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10 Reasons Why College Football Is So Popular

Foreign audiences have a difficult time understanding the obsession with college sports in America, especially college football.

Few parallels can be found in the amount of money, resources, and time that go into funding amateur college football across the US.

Certain features of college football cause its popularity to increase each year. The game used to be popular mostly in the US and Canada, but the fan base is quickly extending worldwide to countries like England, Ireland, and Australia. Also, more and more people from different countries want to place bets on college football games. Although the NFL and NBA have a global audience, American college football is truly a favorite sport. So what makes college football so popular? Read on to discover why.

How Popular is College Football?

In the US, football is a loved tradition, and it all starts with American college football competitions. The amateur sport sits alongside the big dogs like the NFL and NBA. College football is a billion-dollar industry. Players play in front of packed stadiums full of die-hard fans, resulting in significant television figures and sponsorship revenues.

However, to grasp the popularity scale of college football, here are some numbers. College football ranks as the second most popular sport in viewership and attendance, making it more popular than basketball and baseball. Unlike the average 16 games on schedule each weekend in the NFL, the scale of college football exceeds that, with over 65 games played every weekend in the top division alone. While NFL stadiums host about 65,000 fans, college football stadiums can house over 100.000 in one game.

Unlike NFL teams, college football teams are suburban-based rather than city-based, creating deep traditions and rivalries between teams and passionate fans. College football is especially popular in the South because many top teams are located there. Also, the weather conditions in the south allow more enjoyable viewing of outdoor games. College football is deeply intertwined with the cultural identity of many communities in the South.

Reasons Behind the Popularity of College Football

College teams represent specific communities

The fact that college football teams represent a community instill loyalty in players. In most cases, players, parents, extended families, and friends commit to supporting their university as soon as they sign for them. The commitment represents their future in both athletics and academics. The team logo becomes a badge of honor. Even after graduation, the communities on campus don’t die out. Former students come back to support their favorite team with kids and grandkids.

The purest form of entertainment

College football is popular because it’s pure entertainment. The peak of entertainment is the March Madness, world series, and national championships in which players have to invest many hours in training and fans spend hours cheering on. For college fans and players, keeping up with assignments during college football season can be very challenging. Luckily, you can find professional writers on the


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Just the mention of our favorite college football team can get the blood pumping and fired up for what’s to come. As bad as it sounds, the pure contempt and hatred between schools and their fan base spur a sense of pride and emotion among college students. Some popular rivalries to watch include USC vs. Notre Dame, Michigan vs. Ohio State, and Oklahoma vs. Texas. Anything can happen in a rivalry game, increasing the stakes for loyal fans and players.

Fight songs

Nothing causes a college football fan to swell with pride more than a few bars of their school’s fight song. Every school has a fight song that identifies them. For example, “Hail to the Victors” is synonymous with Michigan, and “Rocky Top” for Tennessee. These songs get the fans singing along and writing college essays about them. No matter the college team’s fight song, you can count on it to get the fans fired up.


Tailgating is one of the game-day experiences that increase the popularity of college football. Tailgate parties happen before and after a match in which fans enjoy parties with food and drinks in a location adjacent to the parking lot where the college football match will take place. It is a major part of the involvement. While some fans come a few hours before the game, others start tailgating several days before the game, especially when the game has national implications.

Players and coaches

It’s exciting and scary when your team loses a star player during the annual player turnover and has to replace him. The different personalities of players make college football great. Some coaches stay with a team for decades. The intriguing personalities of players and coaches are some of the reasons why millions tune in to watch the teams play each week.

School pride

School pride and passion also drive college football popularity. It’s not all about the team, but the school and everything it stands for and against. Once a student in a college, the pride and passion for the team are forever. You become entangled with the school and invested in their success.


Every school in college football has its traditions, whether it’s how teams enter the field, the cheers from fans, or songs played by the band. The traditions set a school apart from others. They also spur excitement and encourage massive attendance as each group wants to showcase what they’ve got. Writing the story of a school must include traditions because the popularity of schools and college teams would not be quite what it is today without them.

Match schedules

One of the main reasons why

college football

is so popular is the scheduling of college games. College football games are played on Saturdays, which makes weekends more exciting. Unlike in the NFL, college football bowl matches happen during the holiday season when people are enjoying time off. The matching bands and the electric atmospheres inside and outside the stadiums make weekends and holidays the best times for fans.

The physicality

American college football stands out for its sheer physicality. The combination of speed, strategy, agility, and contact make college football a thrilling spectator sport. Watching teams battle it out in the field is captivating due to the brutal force needed to be successful. The exquisite blend of physicality makes college football a very popular sport in America.

College Football Is an Unbeatable Entertainment Choice for Many Americans

The college football experience is an inherited tradition that’s passed through generations. As the enthusiasm for the game increases by the day, its popularity also rises. If you’re yet to experience the thrill of supporting a college team, take this article as a sign to try it. You just might like it too.


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