Akbar Djuraev won men's 109kg weightlifting gold

Tue 03 August 2021 | 15:43

The Uzbek weightlifter won the gold medal by breaking the Olympic record.

Uzbek weightlifter Akbar Djuraev broke the Olympic record and won the gold medal in the 109kg weightlifting.

The weightlifter's snatch lift was 193 kg, and after lifting 237 kg, he reached a total of 430 kg, setting an Olympic record. Simon Martirosyan from Armenia won silver with 423 kg and Arturs Plesnieks won bronze with 410 kg.

Martirosyan broke the Olympic record in a snatch with195 kg , but in the second stage, he didn't lift the 228 kg and couldn't make it to the gold medal.

Plesnieks , who finished fifth at the London Olympics and did not finish better than eighth in Rio, eventually won a bronze medal by lifting the 230kg and finished third.

source: SportMob