround football celebrities, people usually talk about the wives and girlfriends of stars, but their hot sisters are not usually given any attention. Read on to learn more about the top hottest sisters of star footballers.

It is usually the WAGs that walk away with the maximum attention from the footballer’s lives. The WAGs dominate the headlines in most of the cases and very little attention is paid to the members of the family.

There are times that the sisters of the footballers appear on one of these Instagram posts or in the family photo, but not many of them are known.

Who are the

footballers' hottest sisters

? Football is a beautiful game. And as we all know, players are often together with the most beautiful wives and girlfriends. But did you know some famous players also have surprisingly hot sisters?

The sisters of footballers have become almost as famous as their brothers. Some are well known, others less so. From playing volleyball to fashion blogging, they've all chosen a different career path to their brothers.

And they happily share their lifestyles on social media, gathering a multitude of followers fascinated by their luxurious lifestyle.

Top hottest sisters of star footballers:

In the following article, we made a selection for you of top famous football players that have sexy sisters. From Cristiano Ronaldo's sister Elma Aveiro to Sergio Ramos's younger sister Miriam Ramos, meet the

top hottest sisters of star footballers

, who they totally fall back on for support and love.

Rafaella Beckran – Neymar

Among footballers' hottest sisters is Rafaella Da Silva Santos (Also known as Rafaella Beckran), who was born on March 11, 1996, four years after her big brother, Neymar Jr. Neymar, was born in a poor district north of Sao Paulo, Brazil, called Mogi das Cruzes and lived a block away from the town’s local dump.

Her parents are Neymar Santos Sr. and Nadine da Silva. She is the second child and younger sister to Neymar Santos Jnr, famous and several award-winning Brazilian footballer. Her age is 25 as of 2021.

Rafella shares a very close relationship with her brother


and the Brazil captain also has a tattoo of her on his right arm. Rafella is very active on Instagram, and is currently dating Santos star Lucas Lima.

Rafella is a typical Brazilian beauty, thin, sensual, and tanned. The pair are so close, the PSG ace has a tattoo of her face on his right arm that he showed off in 2015.

With a little sister like Rafaella, the famous Neymar Jr. isn’t the only recognizable face in his family. The gorgeous model has gained global attention for her incredible social media platform on Instagram and Twitter and for her booming modeling career.

The interesting point about the pair is that whenever Neymar has missed matches through injury and suspension, the timing has conveniently coincided with one of Rafaella's birthdays.

Paris Saint-Germain

and Brazil star Neymar has had a peculiar habit of being sidelined with injury during the time of his sister Rafaella's birthday. The incident was called the curse of Neymar's sister's birthday!

Rafaella's birthday falls on March 11 and Neymar has been either injured or suspended for games surrounding that game since the 2014-15 season.

Many joke that Neymar is purposefully skipping games around this time to spend time with his sister, with then

Real Madrid

captain, Sergio Ramos, once making light of the situation, "I like to play with the best and Neymar is one of them," he said, adding with a laugh, "What we would have to negotiate is his sister's birthday."

Rafaella herself has become somewhat of a style icon with a successful modeling career that has seen her gain over 5.5 million followers on her Instagram page (


). She has become an influencer, getting numerous followers on Instagram by sharing sexy model snaps.

Rafaella Santos Twitter is also famous and active. She has more than 261K followers on her Twitter (



Rafaella changed her last name from “Da Silva Santos” to “Beckran” for her intense fandom of English soccer star

David Beckham


Rafaella's preference for soccer players has been shown through the men she has dated over the past few years, although there have only been a few of them. One of her first public relationships began in 2013 with Lukinhas Crispim, a professional soccer player who plays for Fortaleza and Brazil.

In 2015, rumors began spreading that Rafaella and Santos star Luca Lima were dating. Rafaella began dating another Santos player in 2016, but this time around she took their relationship public.

Brazilian and

A.C. Milan

footballer Gabriel "Gabigol" Barbosa, who was a teammate and friend of Neymar's, was seen vacationing with the beauty close to the holidays.

Neymar's sister had previously been in a relationship with Inter forward Gabriel 'Gabigol' Barbosa but the couple reportedly broke up in 2018. Later, Rafaella's started dating the RB Leipzig and Portuguese footballer,

André Silva


Rafaella found a niche in modelling and has made her way to becoming a successful model and a wonderful Instagram influencer. Rafaella works with Elleven Wears, a skateboard apparel shop at the moment and has her sunglasses line which was on the loose in the year of 2016.

While Rafaella focuses on her career, Rafaella has dedicated a good time to helping underprivileged children through Instituto Neymar. The institution was founded by Neymar in the year of 2014 and focuses on children in the same community the siblings were raised.

Hollie Walcott – Theo Walcott

Sporting ability clearly runs in the Walcott family as Theo’s big sister Hollie proves, as she makes waves in the bodybuilding world.

Walcott has been in red-hot form this season for the Gunners – and it looks like his form isn’t the only thing in the Walcott family as the 31-year-old sister Hollie is a stunner.

A body-builder by profession Hollie is very close to her brother and the two often share tips on how to stay fit and improve their performances.

Just like her brother Theo Walcott, Hollie, 31, is a gym buff. Among the

top hottest sisters of star footballers

is Hollie Walcott. But, instead of football, she competed in bodybuilding events, scoring high marks from judges for her enviable figure.

The mother-of-two often shares tips on staying fit alongside Theo on social media. She has been training five times a week for 18 months and is providing inspiration to her famous brother.

The budding champion follows a strict vegan diet and does not eat potatoes or bread. That’s one of the reasons her name is on the list of the

top football players hottest sisters


She told reporters, ‘Theo’s asked for training tips for his abs and wanted tips to improve his six pack, he wanted a stomach like mine.

‘We can talk about training and nutrition. It’s good we’ve got something in common. I’m incredibly ambitious and my brother’s great success has only made me want to achieve at the highest level in my field. We are a very competitive family.’

There is a friendly sibling rivalry between the two, “… we are a competitive family so both me and Theo will want to finish our different sporting careers with more trophies.

“One of the first things he said to me was, ‘You have got more trophies than me now’. She is quite sure that he will win lots of trophies in near future, “so we will probably start counting them up against each other pretty soon.”

Daniela Ospina – David Ospina

The stunning Colombian beauty shares a close bond with her brother. However, what makes this lusty beauty from the South America’s more special is the fact that she isn’t just the sister of a famous footballer but is also married to one.

Daniela is married to the former Real Madrid star James Rodriguez. With a brother like former



David Ospina

, Daniela Ospina is in safe hands and definitely one of the hottest sisters of star footballers.

And Daniela, 28, is also good with her hands. She's a professional volleyball player and most famously played for VP Madrid. She has more than 7m followers on her Instagram page (



She was married to Colombian star James Rodriguez, before they split in 2017. He was fairly unknown when he married Daniela Ospina in 2010.

It seems like sports runs in the family, as like her brother David, Dani is also a professional athlete, and currently represents the Madrid volleyball team.

Asked whether he thought his sister should get credit for James' success, Ospina said, "My sister should be an agent, because she has a good eye for talent."

Arsenal goalkeeper David Ospina is said that he had to work hard to convince his parents to let James Rodriguez marry his sister, Daniela.

Al-Rayyan SC star, James, started dating Ospina's sister back when he played in Argentina for Banfield and the two married in 2010 before James headed to Europe to play for Porto and just after Daniel turned 18.

Although Ospina hadn't yet met James, he knew of him. At first neither he nor his parents were happy to learn that his sister was dating a football player, Ospina said during an interview with Fox Sports Argentina.

But over time, the two players formed a close connection and Ospina said he was able to convince his parents to bless the marriage.

"James also left Colombia at a very young age, and I had never had a chance to meet him during that time," he said. "And then my sister calls to tell me that she was talking to a football player. I was like, 'who is he?'

"At that time, James was already at Banfield in Argentina. I knew who he was but had never met him. Then he came to my house. And I had to explain to my parents that [James] had stolen my sister's heart. And there was James, waiting to come in, nervous, on the other side of the door.

"I had to do a lot of work the first time he came to the house, because my parents, they weren't really thrilled with the idea.

"I had to tell him, no it's OK, you can come in. I straightened everything out," he said. "Now when we get together and sit down to eat, I have to put on my serious face with him, because if I don't..."

Elma Aveiro – Cristiano Ronaldo

The former Juventus star,

Cristiano Ronaldo

, has achieved almost everything there is to achieve. CR7 is termed as an arrogant and selfish player by the media, but the Portuguese captain is family man according to his close friends.

Ronaldo’s love for his mother is known to the world but what most people don’t know is that the 36-year-old is very close to his sister, Elma Alveiro.

Elma is 42 years old but still looks stunning and has been vocal about her admiration and love for younger brother. “I’m a second mother to him.” Elma once said.

Ronaldo has two sisters who are both older than him. Elma is the eldest sister and Katia Aveiro is the younger one. Katia is a singer and businesswoman, describing herself on her Instagram profile as a "digital influencer". Similarly, Elma's Instragram says that she is an "enterprising woman".

Elma is not shy about voicing her opinions either and she prompted headlines across the football world in 2020 when she shared a photo of Lionel Messi 'worshipping' her brother.

After Juventus came out on top in the Champions League against Barcelona in December, Elma shared the image of

Lionel Messi

kneeling in front of a triumphant Ronaldo along with the message, "My king. The best ever. The pride of my life."

It was not her first time in the news for such matters, having previously criticized the style of play deployed by former Juventus boss

Maurizio Sarri

midway through 2020.

Elma Aveiro is a famous Instagram Star. She was born on March 10, 1979 and her birthplace is Portugal. Elma is also well known as, Portuguese woman best known for being the older sister of soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

Her world-famous brother has afforded her the opportunity to appear on television shows like So Visto! and Fama Show. She has over 504K followers on Instagram (


). Elma is originally from Portugal. She became an aunt to Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. in 2010.

Besides the fact that she is the elder sister of Cristiano Ronaldo and Katia Aveiro, the singer in the family, Elma Aveiro is also known as an Instagram sensation. She is very active on Instagram sharing pictures of herself, Ronaldo, and other luxurious things.

Marta Abril Martin – Alvaro Morata

Alvaro Morata previously rose the ranks at Real Madrid and is now back as a full-fledged first-team player at Juventus.

His sister Marta is just as beautiful as her brother’s finishing. That is why her name is always among the

top hot sisters of football players

. The green-eyed beauty is gorgeous. Although, she is currently dating Spanish actor Javier Pereira.

Marta is the beautiful 36-year-old sister of former Real Madrid star

Alvaro Morata

. Marta Abril Martin was born on December 27, 1985 in Spain, meaning that she is 36 years old now.

She is an Instagram model, as well as a yoga teacher, creating her own blog called Comoonity. She also works in marketing. Marta has almost 116K followers on her Instagram page (


). Her fans hang onto her health and fitness tips.

She has a career of her own, though regularly stunning the internet with a range of photos from topless images of her in bed to snaps of her in a bikini.

Marta is one of the richest Instagram Star & listed on most popular Instagram Star. According to our analysis, Wikipedia, Forbes & Business Insider, Marta Abril net worth is approximately $1.5 Million.

The naturally beautiful model, who currently lives in Madrid, frequently shows support for her brother on social media via Twitter.

Ambar Vidal – Arturo Vidal

Bayern Munich play-maker

Arturo Vidal

is said to be very close to his sister Ambar. She is a graduate of O'Connor high school in San Antonio, Texas. She is also among the hottest sisters of star footballers.

The hot brunette had gained a cult following on Instagram after she started posting revealing selfies of herself on the social networking platform.

However, Ambar had to delete her account after she started getting tons of messages from strangers.

The 30-year-old is also said to share a very close relationship with the Chilean midfielder.

And she gained quite the cult following on Instagram, when she began posting saucy images online. She has more than 15K followers on her Instagram page (



Her husband was shot dead in broad daylight in Chile capital, Santiago. Ignacio Neira Guerra who was married to Ambar was reportedly attacked while stopping at a crossroads in his Mazda car.

Guerra was shot in the head more than five times despite getting out of his car and calling for help. Although Guerra was rushed to hospital as soon as possible, he was pronounced dead just after a few minutes of his arrival. The couple have two children together.

Liz Solari – Santiago Solari

Liz Solari, 37, maybe living in the shadow of her elder sibling, but as a star of TV and film she certainly has a tendency in stealing the limelight.

She is the only daughter of former football player Eduardo Solari and his wife. Liz has three brothers Esteban, David, and Santiago Solari. All of them are football players.

She has been splashed across the papers thanks to her bombshell looks thanks to a very successful acting career in Argentina.

Liz is an Argentine entertainment personality, a model, and an arising actress, who has starred in several theatrical shows, movies, and TV shows like The Last Man, Evil Woman, and Champs 12, among others.

However, back in 2010 she appeared on the front pages after a tragic incident when her boyfriend, fellow actor Leonardo Verhagen, died in her arms after a night of wild sex.

At the time, she told local media, "We went home, opened a bottle of wine, played some music, went upstairs and made love.

"Immediately after we finished, he began to have convulsions and fell on the floor. It was desperate to see him die in my arms."

Liz started her career as a model and was the face of numerous well-known brands of clothing, cosmetics, and lingerie.

She then made the switch to acting, appearing in several popular TV series and movies. She has more than 316k followers on her Instagram page (



Now, the beauty is married and is focused on her popular video blog called 'Inner Journey with Liz'.

She is in a marital relationship with Walter Fara. He is an entrepreneur and the senior manager and the part of the global business development team at TIDAL.

Liz and Walter first met each other back in 2011. After the first encounter, they shared a good bond and began their romantic affair. But they temporarily separated for a few years. Later, the pair rekindled their romantic relationship and tied the wedding knot on June 18, 2018.

The 5-feet-9-inch (176 cm) tall Liz has not revealed the exact net worth she enjoys. However, she has an estimated net worth of around $1 million which she collected from her professional acting and modeling career.

Ana Silvia – Javier Hernandez

The former Manchester United striker shares a very close bond to his literally unknown sister Ana.

She is very shy of media and hardly makes any public appearances. Not much is known about the gorgeous brunette, except for a couple of pictures on her brothers Instagram account. Ana Silvia has more than 10K followers on her Instagram account (



Ana is the low-key sister of LA Galaxy striker, Javier Hernandez. She prefers to stay out the limelight, occasionally appearing on her brother's Instagram feed. The gorgeous brunette is an aspiring filmmaker, photographer, and interior designer.

Gabrieli Emboaba – Oscar

Former Chelsea midfielder Oscar has the hottest sister amongst football stars globally. Gabrieli is what every girl aspires to be, she’s thin, has a great body and is full of life.

The fashion blogger and wannabe journalist’s relationship status is unknown, so if you guys want to try your luck, just check out her Instagram page (


). She has more than 100K followers.

Another stunning Brazilian, Gabrieli is the hot sister of Shanghai Port playmaker Oscar. A fashion blogger and journalist, the blonde beauty has launched her own shop - the ByUs Store in her homeland.

Miriam Ramos – Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos

has had a hugely successful career with the Los Blancos, although the 35-year-old still likes to keep a low profile.

Ramos has the initials of his sibling tattooed on his left hand, including the name of his sister Miriam Ramos.

The stunning hottie, however, broke hearts when she married in 2012. She has more than 100K followers on her Instagram page (


) and often shares her training sessions and some family snaps with her fans.




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