CL final loss against Chelsea was not a failure - Guardiola

Tue 14 September 2021 | 15:20

The Spanish coach is proud of his team's performance last season.

Manchester City

boss Pep Guardiola has denied that last season's Champions League final defeat to Chelsea was a failure, claiming they have achieved a great deal.

Manchester City advanced to the Champions League final last season but lost 1-0 to the Blues and lost the trophy. This was Guardiola's third European final and he had won the trophy in the previous two finals in 2009 and 2011. Now, before the first match of the season in the group stage of the Champions League against Leipzig, Pep praised his team's performance last season.

"Every time I start this competition with drive. I'm incredibly happy here.

"Man City made a step forward last season, we improved a lot. We had 13 games and we won 11. We played incredibly well in Porto when we drew and deserved to win.

"We lost the final. People can say Man City was a failure but it was an incredible achievement last season playing really well in many of the games and losing well against a big contender.

"Now we start a new one and every team wants to win. We're going to try but I won't tell you which team is going to win because I don't know it.

"We're going to train this afternoon and try to continue the rhythm from Norwich, Arsenal and Leicester."

Guardiola had a great performance with City in the Premier League and won the Premier League three times, but could not reach the dream of a European championship.

He added:

"The most important thing for the club is we were always in this competition in the last years. We do really well, which is why we deserve to be there.

"After that, compete with the best teams in Europe. It is not guaranteed that if you do a really bad Champions League season you're going to do a really bad Champions League season again and it is the same with the opposite.

"The first target is to win tomorrow, try to continue the rhythm and the way we played last season and the last three games, and see what happens."

source: SportMob