Critics are killing our players - Xhaka

Mon 23 August 2021 | 11:08

The Swiss star is upset that his teammates are under pressure.


midfielder Granit Xhaka has slammed critics for 'killing players' after Arsenal's second loss.

Arsenal have suffered two defeats in their two Premier League games and are bottom of the table. They lost their first game 2-0 against Brentford and last night they lost against Chelsea at home. Mikel Arteta is under the heaviest criticism and many fans believe that he should be fired. Now the captain of Gunners, who was on the verge of leaving the team in the summer but eventually remained, defended his teammates.

He told

club's official website


“Of course. The other way is by staying together.

“A lot of people try to speak and to kill a little bit the players and the team but the strongest thing to do at the moment is to be together, and only together will we be stronger and give the results on the pitch after.

"We want to achieve something big, of course. After two games a lot of people are speaking about this team and about this club but I will say no season finishes after two or three games. We still have games still in front of us, we know we have to improve a lot of things and I'm sure we will do that.

“I don't think the season is over after two games. We know we lost the two games and we are very disappointed, but we have still many, many, many games to go.

“A season never ends after two, three or four games. We know we have to do better things, but this will come soon, and as I say, we have to believe in each other so we can come out from this."

source: SportMob