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Edinson Cavani is an Uruguayan professional footballer who was born on 14 February 1987. At this moment, Cavani is playing for the English football club, Manchester United as a striker. Here in this exclusive article, we have selected some of Edinson Cavani quotes for you.

Edinson Cavani

, also known as ‘El Matador’ which literally means ‘The Bullfighter’, began his career as a football player in 2005 with the Uruguayan football club, Danubio and only 3 years later, h officially started his international career playing for his country, Uruguay.

The reason why he is commonly known as ‘El Matador’ goes back to one of his appearances as a Palermo player, where he was praised for his composure in front of the goal and afterward people, as well as his teammates, referred to him as ‘The Bullfighter’.

The sure thing is that Cavani has a long list of trophies that he has been awarded during his professional career as a football player; to name some of these awards, we have to mention Coppa Italia top scorer (2011–12), Ligue 1 top scorer (2016–17 and 2017-18), Coupe de France top scorer (2014–15), Ligue 1 Best Foreign Player (2017) and Golden Foot (2018).

A complete collection of Edinson Cavani quotes:

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Edinson Cavani quotes

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Edinson Cavani quotes on his character and his childhood

Edinson Cavani was born on Valentine’s Day, 14 February 1987 to his mother Berta Gómez and his father Luis Cavani in Salto, a city located in northwestern Uruguay. Also one other fact you need to know about Edinson Cavani is that he is of Italian descent.

Edinson grew up in a sporty family; as a matter of fact, both his brothers Christian Cavani and Walter Guglielmone are professional footballers as well. Also, it is noteworthy to say among all the three children in the Cavani family, Edinson is the youngest.

Basically, Edinson spent his childhood playing football in neighborhoods and streets with his brothers who definitely were major influences on his passion for football, beside his number one inspiration the Argentine former professional footballer, Gabriel Batistuta.

But for now, let’s see what Edinson Cavani tells us about both his childhood and his unique character.

On his family and childhood

When I was a little boy, there were a lot of children with physical problems in my hometown, and my parents used to work with them, and I learned a lot about that. Since I was a child, helping out, doing what I can, was something that fulfilled me.

Family is really important. I think particularly in our Hispanic culture as well. It is a real pillar of our existence, family life. I am creating and building my own family here, and the closeness of your family is very, very important.

On his character

Some players like to go out partying, but I like the quiet life.

I am a hard worker who looks to give everything.

I will not speak about my private life, but I am a professional, and I will always give my best.

I always have belief in my country.

Edinson Cavani quotes on his hobbies and preferences

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Edinson Cavani quotes

let’s together discover what he prefers to do when he is off the pitch and wants to relieve the tension of the field.

I am an athlete for Christ. That's why I play for Him, to give Him glory, to thank Him for giving me the ability to play football.

Fishing gives me peace, tranquility. And also, as a forward player, it helps me with my eyes.

I read the Bible every day, study it, and share with my wife the blessings of faith.

I like playing football wherever I can.

When I fish, there are a lot of images that come to my mind of when I was a child. I did not have things I have now, so to go fishing now is completely different. I am very grateful for all that I have acquired in life.

Edinson Cavani inspirational quotes

Edinson Cavani is a man of faith and a strong believer in God. According to himself, going to church and reading the bible every day are two main things he never neglects. Let’s see what inspirational quotes he offers you to get motivated!

To get to the top, you must put in a lot of hard work, but you also need to be blessed with talent.

I am a footballing worker - I am not a star.

You never know what emotions will emerge. They can come on suddenly, when you least expect them.

I was born a footballer. Before I could walk, I was chasing balls.

I play for pleasure, for the passion that I have as a football player.

What fulfills me are the goals that I have in life. And those goals are not just about scoring goals, although the goals give me a lot of strength and happiness.

I have to work hard, just like any other player.

When you reach the moment to score, it is like liberating different emotions such as joy, happiness, and also satisfaction.

To become a striker, you need dedication, focus, and professionalism. When they pass you the ball inside the area, the first thing you think of is to score. To find the best way to finish.

Scoring a goal feels a bit like a liberating act. It is a mix of sensations that only strikers can feel in their own guts. We work for that, to score. It is like a commitment, an obligation we take with ourselves.

I don't fear hostile atmospheres. In fact, that added pressure serves as an incentive for me to give my very best performance on the pitch.

When we are little, we always dream, and the first teams that come into your head are those on the world stage for their marketing, their image, their publicity. That makes you dream about how nice it would be to play for Real Madrid, to play for Barcelona.

My objective is not to play for money, as I just want to leave good memories. That is the most important thing!

Edinson Cavani quotes on football and his playing style

In 2000, Edinson Cavani entered the youth system via the Uruguayan football club,


. He also started his senior career with the same team 5 years later in 2005. During his two-year career in Danubio, Cavani managed to draw the attention of the Italian football club,


to himself.

Therefore, Cavani officially signed a contract with Palermo for €4.475 million on 31 January 2007. In Palermo, he gained more success and became an influential player that so many other football clubs out there had an eye on him.

Meanwhile, a year after joining Palermo, Edinon Cavani began his international career, playing for


, as well. Speaking of which he has made 123 appearances as well as scoring 53 goals so far.

It took Cavani 4 years to left Palermo for


for which he featured in only 69 matches and managed to score 52 goals on the whole. The next stop for El Matador was definitely

Paris Saint-Germain


He had the longest period in this French football club, playing for which is said to be ‘an honor’ according to Edinson himself. However, after 7 years of loyalty to Paris Saint-Germain, in 2020 Cavani left this club for

Manchester United

, his current team.

There is nothing nicer than playing in a World Cup against France, England, or Spain. There is nothing nicer than instead of playing a friendly, you can play a game where, if you win, you can make history.

Football is about sacrifice, dedication, a lot of work, and friendship off the pitch.

I'll always thank all of the teams I played for from the bottom of my heart because they all helped me grow as a person and a footballer, but the three years I spent in Naples were fantastic. That city gave me everything - my name, maturity, and international recognition. I get very emotional when Naples is mentioned.

I always try to say I am very much a team player and a club man, I am not an individual who is in it for himself. I am in it for the lads and whole club.

Also, I like to think that when I am playing football, I am playing to try to entertain and to bring some happiness to the fans, the people who get behind the side and cheer the side on from the stands and beyond. So that is a motivation that I have to win all of the time, to try to improve and perform well. I am doing it for the supporters who give us so much backing.

In Uruguay, there is a football pitch every hundred metres, whether it is made by grass, small stones, or sand. This has been my football education.

Everyone is committed to giving their best and to putting in 100 percent in every match to win.

Football puts everything at your fingertips. And I was raised in a way that focused everything on looking after your family. Faith really helped me realise that the temptations that you have on hand will give you joy, enjoyment, whatever, but only for a short while. And after that, it is all gloom.

There's a lot of politics in football, and sometimes the real values of the sport, those human values, get lost.

The best teams in Europe play in the Champions League, and when you face them, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

I would like to see Premier League teams play in Ligue 1 so we could see how good they are.

In football, sometimes things happen that are outside of your control, leading the club to make decisions.

A footballer must be prepared to be welcomed when all is well and to receive criticism when things are not working out. Of course, it is not easy nor pleasant to hear negative things about you.

As long as I am playing football, I am prepared to play wherever I have to.

One of the things that makes the best teams in the world the best is the fact that, across midfield and up top, they are capable of hurting you.

I want to play in a club that gives me confidence.

It's a personal challenge for me, to give the best of myself, to win titles, to score goals for my team, and to help when needed.

Every player has his way of playing.

I have the same relationship with all my team-mates. For me, all my team-mates are the same.

Football is my passion, and who knows where I will play in the future - you cannot foresee that.

My style of game is a bit of a mix between a modern player and a traditional striker, more aggressive. The real, ultimate finisher.

In football, you don't know what can happen.

I focus a lot more on the collective than the individual.

If I have team-mates who can win individual accolades, then I will do everything to help them.

It's important for a striker to play in a position which is natural for him.

I give the maximum. If things go well, I'm happy for myself, for the team, for the club, for the fans.

I try to give everything for my team.

I want to go back to Uruguay and win the Libertadores.

In football, you can't always play well, and sometimes there will be criticism. Sometimes when I get a lot, it helps me. It makes me work even harder to improve and make the critics a little more positive.

Every footballer knows the Premier League is a great league. It's very competitive, and it's among the best leagues in the world.

I have always had a lot of responsibility, and I have always been committed wherever I have been asked to play.

Everybody knows that, in football, anything can happen.

I've always said it, and the whole football world knows that Cavani is a centre-forward and that he has proven his worth in that position. Having said that, Cavani has shown other characteristics that can help the team, like winning the ball back, helping out defensively.

In every team I have played with, and of all of the attackers I have played with, each one was different.

A striker scores goals, but the goalkeepers saves them, the defenders close chances down, and all the credit is shared out.

When you are playing teams of this quality, you might get one or two good chances in 90 minutes; that is why it is so important that we take them.

I have great respect for the Premier League, for the teams, and the great players there.

I have never made a secret that I prefer to play centrally, it is where I feel I can get most goals from. At the same time, though, I also understand that you need to make sacrifices for the team.

Some people say I run too much, and by the time I arrive in front of goal, when I have to provide the finish, I am tired. But this is just my way of playing. I need to do this to score goals.

For Brazil or any other national team in the world, to play Uruguay is a commitment and a very tough match.

It is the entire team that has to work together. Football is a team game. We all have to give our all.

At the end of the day, it is football, and we are all important on the pitch. We must play as a team and not listen to what others are saying.

It's always good to get back to your teammates.

I want to help my teammates, even if I'm a striker, because it's important to win back possession. But scoring is something incomparable.

I always have the hunger to score, to be on the pitch and finish the team's moves.

To me, every match is important.

You always hope new players complete the team with their qualities.

The English teams are very difficult to face.

I've always said that wherever I have played, I've always respected that jersey, and I've always defended it as though I had been a supporter of the team all my life.

When, as a player, you have dreamed of playing at the highest level, it's normal that it gets your attention to be linked as a target as a possible addition to important clubs in the world.

The most important thing is that everybody is professional on the pitch and gives 100 percent.

You feel many things during a match. There are things that annoy you. During important games, I do not always touch the ball a lot.

I am aware that I am not extraordinarily gifted in terms of technique.

Football is a team sport, and each person plays a role - this is what counts.

Football is a sport where you never know what is going to happen between one match and the next.

It is normal for the press to create certain comparisons, but they are wrong to do that because each player is different, and they have their own ways of dealing with situations.

Coaching changes are a part of football; they arrive ready to meet the goals they have been set, so you respect them and work with them like any other.

Edinson Cavani quotes on famous players and football clubs

For the last part of this article, let’s take a look at the top 

Edinson Cavani quotes

about other football stars and teams, which include his comments on Diego Maradona, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Mario Balotelli.

On Diego Maradona

At Napoli, the greatest player of all time played here -

Diego Armando Maradona

. The fans expect the best, and quality players.

On Zlatan Ibrahimovic

I feel good next to


. He is a player of great class. He scares opponents because he can score at any moment.

On Giorgio Chiellini

For me, the defender I respect the most is

Giorgio Chiellini

. He's one of the best defenders in the world. I really like the way he plays football on the pitch, the way he defends. He lives for the game. He transmits a sense of tranquillity to his team-mates. I have always admired his way to play.

On Mario Balotelli

Nobody has the right to negatively judge a player like


, as people can make mistakes.

On Radamel Falcao

I think


is one of the best strikers because of the way he plays, more than simply being a player with a lot of class, to define a game, a style of play. He's proven that he's a player who works hard; he's very strong both tactically and technically.

On Napoli

In Napoli, they trust me.

The Napoli fans want players who put their heart and soul into the match and who fight for every possession.

I would move back to Italy, but only to Napoli. I speak with respect for all of the clubs I played for, but all of my family and those who know me already know that this is where I left part of my heart.

Naples has given me so much, and that is why I am so happy here. The warmth and affection of the fans have given me extra confidence. I have a great deal of love for them and for this city.

Napoli gave me so much, but I also gave something back - the best I could.

On Palermo

The Palermo supporters are very passionate, but the Azzurri fans are unique.

On Paris Saint-Germain

PSG have personality.

It's an honour for me to be one of PSG's forwards.

I want to win something important with PSG.

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