La Liga boss Javier Tebas opens up on Messi’s painful departure

Sun 12 September 2021 | 19:55

La Liga president Javier Tebas has said that the departure of Lionel Messi from Barcelona was the most painful event for the League.



Lionel Messi


Paris Saint-Germain

earlier this summer after Barca failed to offer him a new deal due to economic restrictions imposed by the league.

The Argentine ended his career-long association with the Catalan giants last month but Messi was not the only star who left La Liga in the past few years.

Over the last few years, La Liga has seen a departure of big names from coaches to star players without replacing them. Managers such as

Pep Guardiola


Cristiano Ronaldo

have all left the league.

“Ronaldo, Guardiola, Mourinho… We were lucky to have the two best players in the world in the two best teams on the planet, and in La Liga, we were able to take advantage of this to place ourselves at the first world rank,”

Tebas said


“Perhaps Messi’s departure was the most painful, as I personally consider him the best in history. He didn’t deserve to leave like that, not only from Barça but also from La Liga.”

source: SportMob