Sassulo forced Juventus to sign Locatelli

Thu 22 July 2021 | 9:55

The Italian star will be added to Allegri's squad in the summer.

Negotiations between


and Sassuolo over Manuel Locatelli have continued and the two sides have agreed on a two-year loan transfer with a € 35 million buy-out clause plus a € 10 million bonus.

With Arsenal ready to sign Locatelli for € 40 million plus € 5 million, the Italian star is set to travel to Turin in the summer to play for the Old Lady.As Locatelli is keen to join Juventus, Sassuolo are working to finalize all of their payouts for the transfer.

In the initial negotiations, Juventus' offer to sign Locatelli for a total of 30 million euros was rejected by the club, but negotiations continued. In fact, Sassuolo are set to receive € 8m to € 10m in exchange for Locatelli's loan move to Juventus, with a € 25m plus € 10m bonus for selling him to the club. From these bonus clauses, 5 million euros will be easily obtained and another 5 million euros will be difficult to receive.

Sassuolo has forced Juventus to buy Locatelli after two years, and there is no option for Juventus to decide after two years on loan.

source: SportMob