We're f*cking strong - Marcel Desailly

Sat 26 June 2021 | 13:23

World Cup winner Marcel Desailly believes that the France team can not be more potent than this.


France convinced me. They finished first in the group of death. I am satisfied,"

The former Chelsea defender said to La Provence.

"With the 4-3-3, they are playing much higher than at the World Cup. Our three midfielders are conquerors, with the incredible help of Benzema and Griezmann. They are not afraid of anyone. We have all these facets that can vary. 

"Once we have scored, and this is what happened against Germany, the opponent plays higher, which opens up space for the famous speed of Kylian Mbappe and Karim Benzema. We are good in all areas."

Desailly added:

"Honestly, I do not see how the France team can progress. We have all the elements. When it is necessary to play in another register, longer for example, Olivier Giroud will come to the forefront of the attack. 

"We are talking about the world champions! If they are all together at their best, at the same time, which is the case, they adapt to the opponent. 

"We're f*cking strong, it's amazing, and it's not 11 players. [The 1998 team] had a very strong group and a magic weapon, Zinedine Zidane. Behind, the group was solid.

"Now, it is a sum of individualities at their best which adapt to the match, to the opponent, to the moment. There is everything in this team."

Desailly believes that the current team is better than his generation and can win the tournament.


When I found out the next opponent that we respect a lot, instinctively I put myself in the position of a quarter-finalist, and I looked at the teams that we were going to meet at this stage of the competition,

" he said.

"They can do like the Spaniards in the opposite direction. We have the feeling that the progress of the France team will continue during the next World Cup, they can do it again!"

France finished top of Group F with five points from games against Germany, Portugal and Hungary and they will face Switzerland in the next round on Monday.



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