Our offer for Locatelli is appropriate for this climate – Nedved

Sun 01 August 2021 | 5:09

Juventus vice chairman insists they have made a fair offer for Sassuolo midfielder Manuel Locatelli.

It has been weeks since


started their pursuit for


’s midfielder

Manuel Locatelli

, but the two parties have yet to reach an agreement.

The problem seems to be financial, however, Juve vice chairman

Pavel Nedved

believes considering the economic blow to the clubs caused by coronavirus pandemic, the offer they have made for the 23-year-old midfielder ‘is appropriate for this climate’.

“We spoke to Sassuolo and we made our offer, which we believe is appropriate for the current climate, with the way finances and the transfer market have been affected by COVID,”

Nedved told Sport Mediaset.

“We are convinced this is a good offer and it is the right one. We are always confident, naturally in negotiations there are things that must be clarified and resolved. When you want a player and that player wants you, it’s clear…”

source: SportMob