I was sure that Damsgaard will score the free kick - Ranieri

Thu 15 July 2021 | 14:41

The Danish star was on fire during the Euro2020.



boss Claudio Ranieri has claimed that he was confident Mikkel Damsgaard would turn his free-kick against England into a goal, and also revealed why he was sometimes angry with him.

Damsgaard had a brilliant performance at Euro 2020 and managed to score 2 goals in 5 games for his team. The 21-year-old star played under Ranieri last season and was able to perform well, and now his former coach claims that the Danish star has sometimes harassed him.

Ranieri said:

“He is a complete midfielder and he has improved in terms of personality and self-esteem and for the way he dictates the tempo."

“When I saw he was taking that free-kick, I thought: ‘If it goes over the wall, he will score.’ He often practised free-kicks in training at Sampdoria and he was pretty good too,” the 69-year-old continued.

“However, I got angry with him a couple of times because, during games, he would always let his teammates take them.”

Last season, Damsgard played 37 games for Sampdoria, scoring two goals and sending four assists to his team-mates.


and Tottenham are looking to sign him in the summer transfer window.

source: SportMob