Marco Reus is determined to win the Bundesliga with Dortmund

Sun 18 July 2021 | 21:01

Borussia Dortmund star has high hopes for his tenth season at the club.


finished last season in third place and reached the Champions League in their last six games, although they had already won the DFB Cup by defeating RB Leipzig in the final. It was

Marco Reus’

second major trophy in his career, but he is ready to fight for more as he prepares for the next season.

"It was a very tough year with lots of ups and downs on the pitch,"

Reus told



"At the start, we dropped too many points, which made winning the title impossible, but ultimately we rescued our season. You saw that we're hard to beat. Hopefully we can show the same level of performance again.

"Bayern are the hot favorites, but we'll see where the other clubs are in the long run, and if we can pick up where we left off. Our goal is always to win the Bundesliga and DFB Cup."

Other than aiming for the Bundesliga title, he is also determined to become the club’s best scorer ever, and he already has 140 goals written in his name and is the fifth player on the list of the club’s best scorers.

"It would mean so much,"

Reus said when quizzed on the prospect


"It’s the first time I’ve heard about those stats, but I'm in the hunt. It'd mean a lot because they're BVB legends. I'd be unbelievably proud. Then I'll try and overtake Michael."

He refused to join Germany’s national team for the Euro 2020 to recover from his bad season and prepare to fight for a Bundesliga title after many years at the club.

source: SportMob