Time to say goodbye to Milan - Donnarumma

Wed 14 July 2021 | 4:16

Euro2020 Winner Gianluigi Donnarumma confirmed his PSG move with a goodbye message to Milan.

According to numerous reports in France and Italy, Donnarumma will sign his contract with PSG tomorrow as a free agent.

“Some choices are difficult, but they are part of growing up to be a man,”

wrote Donnarumma on Instagram


“I arrived at Milan when I was little more than a child, for eight years I wore this jersey with pride, we fought, suffered, won, cried, celebrated along with my teammates, my coaches, all those who were and are part of the Club, alongside our fans who are an integral part of what for many years was a family.

“I also achieved important personal targets with the Rossoneri shirt, such as my debut at the age of 16 in Serie A. I experienced extraordinary years that I will never forget.

“Now the moment has come to say goodbye, it was not an easy choice to make, anything but, and a post certainly isn’t enough to explain it, or perhaps I never can explain it because the deepest sentiments are difficult to express through words.

“What I can say is that at times it’s the right thing to choose a change, to face different challenges, to grow and to become more complete.

“All the Rossoneri I met, from the first to the last day, will always be in my heart as a fundamental part of that journey through life that made me what I am today.

“I wish Milan all possible success and I do that with my heart, for the affection that ties me to these colours, a sentiment that distance and time cannot cancel.”



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source: SportMob