Top Facts about Patrik Schick, the Charming Hitman

Wed 01 December 2021 | 17:30

In today’s article, we are going to put the spotlight on one of the most exciting strikers in European football. The name is Patrik Schick from the Czech Republic who seems to be about to hit his prime as an all-round goal scorer in the near future.

With scoring five goals throughout the campaign, Patrik Schick was named the joint top scorer in the

EURO 2020

alongside Cristiano Ronaldo. Many football fans have never heard his name before his brilliant performance at EURO final stages. That is why we decided to talk about some top facts about Patrik Schick on and off the pitch. The Czechian international started his career from his homeland and had to go through a relatively rough patch to become one of the most prolific goal scorers across Europe.

Patrik Schick is currently playing for Bayer Leverkusen in German Bundesliga. Before joining the German side in 2020, Patrik Schick has played for Sparta Prague, Bohemians, Sampdoria, Roma, and RB Leipzig. We are going to cover his journey in each of those clubs and also, we have some top facts about

Patrik Schick personal life

such as Patrik Schick wife, Patrik Schick children, Patrik Schick salary and net worth, and much more. So, let’s get down to business and reveal those facts!

Quick Top Facts About Patrik Schick

Before diving deep into the details of top facts about Patrik Schick, let’s have a quick review of some short facts about him:

  • Full Name: Patrik Schick

  • Nicknames: Schicky

  • Date of Birth: 24 January 1996

  • Place of Birth: Prague, Czech Republic

  • Current Age: 25

  • Nationality: Czech

  • Height: 1.87 m

  • Weight: 73 kg

  • Position: Striker, Second Striker

  • Preferred Foot: Left

  • Current Team:  Bayer Leverkusen

  • Jersey Number: 14 

  • Eye Color: Blue

  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

  • Honors:

Czech First League in 2013–14

Czech Cup in 2013–14

Czech Supercup in 2014

Interesting Facts About Patrik Schick Childhood

As mentioned above, Patrik Schick was born on 24 January 1996 in Prague, Czech Republic. So, at the time of publishing this article

Patrik Schick age

is 25 years old. He was the second child in the Schick family as he has an elder sister named Kristyna. Even before he became and schoolboy, Patrik started watching or playing football at any given opportunity. His childhood idol was the Manchester United number seven back in the day, David Beckham. He even had an England shirt with Beckham’s name at the back and became a Man. United fan growing up.

Patrik Schick childhood

was more or less like any other kid back in the day in Prague. His parents were in the confectionery business for their whole life and they were quite successful in it. But for little Patrik becoming a professional football player was everything he was thinking about. Therefore, Patrik Schick parents supported him to chase his dreams and never forced him to stay loyal to their family business. Just when he started going to school, his parents enrolled him up in a local football academy named Vestec.

One of the

top facts about Patrik Schick

childhood is that he used to get really upset when he lost in a football match. He came home crying and complaining about why his team couldn’t beat the opponents. But as he grew, he got better at controlling his emotions and coping with the failures that came across. In addition to self-control, there was also another skill that Patrik learned during his childhood that helped him in his career. In school, Patrik had to choose between French and German to learn as a second language and he chose German which came in handy since he is now spending his third season at German Bundesliga. 

Top Facts About Patrik Schick Parents and Family

Patrik Schick has always had a strong bond with his family. His mother’s name is Iveta Schickova and she had an important role in supporting Patrik throughout his journey in becoming the player and person he is today. The same goes for his dad as well, both

Patrik Schick parents

used to attend his football matches when he was playing at Vestec academy. One of the interesting top facts about Patrik Schick is that his father was his first critic during his childhood. He used to give instructions to Patrik from the sidelines and every time that Patrik missed a kick, his father would put his face into his palms and shake his head in a desperate way.

Although some of those instructions helped Patrik during his early years as a player, at some point he had enough of them and had to confront his father. So, one time when he was about 11 years old and his father started yelling at him for messing up in the game, Patrik showed him the middle finger and said that he is the footballer on the pitch and he knows what he is doing! That was the moment when Patrik’s father decided to stop criticizing him the way he used to do.

One of the other

top facts about Patrik Schick

family is that his sister, Kristyna is some kind of famous because of her modeling business. Since she was a teenager, she wanted to be a model and her parents supported him just like what they did later for their son. In fact, years later when Patrik was playing for Sparta Prague, he was thinking to try modeling as well and work with his sister. Given to his good looks and body shape, it is not an exaggeration if we say he could have been successful in the modeling business as well. 

Facts About Patrik Schick Early Career

During his childhood, Patrik Schick was considered as one of the most talented players in his side, Vestec. After putting a delightful performance in a match against the well-known

Sparta Prague

, the Sparta’s manager approached him and convinced him to join Sparta Prague academy on the same day. At that time, Patrik Schick age was about 11 years old. From 2007 to 2014, Schick was developing his skills at Sparta Prague youth academy. He also earned a place in the Czech Republic national team on various age groups. Finally on the 16th day of May 2014, Patrik Schick made his debut in senior level football in a cup match against FK Jablonec.

On the following months, he got the chance to play a few other matches in Sparta Prague colors but that was not enough for a highly talented striker like him. So, Sparta loaned him out to

Bohemians Prague 1905

where Patrik had the opportunity to play week in and week out. The 2015-16 season with Bohemians was his breakthrough season as he scored eight goals in 30 matches for the club. Now scouts from top five leagues in Europe were watching the 20 years old Patrik Schick and finally Sampdoria managed to land him in Italy for a transfer fee of €4.00m.

On his debut season at


, Patrik Schick became one of the key parts of coach Marco Giampaolo’s squad made 32 appearances in the Serie A. Patrik Schick stats at Sampdoria were amazing: scoring 13 goals in addition to 4 assists made him one of the most wanted targets in the 2017 summer transfer window. Just when everything was going smooth for Schicky and many elite clubs in Italy and abroad were ready to pay up a handsome amount of money to sign him, his first big failure came around.

What Happened for Patrik Schick at Juventus?

After having an amazing season at Italian football with Sampdoria, rumors had it that the title holders


are keen on signing Patrik Schick prior to 2017-18 season. it turned out that the rumors were true and Juventus approached Sampdoria to sign the young striker and even they scheduled the medical tests. Photos of Patrik Schick doing the medicals with a Juve shirt was posted on the club’s official social media accounts and just when everybody was ready for the official announcement, the bombshell has dropped: Juventus declared that medical tests shows that Patrik Schick has an undiagnosed heart issue and therefore, the deal with Sampdoria is off. 

As a footballer on his early 20s, being told that your heart is not good enough to play professional football is one of the worst things that can happen to you. But fortunately, that was not the case for Patrik Schick since just weeks after the Juventus deal fell through, Roma made an offer worth €42m to sign the Czech international. One of the

top facts about Patrik Schick

is that he is Roma’s most expensive arrival in the club’s history. So, the bar was set high for Schick at Roma but it turned out that moving to Roma was not a good decision both for the club and the player.

 That’s because Roma had an in-form

Edin Dzeko

leading their attack back then and there was no place for Patrik Schick in a 4-3-3 shape. Coach Di Francesco even tried him in the right winger position but it didn’t work out as Schick scored only three goals in 25 matches on his first season at the club. Things didn’t improve in the following season either, five goals and four assists in 32 matches were not enough for the club’s record-breaking signing. Patrik’s journey at Roma was going to end sooner than expected and, in the summer of 2019, he got loaned out to RB Leipzig where he managed to get back on his feet and show that he still has his hunting instinct in front of goal.

Patrik Schick Stats 

Moving to Germany was the thing that saved Patrik Schick’s career after two seasons of failure at Roma. It didn’t take him long to find his spot at


starting lineup and the goals came as well. In his 28 games for Julian Nagelsmann’s side, Patrik Schick scored 10 goals and provided 3 assists in all competitions. At the end of the season, Leipzig didn’t use the buyout clause to make Schick’s move permanent. Therefore, he got back to Italy and then, one of the other German big clubs bought him from Roma.

In the summer of 2020 Bayer Leverkusen paod €26.5m to sign Patrik Schick as their main striker. On his return to Germany,

Patrik Schick stats

didn’t fall off and he scored 13 goals in addition to two assists on 36 games in Leverkusen colors. He also had an astonishing start to the 2021-22 season with eight goals and three assists in only 10 Bundesliga games. If he manages to keep up his form, it could be his best season so far in terms of statistics. 

Patrik Schick Transfermarket Stats

Since moving to Germany, he is getting better and better by each season and that explains why he is considered as one of the most valuable players in the league.

Patrik Schick transfermarket stats

suggests that he is amongst four most valuable Bayer Leverkusen players and he is the second most valuable player from Czech Republic with the estimated market value of €28m. Patrik has the INTERNATIONAL SPORT MANAGEMENT, S.R.O agency as his agent. The agency is located in Czech Republic and is representing mainly the Czechian players.

Another fact from Patrik Schick transfermarket stats is that he has 17 goals to his name in 33 matches with Czech Republic national team which is quite impressive. One of the top facts about Patrik Schick is that with scoring two goals against Scotland in EURO 2020, he is the first Czechian to brace in a major tournament final stage since Thomas Rosický in 2006. His second goal in that match was also a record-breaker one: with 49.7 meters distance from the goal, it was the longest distance goal scored in the EURO’s history. So, we could say that Patrik Schick is on his way to become one of the

most famous Czech Footballers of all time


Who Is Patrik Schick Wife?

Patrik Schick met his soulmate back in 2014 while he was still playing in his home country. They were dating for almost six years until in 2020 the happy couple tied the knot and became husband and wife. 

Patrik Schick wife

 is named Hana Behounkova and she is from Czech Republic too. Just a few months after their marriage they were blessed by a baby girl which they named Victoria.

Almost a year later, Patrik and Hana welcomed another cute baby which was a boy and they named him Nico. One of the interesting facts about 

Patrik Schick children

 is that both of them were born on the early days of October. The first one, Victoria was born on the October of 2020 and Nico was born on the October of 2021. The Schick family also had a cute dog named Muffin which sadly passed away a few months ago.

Patrik Schick Social Media Accounts

If you are interested in Patrik Schick personal life, following his social media accounts might be a good idea since he posts a lot of pictures from his family and what he is doing on his free time off the pitch. You can find Patrik Schick social media accounts by clicking on these links:

Patrik Schick Instagram account


Patrik Schick Facebook account

. Up to this day, there is no verified twitter account related to Patrik Schick. You can also follow

Patrik Schick wife, Hana, Instagram account


Judging by

Patrik Schick social media accounts

we can say that he is a fan of Formula 1 and he also enjoys video games a lot. Like many other professional football players, Patrik Schick also uses his summer vacations to travel with his family and you can find plenty of those pictures on his Instagram account. Patrik and Hana are currently living in Leverkusen, Germany with their two little children. 

Patrik Schick Net Worth and Salary

The prolific goal scorer signed his last contract on September 2020 with Bayer Leverkusen which was a five-year contract. According to that contract,

Patrik Schick salary

is €100,000 per week which means he earns €4.8m per year. As a matter of fact, Patrik Schick is Bayer Leverkusen’s second highest-paid player after Moussa Diaby who earns €120,000 per week. Patrik is on a long-term contract right now and that means if he is going to have a pay raise, he must wait a few years to either renew his contract with Leverkusen or get bought by another club before his current contract expires.

When he was about eight years old, Patrik Schick attended to a Sparta Prague UCL match against Manchester united and he was inspired by the Red Devils star Wayne Rooney. He said to himself that he is going to make a living just like the English attacker and he doesn’t want to have a normal job. Well, we could say that he made it as

Patrik Schick net worth

is estimated to be around €6m which is more than enough for a man of his age. As you would guess, he earned that money mainly by playing football for some big clubs such as Roma and Leverkusen. 

Patrik Schick Playing Style

He is often compared to top strikers such as

Dennis Bergkamp

and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. One of the top facts about Patrick Schick is that the latter was actually his idol growing up. “Ibrahimovic has been my role model since childhood, but another like him simply doesn’t exist. I think I can still improve.” He showed his admiration for the legendary Swedish striker in an interview. Due to his 1.87 m height, Patrick Schick can be a proper target man for any team.

But he also is a quick player on the ground and has some delightful skills in his repertoire. Patrik Schick is a capable finisher and a smart playmaker as well. He can make space for his teammates by his runs through the opposition’s defense and he also has a sharp eye to pick out his teammates when he is on the ball. Apart from his two seasons at Roma, he proved his worth in every club that he played for. It is safe to say that he can adopt quickly when he moves to a new club and that can be a huge perk for him in the coming years if a big offer arrives.  

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