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Life can be tough especially for those who want to pursue their dream. Sergi Canos is one of those many who lived for their dream and tried very hard to follow the path of their passion. In Sportmo's

top facts about Sergi Canos

, we will take a look at his life, his talents, and eventually we will get to some untold facts about him. so here we go...

Top facts about Sergi Canos you need to know

Before we get into the real story in our

Top facts about Sergi Canos

, let's get some basic information about him that will help us to better understand the story.

  • Full Name

    : Sergi Canos Tenes

  • Birthday

    : February 2, 1997

  • Birthplace

    : Nules, Spain

  • Zodiac Sign

    : Aquarius

  • Nationality

    : Spanish

  • Ethnicity

    : Hispanic

  • Profession

    : Footballer

  • Girlfriend

    : Valeria Emiliani

  • Married

    : No

  • Parents

    : Pepe

  • Siblings

    : Judit Canos Tenes

Now that we know the basic info we needed for our story let's start to explore our Spanish player's childhood in the next part of Sportmob's

top facts about Sergi Canos


Sergi Cnos Childhood

To begin our top facts about Sergi Canos, we refer to him as Canos. However, his full name is Sergi Canos Tenes. On the 2nd of February 1997, Sergi was born in Nules, Spain, to his father, Pepe, and mother.

Our winger is the oldest of two children born to Canos family. Sergi has been a football fan since he was a youngster; actually,  it was the only game that he was interested in. Good for him, his father was also a sport lover. As a result, he always watched football with his father.

Sergi grew up with his younger sister, whom he considers his most valuable possession. Rather than socializing with his peers, the winger opted to spend time with his lone sister. They would alaways play together.

Valencia is one of the main reasons he is devoted to it because of its ties to his homeland. Canos and Pablo Fornals both hail from the same hometown. He is a Castellon native because he was born in Nules.

The athlete is a member of the Catalan ethnic group, which is one of Spain's four major ethnic groups. He speaks Valencian, Spanish, and English fluently.

Surprisingly, he grew up in a family that had enough to meet their basic needs. Canos and his sister did not have to go through a financial crisis as a result of their parents' entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

His family, like many middle-class families, had a great technique for managing their money. They did not waste money on anything that were not essential to their existence. That is why they were able to live well on their parents' incomes.

Sergi Canos Education

The young kid was never a lover of literature from the start, preferring instead to focus on clothes and athletics. Regardless, his parents made sure he attended school, and he spends his leisure time with pals playing football.

Canos, a die-hard Valencia supporter, devoted more of his time to soccer than to studies. His main ambition was to become a powerful footballer like his idols David Silva and Juan Mata.

Sergi Canos Start of a dream

Knowing where his heart lays was the first impetus for him to go on his exciting journey. He, like Pedri Gonzalez, began his football career in a local academy in his hometown.

He didn't have any other options at the moment. After school, all he did was run down to the practice field. Canos stuck to the same regimen for years until his performance became proof of his progress.

At the age of 12, prominent teams like Atletico Madrid, Valencia, and Villareal were all interested in taking him under their wing. His parents, on the other hand, were astute enough to keep an eye out for a school that offered their kid a greater chance (in terms of playing time).

Canos was eventually offered a contract by RCD Espanyol, which he accepted. On this note, he and his father would regularly drive 300 kilometers and spend six hours at his training site on weekends. They were both willing to make the price for his achievement.

Canon obtained a new offer a year after joining Espanyol, which led to his transfer to Barcelona in 2010. Of course, three years at La Masia instilled in the young winger a strong sense of determination and technical ability.

Sergi Canos Dreams come true

Did you have any idea? Before leaving Liverpool, the cross-taker only appeared in one senior match. In 2015, he joined Brentford on loan and soon established himself in Dean Smith's starting eleven.

Canos signed a four-year contract with Norwich City the following year. Despite his technical ability and fast attacking flair, he only played in cup tournaments there.

The dribbler departed Norwich City in 2017 after failing to get into the League match squad. He returned to Brentford and signed a reported £2.5 million four-and-a-half-year contract with the club.

He had little trouble breaking into the team's starting eleven, as was predicted. Despite suffering an ankle injury during his early days at Brentford, the winger bounced back to contribute in a big way.

After Said Benrahma's departure, Canos was left with no one to compete with for the job. Despite this, he gave his utmost to assist Brentford win games. Canos earned his first career hat-trick in December 2020.

As a result, he was nominated for Championship Player of the Month. He also played a role in his club's promotion to the Premier League at the end of the 2020-21 campaign. As they say, the rest is history.

Sergi Canos Love Life

Love had always seemed difficult and convoluted to the dribbler. He clung to his ideas until he met the first individual who made it simple for people to communicate with one another.

His perspective on love shifted after he met Valeria Emiliani. She became his girlfriend, and she made him happy every day. Canos, like his fiancée, seemed to have a soft spot for dogs.

They are, without a doubt, the epitome of a wonderful pair. Valeria and the rest of his family made sure to honor him by throwing a little celebration on his birthday.

Sergi Canos Personal life

When he's not playing football, what does the winger do?... To begin with, Canos is similar to Rodrigo Hernandez in that he likes cooking when he is alone at home. Without a doubt, he seeks a pleasant existence free of unnecessary stress.

Canos possesses Aquarius zodiac qualities, according to his horoscope. He takes vacations in beautiful locales every now and again to help him calm his thoughts and try new foods.

As for Sergi's lifestyle, What could be more valuable than waking up to the sight of the Eiffel Tower while enjoying a cup of coffee? Canos is enjoying a life that is commensurate with his wealth.

He isn't the kind to flaunt his property. However, a quick glance at his Instagram profile reveals his extravagant spending habits. We have a video of one of his exotic automobiles that he bought from Urban Automotive.

Sergi Canos Family members

Without the support of his family, he would not have made it this far in soccer. Canos is lucky to have a close-knit family whose main goal is to assist him in reaching new heights in his work.

Sergi Canos Father

Mr. Pepe has been the driving force behind his son's rapid athletic growth. He is similar to Alvaro Morata's father, who took on the responsibility of managing his son's potential from a young age.

To give you an idea of his dedication, Cano's father would travel for up to six hours simply to see him play on weekends. It is only because of his sacrifices and belief in the winger's ability that he has been able to achieve in football.

Sergi Canos Mother

The dribbler's mother is so devoted to him that she can't bear being separated from him; it's no surprise that she and the rest of her family relocated to Liverpool to be closer to Canos. When the athlete tried to convince his mother and sister to return to Spain, they turned him down.

My mother and little sister are still in Liverpool. Moreso, my sister is doing her a-levels. 2 years ago we thought of them moving to Spain. But my sister complained: “then are we not going to come and watch you play on the weekend? We love being around to watch your games. We love Tuesdays when you play at 7.45 pm. That’s why I quickly do my homework to have time for your games.”

Sergi Canos Siblings

It is apparent from the preceding remark that the player only has one sister. She is his younger sister, and she likes spending time with him. Canos has been blessed to have a sibling with whom he has confided since boyhood. Judit Canos is her name, and she appears to be a journalist. She enjoys cheering for her brother from the sidelines, as previously indicated. Judit sees her accomplishments as a result of his success.

All the Untold about Sergi Canos

There are always some facts that we don't know about the players we love. Here in Sportmob, we will get into those facts!

Sergi loves playing with fishes

We've seen guys like Phil Foden demonstrate their fishing abilities. Canos, on the other hand, has shown another side of his passion for fish. He loves to watch the aquatic creatures swim about in public aquariums rather than hunting them. Below is a photo of him with one of the fish he refers to as his best buddy.

Sergi has amazing tattoos

The Spanish national, like many athletes, enjoy body painting. He is not, however, among the great majority of people who have several tattoos on their bodies. He has a small tattoo on the bottom left side of his chest and around his ankle.

Sergi Canos Net worth

Sergi Canos, a Brentford AM RL, makes £14,000 per week and £728,000 per year. Sergi Canos has an estimated net worth of £2,416,960. Sergi Canos was born in Spain and is 24 years old. His current deal runs out on June 30, 2023.

Sergi Canos Zodiac Sign

Aquarius is the final air sign of the zodiac, despite the term "aqua" in its name. The water carrier, a magical healer who bestows water, or life, onto the earth, represents Aquarius. As a result, Aquarius is the astrological sign that is most humanistic. These revolutionary philosophers are ardent supporters of "people power," with the goal of transforming the world via radical social development.

Every Aquarian is a rebel at heart: they detest authority and everything associated with tradition. Their quirky fashion preferences, odd interests, and nonconformist attitudes help to define them as free-spirited and unconventional.

Uranus, the planet that controls innovation, technology, and unexpected occurrences, rules Aquarius. Uranus wonderfully reflects Aquarius' unique attitude, complimenting these imaginative air signs' unconventional character. Aquarians are great minds, but they must remember their environment. These water bearers might become so concentrated on enacting broad transformation that they forget about their family and friends, earning a reputation for being cold and distant in their interactions.

Aquarians should remember that progress is usually made in small steps, and they should push for empathy and compassion wherever feasible.

Aquarians, on the other hand, require a lot of alone time to ponder, create ideas, and plan their role in the revolution. Aquarians value freedom above all else and threats to their independence are viewed as power-hungry efforts to dominate them. If you want to gain an Aquarian's trust, don't try to control their eccentricities or prevent them from flaunting their weirdness – Aquarius lives on shock value.

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