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Eager to know about Ademola’s personal life? Start reading our Top Facts about Ademola Lookman to know all about him.

The details about Ademola Lookman's childhood, early life, parents, family, girlfriend/wife-to-be, lifestyle, personal life, and net worth are all included in our Ademola Lookman top facts.

In a summary, we have a brief life story of the Wandsworth-born English footballer.

Lookman's story starts with his early years and ends with his ascend to prominence in the beautiful game of football.

Everybody knows he's a talented performer with a strong technical background... a footballer with exceptional balance, agility, acceleration, and stamina.

Despite this privilege, only a few fans have read Ademola Lookman's Life Story in its entirety.

Top Facts about Ademola Lookman you need to know

To get started, these are some short facts about him.

Quick Facts

  • Full Name:

     Ademola Lookman Olajade Alade Aylola Lookman

  • Nicknames:


  • Date of Birth:

     20 October 1997

  • Place of Birth:

     Wandsworth, London, England

  • Age:


  • Nationality:


  • Height:

     5 ft 9 in (1.74 m)

  • Weight:

     71 kg

  • Marital Status:


  • Girlfriend: 


  • Net Worth: 

    5.8 Million Euro (5 Million Pound)

  • Position:


  • Current Team:

     Fulham (on loan from RB Leipzig)

  • Jersey Number:


Ademola Lookman Upbringing Years and Family Roots

For starters, he goes by the nickname Mola.

Ademola Lookman Olajade Alade Aylola Lookman is his actual or full name.

The English footballer was born in Wandsworth, London, on the 20th of October 1997 to Nigerian parents.

Mola became addicted to watching football games as a teenager.

The environment of some

Premier League

clubs, such as Everton's Goodison Park, drew him in especially.

Playing football with his childhood mates laid the groundwork for his athletic growth as well.

Ademola Lookman's parents moved the family from Wandsworth, where he was born, to Peckham, London, before he was a teenager.

The youngster grew up in a tough area of London that is regarded as one of the worst places to live, one of the

Top Facts about Ademola Lookman.

Lookman grew up in Peckham, a district of south London that is part of the Borough of Southwark.

The area is known for its high rates of violent youth crime.

Thankfully, the footballer, as well as members of his family, were never involved.

The Peckham native is the son of Nigerian parents who are part of a diverse community of Londoners.

Simply put, Ademola Lookman's parents are described in the media as strict, funny, sassy, and well-educated.

He is a Londoner from a middle-class family who never went hungry during his childhood.


Ademola Lookman's parents ran a typical Nigerian household with a strong respect for the community.

They were the kind of parents who wanted their kids to be attorneys or accountants rather than football players.

First and foremost, we'll explain what his name means.

Ademola is a Yoruba surname from Nigeria that means "the king/crown/royalty of wealth."

Without a doubt, he comes from a Nigerian background.

This is a west African country with the highest proportion of black people on the planet.

Ademola Lookman's parents are from Nigeria's southwestern region.

They are most likely from Lagos, Oyo, Ogun, Osun, Ekiti, or Ondo, among other states.

The footballer himself is of Black African descent from London.

Going to school was always mandatory for him, as it was for many other Nigerian children in London.

Ademola followed his parents' instructions.

He went to St Thomas the Apostle College in Peckham, according to the Independent.

Ademola was a bright student who excelled in both academics and football while he was in school, another one of the Top Facts about Ademola Lookman.

Ademola Lookman Career Buildout

Our boy just went to school to fulfill his parents' wishes.

In fact, Ademola's only ambition was to become a professional footballer.

At first, the pursuit of education was never jeopardized. Initially, it resulted in the youngster having less time to play the game.

Mola, like

Dele Alli

, enrolled in Sunday league football in order to multitask.

The truth is that the Peckham resident never had the kind of time that most other kids did at the academy, where they started playing football at the age of six.

Lookman joined Waterloo F.C., a local team committed to giving busy school kids a sporting opportunity, shortly after his teenage years.

Ademola was driven to success by tragedy (the death of a friend) when he was 14 years old.

Ademola had lost a teammate named Anwalu at the time.

The unexpected death of his friend was difficult to deal with, but it did bring his team closer together.

Because of how painful it was, Ademola's teammates promised each other that they would do whatever it took to be good in football, one of the

Top Facts about Ademola Lookman.

Since that day, the boys have always fought together and have never lost a game.

Thankfully, they were able to bring their late teammate's dream to reality.

Charlton Athletic

Under-16s were nearing the end of what seemed to be a successful season in April 2014.

The club agreed to organize a few more games (friendlies) to give their players more minutes due to a long gap between their fixtures.

Chalton invited the London FA U-16 team to play alongside him.

This is an association football team made up of players from local Sunday league teams.

Ademola Lookman, a 16-year-old winger from Waterloo FC, was one of their newcomers.

Although no one knew, the aim of the game was for Chalton to scout Ademola Lookman, who was never told.

One of his friends whispered to him after he made an impression:



Ademola Lookman Path to Prominence

Following the match, our lad was invited to an in-house trial, which he aced with flying colors.

Chalton didn't just sign him because of his outstanding performance in which he scored four goals. Ademola was given a scholarship by the club.

In less than a year, the rookie was able to make his first-team debut.

When they called Ademola to get ready for his first match, he was shocked, assuming the coach was referring to someone else, one of the Top Facts about Ademola Lookman.

Our boy started searching for his shin pads after they announced he was the one, not realizing they were in the pocket of his training jacket.

The Chalton coach just told him to be confident and express himself naturally- which he did.

Lookman, thankfully, went on to become a breakout star, similar to

Wayne Rooney


Mola once said, "Being very hardworking, a footballer who never had a taste of academy football, but used his intelligence to outsmart opponents".

Ademola got called to win his first career award. 

He was named the 2015-2016 LFE Apprentice of the Year for his achievements in education and football.

The joy of Ademola Lookman's family knew no limits during this period (2016), as he earned his first international call-up for the England U19 team.

One of the Top Facts about Ademola Lookman is that Lookman turned down the chance to transfer allegiance to


, the nation of his father and mother, the following year (2017).

Lookman's ambition and determination were his most important assets before he made his name in English football.

He was chosen to represent

England under-20

in the 2017 FIFA U-20 World Cup as one of the country's fastest rising stars.

Ademola's three goals helped England secure the trophy, alongside Spurs' Kyle Walker-Peters, Arsenal's Ainsley Maitland-Niles, and Everton's Dominic Calvert-Lewin, to name a few.

Ademola Lookman Ascend to Prominence

Following the tournament, a slew of prospects arose for the rising star.

Ademola moved to


for £11 million in less than three years with Chalton.

Many people are surprised to learn that a footballer who started from NOWHERE (Sunday league football) has progressed so far in such a short period of time, one of the Top Facts about Ademola Lookman.

In an interview, Ademola reflected on his early days with Chalton Athletic and his subsequent move to Everton.

He describes how the Toffees (under Ronald Koman) scouted him after attending one of his games and being impressed by him.

From the first day of training, Ademola connected with the Everton squad.

He admired the toffies' fluid football and grew closer to some of his England teammates, such as Tom Davies.

It was difficult for Ademola to believe that he would be playing alongside Yaya Toure and Sergio Aguero.

Yes, he aspired to make his Premier League debut, but he never imagined it would happen so quickly.

Our youngster scored in his first match, as his team beat

Manchester City


Ademola felt he wanted some international experience after Ronald Koman was fired.

He turned down Allardyce's offer to loan him to Derby, preferring instead to join Ralph Hasenhuttl's

RB Leipzig


Ademola quickly became a fan favorite at Leipzig after a fruitful loan spell with the German club, where he scored a debut winner.

 In appreciation of his service, the club signed him on a permanent basis.

Another one of the Top Facts about Ademola Lookman is that following the COVID outbreak, the London resident felt compelled to remain close to his family.

As a result, Ademola joined Premier League side


on September 30, 2020, a club that fits his style and is close to where he grew up.

Ademola has never looked back since joining the London side.

He has made a tremendous leap, has a more determined mindset, and exudes great faith. Week after week, Fulham's consistency has boosted their trust in their battle to avoid relegation.

Without a doubt, English football fans are about to witness another youngster being called up unexpectedly by Gareth Southgate's England. Whatever happens, we wish him the best of luck. As we'd say, the rest is history.

Ademola Lookman Love Life

One thing is certain for the Peckham native, who has had a big success story as shown by the way he made a name for himself in the Premier League.

In reality, many fans have wondered if Ademola Lookman has a girlfriend or if he considers anyone to be his wife.

Apart from his Nigerian mother and sister, the illustrious Fulham dribbler lacks someone who can complete his top facts.

On the other hand, Ademola may have a girlfriend, but he refuses to make his relationship public for the time being.

Ademola Lookman Networth and LifeStyle

Ademola Lookman is a gentle and fair-minded human being who bears the Libra Zodiac Sign's characteristics.

On and off the field, he has an inquisitive and inventive temperament.

Again, his natural ability to support others without expecting nothing in return reveals a lot about who he is.

We shouldn't be surprised to see Lookman pursuing one of his secret passions, given that he was the most brilliant student in his set at St Thomas the Apostle College in Peckham. 

It's no other than teaching class pupils. Ademola enjoys assisting small children, as we discovered during his time with Everton, one of the

Top Facts about Ademola Lookman.

Students at Liverpool's St Andrew's Maghull C Of E Primary School can never forget their humble teacher, who, despite a busy schedule, finds time to come visit and mentor them.

Ademola Lookman has a great sense of humor when he's not playing football.

If you have no idea who Ademola Lookman is, seeing him on the streets will lead you to believe he is just another Londoner, based on the way he looks. This is a characteristic of his humble demeanor.

Despite the millions of pounds that flow into his bank account every year, Ademola has a rather thrifty attitude.

The footballer recently shared a photo of his home on Instagram.

The house of Ademola Lookman demonstrates that he is a real antidote to a trendy lifestyle.

Despite earning 50,000 pounds a week with Fulham, the Nigerian-born footballer leads a very modest life in what appears to be a small home.

Mola is in the stage of life where he attends weddings as a groomsman as I write this article.

Yeah, he's the one driving the dazzling Mercedes in the picture above, another one of the Top Facts about Ademola Lookman.

The left-winger signed a deal with RB Leipzig in January 2017 that pays him a whopping 1.4 million Euro (1.2 million Pound) per year.

According to our calculations, he receives €3,825 (£3,294) a day and €159 (£137) per hour!

This means that the average man will have to work for 3.3 years to earn the same amount as Adam does in a month.

The youngster began his career with Charlton Athletic in

League One

before signing his first major deal with Premier League club Everton, putting his net worth at €5.8 million (£5 million).

His market value is estimated to be in the range of €20.9 million (£18 million) based on his talent at such a young age.

Ademola Lookman Family

The future England star never forgets who helped him when he was a nobody.

That would be his family members, including his parents, brothers, and sisters.

We must not overlook the coaches and teammates who have helped him achieve his goals so far.

Let me give you some more details about his family.

Ademola Lookman Parents

Yes, we are aware that his mother and father previously expressed their desire for their son to pursue a career as a lawyer or accountant.

When Lookman netted his first EPL goal for Everton, we got to hear about them as well.

His parents apparently told him not to scream when he scored against City before the game.

They told him to do it when he got home, in front of them.

Ademola Lookman Relatives

According to Yannick Bolasie, the footballer comes from a difficult family in Peckham, London, where life was challenging.

According to our research, Ademola is descended from a complicated Nigerian ancestor.

He often visits southwest Nigeria, where his father and mother are from, with his parents' approval.

Lookman is a pleasant person. In the West African region, he finds time to spend with his relatives and friends.

Ademola Lookman Less-Known Details

We'll tell you more about the former Evertonian in this final part of our top facts. Let's get started without wasting any time.

Game Ranking

Ademola Lookman's profile needed an upgrade, and his overall and potential scores should be higher.

The superstar compensates for his lack of height with agility, balance, dribbling, and acceleration.

In all fairness, an overall score of 82 and a possible score of 86 would be a reasonable estimate.

Ademola Lookman Religion

He was raised as a practicing Christian by his parents.

Whenever he approaches the field and scores goals, he makes the cross sign, one of the Top Facts about Ademola Lookman.

When Ademola scores, he also raises his fingers to the sky.

His faith is also mentioned in his Instagram bio.

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