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Rome fails to reach agreement with Arsenal to transfer Xhaka

Mon 19 July 2021 | 4:18

The Swiss star hopes that the negotiations will be concluded as soon as possible and that he will go to the Italian capital.

The transfer of Granit Xhaka to Rome has been going on in recent days and the Italian club has not yet been able to finalize the transfer.

Negotiations are underway between the two sides and


are set to receive € 20 million for the sale of their captain, while Roma are working to lower Arsenal's asking price. Over the last few weeks, there have been many rumors about the transfer of Xhaka to


, and the Swiss midfielder wants to play next season under Jose Mourinho.

However, disagreements between the two sides have slowed the negotiation process. Meanwhile, the media reported yesterday that Xhaka had asked Arsenal to forget about his bonuses from last season so that the transfer could be finalized as soon as possible.

However, Xhaka's brilliance at Euro 2020 has led Arsenal to believe they can get a higher price for selling Xhaka to Roma, and as a result, negotiations are currently slow. With the player insisting on a transfer, it seems that Arsenal have no choice but to sell him and it is impossible to keep the Swiss star in this situation, but the Gunners are trying to increase the transfer price.

source: SportMob