Mourinho: ‘thanks FC Porto for a great training session’

Thu 29 July 2021 | 12:21

Jose Mourinho showed a present Porto gave him before their 1-1 friendly and praised Roma players after the match.

Jose Mourinho

was able to help


to win the Champions League in 2003-04 which was one of the most incredible feats in the history of the game.

He then met the Portuguese side yesterday evening in a friendly match with his new club



They drew 1-1 and Mourinho showed a present his former club gave him before the game.

“Thanks so much, President, for the beautiful gift and thanks FC Porto for a great training session,”

Mourinho wrote on Instagram.

“Training against a team that starts the league on the 8th of August was great for a team that starts it on the 22nd.”

The message continues with a mix of Latin and Italian.

“Habemus squadra. Siamo uniti, siamo amici: bravi ragazzi,”

which translates into:

“We have a team, we are united and we are friends. Well done lads.”

Roma have already played five games this summer, winning four and drawing one. They will still stay in Portugal to continue their pre-season and meet Betis in a new friendly game on August 7.

The Giallorossi are then going to start their Serie A campaign on August 22 at the Stadio Olimpico against Fiorentina.

source: SportMob