Footballers Who Are Successful Entrepreneurs

Wed 28 July 2021 | 4:30

Almost always, the personal lives of football stars have been as interesting as their professional lives. Followers are curious to know about their businesses but football. In today's article, we have focused on footballers who are successful entrepreneurs. Join us to get more about them.

Playing brilliantly on the pitch, owning intelligent minds for scoring, and dominating various professional tricks are some signs which prove how much the players who have these features are smart. As their lifestyle show, their intelligence does not only work on the pitch.

It has abled them to look to the future and make decisions related to various businesses. The following list contains the names of football players who have made rich career history for themselves on football or the ones who retired as outstanding players. If you are a big football fan or at least follow the football world news from afar, most of the mentioned names on the list will be familiar to you. 

Reviewing the story of prominent footballers' lives out of the football world proves that though they have always been glorious players, they have appeared like successful entrepreneur footballers. However, having announced their retirement, many footballers have taken a job as a coach or media pundit. 

The willingness to do another thing might come from the nature of football, which is fleeting and short-lived. Due to this reason, football players must often look for another avenue of income. It can because of enhancing their wealth or due to making security beyond their retirement. 

Here is a list containing a list of 10 footballers who became successful entrepreneurs. Keep reading to know more about these stars, who have been not only successful as players but 

entrepreneur footballers

A List of Footballers Who Are Successful Entrepreneurs

Within the article, we have presented a list of stars in the football world. Those, who besides their brilliant appearance in playing, have been successful in their businesses. Stay with us to know the men who currently are or once were stars of the football world and have acted as honorable businessmen. 

One notable point about the list is that there are no priorities between mentioned names, and we have listed them based on their age, from the youngest to the oldest.

Gerard Pique

  • Age: 34

  • Nationality: Spanish

  • Business: Poker- Gaming- Food

The youngest member of our list, footballers who are successful entrepreneurs, is a well-known Spanish professional footballer, 

Gerard Pique

. Pique, full name Gerard Pique Bernabeu, currently plays as a center-back for Barcelona, and the football world considers him as one of the best defenders of his generation.

Placing his name next to Marcel Desailly, Paulo Sousa, and Samuel Eto'o, Pique is one of four players who won the EUFA Champions League two years in a row while they played in different teams. Based on his career statistics with Manchester United,

Real Zaragoza

, and


, it is clear that he has had excellent performances on the pitch. However, his success is not only related to football. 

As news has reported, Pique has an IQ of 140, which has abled him to participate in poker tournaments successfully. Through exploitation of the IQ, Pique has invested with his company Komos Global Holding in various fields, including tennis, media, and other industries. Pique has also experienced reforming a traditional tennis tournament, Davis Cup.

Furthermore, one of his goals is bringing FC Andorra, his Spanish third division club, to the Champions League. Do you agree that the mentioned items are enough to put Gerad Pique's name amongst 

football players who own businesses


Marcell Jansen

  • Age: 35

  • Nationality: German

  • Business: Restaurant- Medical Supply- Beach Sports Facility- Sports Fashion Lable …

We have started our list with Marcell Jansen, a former German footballer, who appeared as a left-back in his playing time. Being famous for his accurate crossing and speed despite his tall size, Jansen is currently the president of Hamburger SV.

Jansen began his senior career with

Borussia Monchengladbach

in 2004 and kept playing for them for three seasons. Afterward, he joined

Bayern Munich

for one season and then played for

Hamburger SV

, the club with which he spent most of his senior career. Although Jansen is a free agent, he could not join another team due to his belief in belonging only to the Hamburg team. 

His retirement announcement raised much criticism because he had done it at his 29, to which he responded by not being a fan of the scenes behind the football business. 

All in all, after retirement, he joined Sky Sport to participate as a pundit. Later in 2019, Hamburger SV's member selected him as the new club president. Being regarded as a passionate entrepreneur, Marcell owns a company, "MJ Beteiligung," involving five different businesses.

One of them is a "California Street" restaurant which is famous as Kinneloa. A medical supply store and a beach sports facility are two others fields of his company. The fifth one is a sports fashion label. Now, do you agree with placing his name on the list of football players who own successful businesses?

Christian Fuchs

  • Age: 35

  • Nationality: Austrian

  • Business: Selling merchandise

Christian Fuchs is one of the other footballers whose name is amongst the ones who are successful entrepreneurs. Fuchs now plays for Major League soccer club Charlotte FC as a left-back player. Within his 19-year-old senior career,


has won several honors with 

Schalke 04

, Leicester City, and Austria U17, including DFL-Supercup, Premier League, FA Cup, and UEFA European Under-17 Championship third place.

The prominent player has other ambitions but football. An online video series named "No Fuchs Given" consisting of football-related challenges that are strange is the concept of Fuchs' business out of football. Selling merchandise on his website is Fuchs' other business. 

By the participation of his team in the Fifa eClub World Cup, Fuchs announced that "I want to build the next e-Football stars because there are already so many good players, and we are focusing on the next generation."

Mathieu Flamini

  • Age: 37

  • Nationality: French

  • Business: Producer of levulinic acid and derivatives

Mathieu Flamini, full name Mathieu Pierre Flamini, is a former professional footballer whose fame has become more through his appearance as an environmental entrepreneur. He began his senior career in the 2033-04 season with Marseille, and till 2018-19 played for various clubs, including 


, Milan,

Crystal Palace

, and Getafe.

As a player, Flamini is famous for owning some features, combative, energetic, tactically intelligent, and tenacious. He has a business career as successful as football. Being a partner of GF Biochemicals, Flamini is active as a leading global producer of levulinic acid and derivatives.

He has described their goal in the field that "we founded GFBiochemicals with the ambition of finding sustainable alternatives to oil-based products." In addition to being established in Italy and presented in the Netherlands, GFBiochemicals has two other new markets, China and Brazil, with the potential for expansion. His interest in his business has earned him the goal of developing a sustainable alternative for oil-based products. 

Fortunately, these days his business is the first company that can do mass-producing levulinic acid. Based on the Forbes estimation, the market worths about $33 billion. That is all he has placed his name amongst 

footballers who are successful entrepreneurs

Philipp Lahm

  • Age: 37

  • Nationality: German

  • Business: Sports care, Balm, and Health Product Manufacturer- Food

In the following part, we will explain about a former German professional footballer, Philipp Lahm. He spent the whole period playing in 

Bayern Munich II

, Bayern Munich, and

VfB Stuttgart


Considered one of the best defenders of his generation and one of the greatest defenders of all time, who appeared on the pitch as a right-back or defensive midfielder, Lahm could play on both sides perfectly because he owned tactical intelligence and versatility.

Lahm's unique playing style had earned him a nickname, "Magic Dwarf," because he had excellent speed, technique, stamina, and precise tackling abilities, which abled him to follow his strategy, cutting from the flank to the inside of pitch for shooting or passing. Despite all these mentioned items, Lahm was professional at positioning and tackling, by which he could read the match well. 

All in all, Lahm, whose name is amongst the most successful German footballers ever, has been interested in business apart from football. In 2017, having gained shares, Lahm took over the sports care, balm, and health product manufacturer Sixtus.

Lahm also took on the German sports lottery. Besides all these fields, he owned the food company Schneekoppe in 2018. Owning these businesses is the reason that his name is one of the footballers who are successful entrepreneurs. 

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

  • Age: 39

  • Nationality: Bosnian- Swedish

  • Business: Mobile Game- Sports Fashion Brand

The following part is about a footballer whose high-level self-confidence has a high reputation in the football world. As he described himself, "I came as a king, left like a legend."

Zlatan, the current striker of Serie A club

A.C. Milan

, is one of the most decorated active footballers in the football world and one of the best strikers of all time. Based on his career statistics, since 1999 that he started his senior career with Malmo FF till now that he plays for Milan


has recorded more than 500 club goals in his career history.

His name is also one of 11 footballers who have appeared in 100 or more appearances for the Swedish national team during the 20 years he has played for his country's national team. 

Besides Zlatan's interests in football, one of his other enthusiasm is marketing himself. Publishing a biography as "I am Zlatan," Ibrahimovic has launched an app named "Zlatan Unplugged."

Additionally, the mobile game called "Zlatan Legends" is one other part of his business. The "A-Z" sports fashion brand was another business, which though Zlatan tried a lot, he was not successful in it. The brand went bankrupt, and only after the following two years he closed it in October 2018.

Except for the latter, he has been successful in his businesses. That is the reason we have placed his name as one of the 

footballers who are successful entrepreneurs

Andrea Pirlo

  • Age: 42

  • Nationality: Italian

  • Business: Winemakers 

We have allocated one part of the article regarding footballers who are successful entrepreneurs to the former Italian football player, Andrea Pirlo. Being recalled as a midfielder from Italy whose fast feet had made his opponents dizzy within his peak, Pirlo has almost always looked calm.

He spent his playing time in various top teams, such as 

Inter Milan

, Milan, Juventus, and

New York City

. From 1994-95 to 2017, he appeared in 756 matches and scored 73 goals. 

Pirlo's current job is the one he inherited from his parents. Taking over their winery and selling its products across Europe is the business he owns now, and via it, his name is amongst the footballers who have their own business. The annual production of the vineyard is between 15000 to 2000 bottles.

However, apart from Pirlo, several other ex-football players have become winemakers after their retirements. These days, the names of Andres Iniesta and John Micoud are famous as wine connoisseurs. 

David Beckham

  • Age: 46

  • Nationality: English

  • Business: Perfume- Fashion- Whisky

To know David Beckham, the man who achieved a lot in football and business, you do not have to be a football fan. His relationship and marriage to Victoria, who had a high reputation as part of the Spice Girls, doubled his reputation. 

In his generation, fashion and style were not the matters that football players associated with them necessarily but were for David Beckham. Through appearing in various activities, he had made a name out of football for himself.

The couple had earned fame as lucrative spokespeople amongst clothing designers, health, fitness specialists, fashion magazines, perfume, and cosmetic manufacturers. Since then, he has participated in many things, including becoming the Ambassadorial President of the British Fashion Council in 2018. 

As the news in February 2020 shows, the former professional footballer has been recently busy assembling Lego pieces. Two months later, in June 2020, they reported owning a minority of the London-based esports organization Guild Esports. 

However, they were not all he did in 2020. Through an agreement with EA Sports, they featured David Beckham in FIFA 20, which would earn him £40m via a three-year deal. Additionally, it is less than a month that David Beckham has owned a 10% stake in Luanz, the vehicle electrification firm. There is no wonder why his name is amongst the

footballers who are successful entrepreneurs

Oliver Kahn

  • Age: 52

  • Nationality: German

  • Business: Sports (Coaching) App

One of the other names amongst the

top 10 footballers who became successful entrepreneurs

 is Oliver Rolf Kahn, the 52-year-old German former professional footballer. The former outstanding goalkeeper left a brilliant and rich history as a player from himself.

Kahn is the owner of a long list of awards, including Best Bundesliga Keeper seven years, IFFHS World's Best Goalkeeper, Best European Goalkeeper, and German Footballer of the Year in 2000 and 2001. However, they are only a few of them, and to know them more, take a look at the article related to his biography and top facts in Sportmob. 

After his retirement as a footballer, the legendary did not leave the scene and kept his brilliant appearance as a football executive. Since 2008, Kahn appeared to comment on matches for German broadcaster ZDF, and one year ago, he became a board member for FC Bayern.  

In addition to commenting, Kahn is the founder of the company Goalplay, the business regarding offering a particular coaching app. it also sells bags and gloves for goalkeepers. 

Uli Hoeneß



  • Age: 69

  • Nationality: German

  • Business: Owning a Sausage Factory

Uli Hoeneß is the oldest member of our list of footballers who are successful entrepreneurs. The German former footballer of Bayern Munich and West Germany achieved various honors with them, such as Bundesliga and European Cup in three consecutive seasons with Bayern Munich and FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Championship with his country's national team.

After his playing time, Hoeneß became the FC Bayern's manager, which through his management it became the most financially and athletically successful German football club. The field of Hoeneß's business has rooted in his father's job, the man who was a master butcher. Nowadays, Hoeneß is one of HoWe Wurstwaren KG's owners, a Nuremberg-based bratwurst factory. 

It is about 36 years that Hoeneß has owned a sausage factory, and meanwhile, the products have gotten a high-level reputation. The well-known brand is available not only in Aldi's across Germany but in the Allianz Arena. It is clear why he deserves to be one of the footballers who own a money-making business. 

Had you ever thought about making money sources that prominent footballers earn money via them but football? If yes, the presented article would have been a correct choice to know some of them, the footballers who are successful entrepreneurs.

We tried to cover all details related to these businessmen who are gorgeous footballers or the retired ones who had astonishing football-playing periods. Besides the mention stars, there is a wide range of other football players who own businesses, while through the article, we tried to cover the most famous and most well-known ones. 

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